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    KINGS ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Also, I think they should put a Kings Island museum like 'M.F.' wanted. We could put it in the "Paramount Story". To tell you the truth, i liked it better when Paramount owned it. Idk, just got a better feeling in taht park.
  2. 2008- Start a rumorous hype to a new coaster. Also, regular park clean up. 2009- Keep the rumors flowing through secret messages through out the park. 2010- Built more suspicions. 2011- Regular Park clean up, and a giant rumor. A big area hidden behind The Vortex, a walkway to behind it, but a dead end. 2012- A 4th Dimension coaster be put in that spot, one of the biggest 4th Dimensions in the world, and fastest.
  3. Those rides aren't even fun.
  4. Why stop there? You could also take out the Z and e from that last line! Snort! --The Interpreter, who will be here all week haha, dude, people would be so messed up if they saw that. "On On? WTF?!"
  5. Yeah that was completely random.
  6. Or take out the ACTI so it says On Zone.....just an idea.
  7. maybe Steel Venom should go to Kings Dominion.
  8. hmm, stored at KI? that will make #15 coaster for KI. Maybe. King Cobra was counted as a coaster when it was just storing at KI.
  9. ITS GOING TO Kings Island! WOO! please? Cedar Fair, Please?
  10. Are they going out of business or something? Cause, now we have X-Flight (Firehawk), and now they don't have Steel Venom, where's Steel Venom going? To us? one can only dream....
  11. Whats funny is, i was on this site last year and stopped at around October, then when i heard of Firehawk, i came on here, and i knew there was going to be like 2893475 topics about it.
  12. King Cobra has been gotten rid of. www.rcdb.com Search Kings Island, King Cobra has been removed.
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