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  1. faeriewench

    KI tickets

    So, since I moved out to the west coast, I decided to let the Platinum Pass die, and just got a Knott's pass. I am able to visit KI once this summer however and not sure if the park sells tickets at a discount for other park passes? I don't mind either way, it'll be nice to see KI again. I may go back to Platinum for next year, as I'm feeling a itch to get to CGA, guess we'll see.
  2. Since I was the only one I could tell that posted so far being on the west coast... I'm a girl.
  3. (oh well, I am counting zoos so just deal with it) Kings Island Cedar Point Knott's Berry Farm (now my home park ) Geauga Lake Six Flags Worlds of Adventure Cincinnati Zoo Busch Gardens Tampa SeaWorld Orlando SeaWorld San Diego SeaWorld Aurora SeaWorld San Antonio Six Flags Fiesta Texas Six Flags Magic Mountain Surf Cincinnati The Beach waterpark Great Wolf Lodge Mason Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove Indianapolis Zoo Coney Island Cincinnati Columbus Zoo Dollywood Universal Studios Hollywood Universal Studios Orlando Disney World Magic Kingdom Disney World Animal Kingdom Disney World Hollywood Studios Disneyland Disney's California Adventure Adventuredome Buffalo Bill's (I am actually worried for this one's future...) Belmont Park San Diego Zoo Secret Garen & Dolphin Habitat
  4. faeriewench

    Will Diamondback always be the tallest at KI?

    I'm not there everyday, but from what I seen so far Hangtime is doing fairly ok. Almost no one misses Boomerang at this point. Something like that might do good at KI, probably somewhere in Coney. KI does not come off as being needy for another giant coaster for awhile, Banshee really isn't even that old. I hope KI never builds anything over the Oktoberfest pond. Or Tower Gardens. That's why I love Ghost Town so much at Knott's, it is quiet most the year except summer because GTA has started. >_> Kids...kids everywhere.
  5. I used to be fairly close, now I live closer to Knott's Berry Farm. yes...to those who even remember me, I did finally move.
  6. faeriewench

    Origins: a Cirque Experience 2017

    Nico. Yes, he's from Chile.
  7. It would not sadden me at all to see Smiler meet the wrecking ball. Still so sad what happened to those kids.
  8. Ha! Love the song. It rained just about the entire duration of my last Merry Farm visit.
  9. faeriewench

    2015 Ride/Attraction Totals

    Kings Island: The Bat - 1 The train - 1 WindSeeker - 1 Knotts: Voyage - 1 Silver Bullet - 1 Jaguar - 2 Monte - 1 Ghostie - 1 Train (Walter K) - countless times (Galloping Goose) - 4 Sky Cabin - 5 Supreme Scream - 2 Log Ride - 1 Mine Ride - 4 SeaWorld San Diego: Manta - 1 Sky Ride - 3 Would have done Sky Tower but it was always closed
  10. faeriewench

    Confirmed- Ghostriders new trains

    With GhostRider off to the side...Knotts other announcement I really like. An addition I can actually enjoy rather than just another ride I probably wouldn't ride anyway. I was soooooo happy to see Screamin Swing leave!
  11. A lot of parents consider the parks themselves to be a babysitting service. I've seen girls dropped off at the park that had to been younger than 12 at KI (one of those girls I wouldn't be shocked was 10 or younger). My grandpa would never let me venture around CP by myself when I was that young without my cousins with me.
  12. At the park now and Ill be there tonight.
  13. faeriewench

    Metaphor for SeaWorld?

    ^yes that's what I meant. Makaio was his last calf (he was conceived 08/09-ish and born in 2010) This IPad drives me nuts And plus I tend to type fast and don't always pick up the errors right off even if I read it over multiple tines. The attempt to relieve Tillikum of siring duty goes back to well before Blackfish ever hit that film festival and even before the incident with Dawn. You can't over do it with one animal cause it can eventually lead to health problems when inbreeding goes rampant. Tillikum has done his duty. With AI we now have Keet, Ulises, Kshamenk as options. And not much longer there will be Valentin in France. Edited. More grammar errors and improper spelling..
  14. faeriewench

    Metaphor for SeaWorld?

    Well considering all the calves conceived and born before Blackfish were sired by other males....yes. They been trying to get away from breeding Tillikum excessively for a long time which is you also had Keet calves (another completely unrelated male) and only just now having success with Ulises.