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  1. I just went to Carowinds yesterday. My first time in either Carolina (outside of an airport). I enjoyed it. I may do a little TR later. As far as Hurler was concerned, I wasn't quite sure what to make about seeing the rebuilt turn after the 1st drop. I was like "ok, what happened here) thinking back to what happened with Sonny. I enjoyed Hurler. Didn't seem as rough as people made it out to be in the past (from what I've read). The rebuilt turn was quite smooth and set you up for the rest of the course. Nice little woody.
  2. I bet more people than you think know that the ride FKA Drop Zone didn't have seat belts. My first ride on that F@#$%^g machine was without belts.
  3. I've been following the progress on GCI's Facebook page. This coaster does look wicked. I love that it also looks to be a terrain hugger.
  4. I have heard there is one on Pluto... maybe 2. Touchdown, who's surprised Terpy didn't come up with this one first.
  5. haha yes I was! that was me. haha ill guess next time ill have to show some affiliation with kic. its hard to match screennames with real faces! I remember you coming to Beast final rides saying you were new to this sort of thing. Stick around. You'll find it's worthwhile to be a part of a fan site or a club with the special events that take place. Before Terpy can be Terpy, Kings Island is very good to KICentral members. Kings Island invites KICentral members to coaster events. Not all parks (practically no parks for that matter) extend that courtesy to fan site members.
  6. I would like to see a new water slide put in Boomerang Bay, perhaps a "looping" slide. I know someone will correct me on this if needed, but when I was in the park, I never saw the floral clock working. I would like to see that get some TLC. Speaking of clocks, I would like to see a new mechanism installed so the Festhaus clock would work again. Not sure if it's possible, but I can dream. As posted by CoastersRZ in another thread, bring back the Band! Another hard one that might not be possible, get the calliope on the Grand Carousel working again. There has to be modern parts and technolo
  7. I didn't think it was a big deal. I just didn't expect the computer science lesson and fundamental semantics that followed. I just thought it was funny there was a Six Flags ad banner on a Kings Island site. Certain people on here really need to develop a sense of humor and stop taking things so seriously.
  8. I know it means nothing. Just weird to see an ad banner for SF on a CF site. It would be like going to the Pepsi website and seeing an ad banner for Coke.
  9. This on the home page struck me as odd. I know about ad banners site hosts put up, but this seems a little weird...
  10. Thanks for reading and enjoying the pics. Both of these parks were awesome in their own unique ways. I was amazed at the difference in atmosphere and processes between the big corporate amusement park and the smaller, family-owned, historical amusement park. I may post some pics of my trip to Philly. Some of the pics are from my Ride the Ducks tour. It's weird to think I was on one of those amphibious vehicles less than 2 weeks before the tragic accident of a couple days ago.
  11. Time for a report of the second coaster park I visited on my trip to Pennsylvania. I was in Philly for a conference, and I made it a point to get to at least a couple of new parks. You all saw my trip to SF Great Adventure. Now it's time to share my experience at Kennywood, if I can still remember what I did. After leaving New Jersey, I still had 5-6 hours ahead of me to get to the Pittsburgh suburbs. Thank goodness for hotels.com, because at the Red Roof Inn I chose, I had the last room. Fortunately, this is an ethical hotel and still had my room ready for me at 3 AM. This hotel was about 7
  12. Somehow I don't think a ride would be totally shut down merely for the purpose of power washing the queue area, unless you're looking at a public health danger/emergency. As stated above many times, Delirium has been down before, usually a seasonal occurrence, due to mechanical issues. Something broke, and they're waiting for a new part to come in or to machine a new part.
  13. Don't take anything loose on El Toro. Make sure your sun/glasses are secured or at least tight, or the second hill will rip them right off your head. Hands up so you can maximize your ejector air sensation. I didn't go on Superman. With 5-6 hour trip ahead of me, I didn't need to get my brains scrambled. Don't buy too much while in the park, as you are not allowed to take ANYTHING loose with you on rides, and you can't put anything on the side like you can at KI. If you do get a lot of stuff in the park, be sure to take plenty of dollar coins for the lockers (there are change machines). You MU
  14. Let's see here. The deal for Cedar Fair to purchase Paramount parks occurred in the summer of 2006, but didn't fully exert their influence until the offseason and into the start of 2007. A lot can go wrong with a ride in 2 years if not properly maintained, and IMO, IJ:ST was not properly maintained. On Italian Job, it didn't seem like the effects with the helicopter and the explosions lasted all that long. When it was renamed BLSC 2 years later, it seemed to me a lot of those effects weren't working, or they were mistimed. That's the BLSC I remember riding. Nowadays, those effects work almost
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