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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. What's better than a planned trip to Kings Island? An unplanned one! My daughter got to go with her school so I thought she was gonna be the lucky one this time. But as it turns out, they were concerned that with her Autism there could be some problems. So at the last moment I scraped up a few bucks and headed out myself. She got to the park a couple of hours before I did and, as it turns out, did very well on her own. She got separated from her group so she found her teacher and relocated her group. It was during this time that I arrived, but since she was with her group again everything was
  2. I saw a fight back in 2007. I'm pretty sure they were thrown out, as they were at least escorted from the area by KI Police and Security - in handcuffs. Sad thing is, the fight wasn't even worth seeing (not that I want to see anything like that at an amusement park).
  3. I'll have myself a King Cobra, please!
  4. Oh, that good ol' pesky Bat rumor... I've heard it for years. My sister swears not only did it happen, but that she had just gotten off the thing the run before the alleged 'accident'.
  5. I want the Swiper the Fox statue. My kids were into Dora the Explorer not too long ago, so whenever the adults had something the kids were trying to 'swipe' we'd do the whole "Swiper, no swiping" thing lol. And since old habits are hard to break, it still gets tossed around a bit... So yeah, I want Swiper. I'd stash it behind the bushes next to my front porch, as if he's lurking around just waiting to swipe something.
  6. Here's a short conversation I had with my wife as we boarded FoF: Me: You might wanna put your head back against the seat. Wife: I'll be ok. Me: No, you better put your head back. Wife: I said I'll be ok. Me: This thing takes off 0-60 in like 2 seconds, you best be putting your head back against the seat. Wife: I will be ok.... *PSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH* - After the ride - Wife: I have a headache... Me: Dumb***, I told you to put your head back...
  7. KDogg


    This was funny simply because I caused it to happen... I had a buddy promise he'd ride Amazon Falls with me but then backed out with the lame excuse that he "didn't want to get wet." Since he'd backed out on every other ride as well, I decided it was time to "fix" him. So I told him to stand on the overlook where the ride goes under and the wave splashes over the walkway, telling him he wouldn't get wet there. Then I went on to ride the ride. Needless to say, when I came back he was soaked from head to toe!
  8. No wonder I haven't been hearing those voices lately... they all went to Kings Island and left me behind!
  9. The lineup for this year's Spirit Song includes the "Newsboys, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, Kutless, Falling Up and many more." (quote clipped from KI homepage) I went several years ago when Petra, Rich Mullins, and Point of Grace were playing. I was kinda mad though, cuz I'd called the park and asked if the concerts were included with general admission and was told that they were. But when I went to get into the concert I was told it was an additional $20 per ticket. I started to argue with the ticket-taker, until someone from one of the church groups came up and said two people from their
  10. KDogg

    The last ride....

    Although I absolutely love The Vortex and it'd be a hard decision for me to make, I think I'd have to go with The Beast. As stated above, there's nothing like the feeling after a great ride on the legend.
  11. KDogg

    Opening Day Poll

    I won't be making it this time around... I have a wrestling show on Friday night, training on Saturday, and another show on Sunday with Buff Bagwell headlining the card. May be a couple o' weeks before I get there.
  12. **BUMP** Somebody tell us if this is still on, the final costs, and any other info!!!
  13. Love the updates/rebuild. Also enjoyed The Beast construction pics, but they only made me want to go to the park even more... But, you know what would be fun if it were possible without dying? Sleigh riding down The Beast track! Thought of that when I saw the winter shots and several inches of snow on it.
  14. Speaking of the train... maybe that would be a great place to reinstall the 'Tiques. And for scenery, the stations could be refaced to give that classic railroad station look, and maybe a model town or two along the way, through which the 'Tiques would also travel. Being a topic concerning the seniors, everybody knows how the old folk live for that Sunday Drive and talking about the good ol' days. Anyway, just a thought...
  15. For Vortex' 20th Birthday: FIX IT!!! Sure it's still running, but it could use an overhaul... and a paint job. Keep the same colors, just brighten them up and make it look new again. That goes for the trains, too. But rest assured, so long as it's running when I'm there, I'll be on it!
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