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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I talked to the ex supervisor of The Bat. He told me this project will be 500 feet tall and that the MCBR would be on top of the Eiffel Tower. Do you think this is true? In Jest, Joe
  2. How refeshing when a park such as Holiday World is so open in discussing problems and concerns about their rides. Not only telling you what is being done and why, but actually showing you. No big secrets, no need to interpret anything...just plain good old fashioned info for the fans. Love it.
  3. Loooooved Bayern Kurve as a kid. It seemed to go so fast. Always a favorite.
  4. Oh didn't you know? They are now contemplating an upcharge on The Racer for the view. ;-)
  5. Wow even more chances to get my wallet raped some more. No thanks. I am sure some will enjoy it though. Maybe big families can work second jobs to afford to get in. Yes $5 sounds like it's not much money, but especially with families it is. Parking, tickets, food and drink, etc etc. I don't care that its not a coaster I mean I figured that all along. But once again, way overhyped.
  6. Hands down Intamin for steel and Gravity Group for wood. The Voyage alone is reason enough to make them number one. That they could build such a kick a$$ world class wooden coaster for 1/3 of what SOB cost is yet another reason.
  7. I'm going to have to agree. They tried to get help but no one would help them. So they did something they knew would get attention. Now, just because its in a handbook KI should fire them? Do you really think it is in the best interest of the park to do that? Hell no. They will be tripping over themselves to do the right thing now that the glare of the media is on them. Was the story exaggerated? Quite possibly. But there must have been some validity to it. The employees should be doing their jobs and doing them well but the park also MUST live up to exactly whatever it is that was p
  8. This is the most fun night of the year. Lines are minimal and I drag my straight friends/family with me. They can't wait until Aug 29th. Good times.
  9. It is amazing how much press this little park gets and it is always excellent about how clean the park is, how friendly and economical etc etc. They must LOVE the press. The deserve every bit of it though. Especially in these financially tough times to include free parking and soft drinks and to price good food at a fair price..it just can't be beat.
  10. It doesn't go both ways. Just because you have a bigger budget does not mean you can justify leaving trims off a coaster. And if you really want to get technical, due to their location, Holiday World does not pay nearly as much money in taxes (property, payroll etc.) to their township and state compared to KI. Also, KI is not family owned like HW. If HW does not make a profit, the only people that need to be answered to is the family themselves, unlike KI where there is a board of directors and stock holders to report to. Back to the trims: HW has less stress on their coasters and long
  11. Well if you want to go down that route you could also add the KI probably has god knows how many times the budget for maintenace not to mention the multitude of maintenance workers compared to a small park like Holiday World. So it goes both ways. KI decides to cut a few corners financially and I can understand that to a point. Meanwhile at HW you get FREE soda, FREE parking and sunscreen not to mention very low cost food choices and they can STILL maintain their coasters and run them the way they were built to run. I am not knocking KI. It was my favorite park for many years growing up a
  12. If you want to see/ride coasters and how they SHOULD be run go to Holiday World. They run them the way they were meant to be with that out of control feeling..not being slowed down evey cpl hundred yards. Even though they had to temporarily add a trim to the Voyage last season..they retracked..fixed the problem and just like that...no trim. It's called treating your coasters with love and care. As a bonus, no headrests either. You can actually SEE while you are riding.
  13. I have gone to 3 pride nights in the past and always had a blast. The lines are short..the people are fun and typically half of my family goes not to mention many straight friends christian and otherwise. Its a great time..Joe
  14. Just imagine what Kings Island could have done with a $20 million dollar plus Voyage type coaster. Talk about a mistake.
  15. Can't wait to get a trip report about how smooth/rough it is and how many brakes have been put on it. HURRY!!!!!! LOL
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