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  1. AE TG Two more examples of great ARROW coasters of the past.Adventure Express is a great "transitional coaster" its a coaster that kids can ride with their parents when they finnaly reach that age of "no more kiddie land" Much the same can be said about TOP GUN.They are both good people movers,a reridable ride and still seem to be somewhat popular. I dont see why they need to remove anything to add a new coaster,they unlike CP have lots of room for expansion.
  2. It will be a sad day to see Vortex go.(I dont see it going anywhere soon for much the same reasons mentioned on here) Im a big fan of all the old classic ARROW-LOOPERS my first looping coaster was Double Loop at Geauga Lake back in 78 when it was still new. It will be a shame when they are all gone because in my opinion Arrow revolutionized roller coaster designs.Yeah B&M makes the smoothest,INTAMAIN the tallest,but if it wasnt for ARROW pressing the envelope year in and year out in the 80s I dont think we would be where we are at today with coaster designs First inverted coaster The Bat y
  3. The movie did suck but I like the name "SUM OF ALL FEARS" I can see it now worlds longest steel coaster with more drops than any other coaster. "Come to PKI for 2005 visit the worlds longest wood and longest steel....
  4. The second drop into the helix....By far the greatest wooden coaster experience ever.I especially love the anticipation of gradually picking up speed faster faster more more....than darkess "bang" sharp left ballz to wall speed "on the edge of out of control"than lightness only to be followed by more.
  5. If all goes well I should be there on the 9th and 10th.Hopefully I will be off work on friday and I dont have any DJ jobs either night.
  6. Well I read all the posts and here is my 23 cents(inflation) Ive been to SFWOA twice .Both times I was totally turned off to the park.1st Understaffed not enuff workers in the park to opperate rides efficently(x-flight 1 train opperation the first year it was open!) rides closed,when asked why they told me "not enuff employees to operate all the rides" 2nd very un-friendly staff borderline rude.hopefully CF trains their staff to be more customer friendly.I havnt been to CP in quit sometime so im not sure how friendly their staff is.PKI has some of the nicest people working at their park(i'm su
  7. OK I took of the 9th and 10th so what day is PKIU day?
  8. What day are you talking about,The preview day or the real opening day on April 10th?If its on the 10th I will be there.I was under the assumption that the 10th and 11th were the preview days so I took off work the 10th and 11th.I drive 6plus hours so its not as easy for me to just pop in.Please post the exact date.
  9. Well,I just showed your list to my Girlfriend and yes she definatly agrees that I am a Coaster freak.Me well yes I hate to admit it but I'm addicted to Roller Coasters. And yes this site and many others like it are my support group. My game room is decorated with coaster pics and memorobila from amusement parks and I do own every version and expansion pack to RCT.
  10. Doesn't the ACE Classic status mean un-divided seats and not seat belts? The Racer here in Kennyood once was an ace classic and lost its status when they got new trains and put divided seat style trains.
  11. Hey that pics from Kennywood Park! Kennywood still has their Bayren Curve the horn quite working last year. This is the second Bayren Curve the park has had the removed the first one back in the mid eighties and got the one they have now in the early 90s.They got it used. When did Paramont remove theirs?
  12. Well the first steel coaster I rode was an Arrow.(Double Loop,Geauga Lake back in the late 70s) Ever since then I've been addicted to coasters. I love Arrow loopers.and I get kinda sad when I see one taken out.Yes they are kinda rough.(but hey if you can't appreciate the roughness that comes with it then you just ain't a true coaster enthusiast) I've also rode B&M coasters and yes they are very smooth,and I also enjoy them.(Its kinda like going four wheeling in the woods either you can feel the ride in an old Jeep CJ as compared to going out in the woods in an Escalade their both fun bu
  13. Well here is my 2 cents,The parade is a great idea,The few problems that I see with it are,1st a feasable parade route that won't interfear with otherthings that are going on,2nd Staffing such an event day in and day out would definatly not be cost efective,not to mention the park security officers they would need to set up the parade route everyday. As I have mentioned on here before I am from Pittsburgh and I've grown up with Kennywood Park and every summer they have majorette day where 50 or so private marching bands and dance teams get a day at the park and they have a parade through t
  14. Congrats to you rickster......Hope to see you ther in a few months. I will look for you there.
  15. Well since your including Drachen Fire ,Then I would have to say Steel Phantom instead of Phantoms Revenge.But as you can see from my signature My number one on the list would have to be Steel Phantom.And if we have to include any rides from Busch Gardens they would definatly have to loose some of the trim brakes,They are really trim brake happy at Busch Gardens.
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