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  1. ^Tell me why you need to check my ip address??
  2. my friend just wait and watch. Earlier i was joken with adam about the topple tower and the jumpIII , But just wait and watch ,me and my soruce will be right once again.
  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaa^?? got me confuse with another person my dear. But my source indeed is a person who me and him know alot of stuff i think hes on this froum. Atleast i hope so. O and i search and theres no member called "kong fu guy" there is kong fu man tho....
  4. BY 2008, PKI will have very large changes done to it, Most theme rides will be re-name (Face/Off and drop zone are keeping there names) there will be a ride added this year and will open in 2007(im sure you all will be shock when you see it *i know i am*) Soooo many good changes are gona be done and made. PKI will be Cedar Fairs main focus(and Cedar Point) I say by the end of 2009 PKI and Cedar Point will be the top 2 parks in the world.
  5. actully from my source, they're not keepin scooby theme. I talked with my source and scooby may not be around for 2008. actully quteo from my source "I was upset about what I was told yesterday about Scooby-Doo and the Scooby-Doo Dark Rides it seems that CF is going to see how much the fees will be to keep scooby in the parks and if it's too much they are going to get rid of Scooby-Doo in the paramount parks that have him. That right there is stupid because scooby-doo is just as popular or more so than spongebob. Just wait and you'll see whats to come just now CF is going over what they want to keep and what they want to get rid of. I know for a fact that Nick will be staying and may even branch into CF parks. The Nick Parade may return next year but it is still unknown the plans have yet to be final. To answer your questions 1.) Yes most the rides will be changed name wise like I hear that IJ:ST will be called..Rush Hour or Cincinnati Rush..Tomb Rider is said to be called The Cave! 2.) School of Rock was always set to be done with after this year it was very popular with guests but I hear it was set to end this season anyway it was at the park for two years.Nick Parade may return but nothing is yet final like I said before..."
  6. So that is why you claim to know what we are getting? A tilt coaster??? A dive machine??? A topple tower called Jump 2??? I was trying to make you mad at me
  7. No One knows, those who say they know are liers, becuase the one that do know ,do not talk
  8. EWW rollercoaster of love! that everytime i hear that, i think im gona die.
  9. we're geting the adams family coaster (peeing off adam )
  10. if it went 360 degrees the support beams at the bottom would probly come loose from the ground from all the weight pulling up when it goes around.. good idea though there would be some modifcation done to the ride.....
  11. Its a fact, If you look at Cedar Point ,they already layout its concrete footers,etc. So if we were geting a major coaster we would have already been makein the site and its location and some of the footers.
  12. You can't pour concrete when its below freezeing( this tells you that it isn't a major coaster)
  13. I LOVE IT when you feel like you were gonna come off the track
  14. well if you dont know^ why you posted .
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