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  1. Touché. So let me ask my question without the does anyone know. What is the name of the song that plays on the first lift hill on The Beast or was it composed just for the ride?
  2. Yes to which part of my question?
  3. Yeah it was a blast during rwcw. I actually liked it better than the tomb raider program. I didn't like the part in tomb raider where it just hung you face down for several seconds as it slowly lowered you to the lava effect.
  4. I'm sure someone has answered this but searching on my iPhone is next to impossible. Does anyone know if the music that plays on the first lifthill for The Beast was made just for the ride or is it from something else?
  5. I thought I would give the crypt a try after reading this post. I was hopeful it wouldn't be too bad since many here didn't like the last program which I really liked. I think you all gave the new program too much credit. It was really really bad. There are no more spins which made this ride so much fun. After all isn't it called top spin? It is nothing more than a large tommy tour ride now.
  6. You might think that, but you wouldn't necessarily be right. Tornadoes are strange beasts, and can totally demolish everything in their path, while leaving other things totally untouched.... Plus, it's not just wind it is flying debris.
  7. How odd is it that we were just talking about this yesterday. It looks like the park is empty after looking at the webcam. Does anyone know if they shut down early or is everyone in shelters?
  8. I love the pic of Don looking at The Vortex.
  9. I ended up talking to that lady later that night, her daughter was telling us the story about it. Apparently last weekend, her daughter nabbed a low-flying hat, so the whole family are now heroes! That is funny. I got a laugh yesterday over a sock under one of the bunny hills on the way back and a flip flop on the chain fence under the brakes before the station. People lose the most random things on rides!
  10. I was wearing a green polo but left to drive home to Louisville around 4.
  11. Oh, BTW was that Captain Nemo on the mic in the station of DB? Great job pumping up the crowd!
  12. Hi Mark, Great seeing you today!
  13. Today was a really fun day. I think I got about 10-15 rides in on DB and 1 of each for everything else. I too was impressed by the amount of powder they poured in the station from sick people. I was also sad at how many flats were closed and Scooby Doo
  14. Did anyone see this? http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/blog/...6d-a9b6db3a7f94
  15. Sorry if this has already been asked. I went back several pages and didn't see... Does anyone know what they have installed about a foot to the left and right of the track in the splashdown? Edit: It appears to be all around the track in the splashdown. Is it a fence?
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