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  1. I second Los Angeles. Las Vegas traffic come to think of it is frightening too.
  2. Couple of my friends that work Knott's Haunt do a annual trip as a group to Universal Orlando for HHN, and interestingly enough, they rave that the Orlando park blows Hollywood out of the water.
  3. I learned long ago not to go to the park on those kinds of days...
  4. Oh yes, some of us like myself know full well the hard work Haunt is. Having done it for about 8 years myself..thanks to my knee probably never do it again so I enjoy it from a guest point of view. As Ryan pointed out Los Angeles is more entrainment based than say Cincinnati especially in acting. A lot of Knott's actors are actually....actors some of which played extras on television shows and such. LA is almost a completely different world. For Cincinnati, I'll agree KI does good but it'll probably never be Knott's or even Universal.
  5. If its a pinback button I'll be happy...since I have one for the original Bat my uncle gave me if not oh well.
  6. ^Nah its probably better at KBF But..but..I'm tired of roller coasters. You guys got the rides, I'll have the Haunts lol despite the fact KI's Haunts haven't completely really impressed me much.
  7. From what I can tell...no. But then again I only been in Coaster Connection, DB Trading Post, the 80's shop and the two shops at the front gate over the last month
  8. That's good...some of us weren't so lucky. *mind drifts back to February 2010* One reason I watermark my cetacean photos.
  9. Still probably more to do with Haunt at this point, they just want to keep the nosey people out of the area during the regular season.
  10. Fence looks like it can be removed though, probably just before Haunt. I think they fenced Crypt off last summer did they not?
  11. They're not always sleeping. The cats and polar bears are interesting before and after supper time (their supper time not ours) lol Entertaining trip report btw.
  12. Father's Day isn't until June 15th...unless the park has something going on...I'm out of the loop as far as KI goes. o_o Something good in my life? .....well my flights for LA in August are booked. Does that count?
  13. From what I've heard, it was available for employees to ride during one of their events. Looks like they are, in fact, waiting for a part from overseas. Too bad they didn't get one that was made in 'Merica. I just remembered something....I shot some video during the KIC day last June while the KIC'ers were riding the vomit inducer (second top one for me following Vortex) known as Monster..it took a few moments to register Dane standing right next to me just saying "'Merica" over and over again.
  14. Yeah...now considering the quick queue for myself since I'll probably only do it the one time same for Great White and their JTA so I can focus on the shows and exhibits rest of the time.
  15. Steel Eel! It'll be my first stop when I get to SeaWorld San Antonio. It might make me feel a tad dizzy but it is a ride I don't see often so I'll still do it. XD
  16. Both have a good mix of both worlds and in all honestly each deserve a checking out. If its coasters you're more interested in, probably lean to Busch Gardens. From my past experience of visiting them both parks have a lot of animal exhibits that kept me busy well enough but I always lean more to SeaWorld. If you choose SeaWorld prepare yourself for a long line at JTA, I'd suggest looking into the quick queue option for it assuming its similar to FastLane. (never used it for myself cause I don't care about rides when I go to those places). SeaWorld Orlando is still my favorite park anywhere...oh why must Florida be so icky with humidity?? dang tropics. Your wife be welcome to hang with me at SeaWorld XD I been able to keep friends busy for a day on just the animal exhibits alone before.
  17. Just remember...they are only doing it because it is trendy. It's just frustrating for enthusiasts like me since we been following the oceanariums, and marine parks closely for over 15 years before Blackfish was even a thought in anyone's mind. I got to where I just block people cause I'm tired of trying to educate..they're like mindless zombies to me.
  18. Groundhogs are cute only at a distance...get close enough to grab they get nasty fast. So I advise don't pet an wild animal just cause it looks cute. Coyotes have become food occasionally where I live due to another animal of the 4 legged kind. Just sayin'.. I always invisioned Beast to look more like a devil-ish version of the character from the Disney movie (and drawn him as such before...)
  19. Yep...same here. The pet show always makes me tear up somewhat, which is why I usually save it until the last day I am at the park cause by that point I start missing my fur babies as well as weird as that sounds >,< It tends to aggravate me how a lot of the good SeaWorld is overlooked way they are now, especially for the manatees. Just look at red tide...it happens but a couple years back they had a very bad case of it in Florida. Many, and I do mean many manatees had to be rescued, it certainly kept Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, and a couple other places busy trying to care for all those manatees.
  20. Glad you had fun! yeah...the kitties and much of the animals they have in the pet show all either came from shelters or were dumped off at SeaWorld. It's a shame but I like what SeaWorld does for those critters giving them a chance to a active life.
  21. I was actually impressed with what they did do with Tombstone last year...as far as decorating it though... since there are only a few scareactors that truly impress me park wide. But yeah the use of the former Sleepy Hallow/Massacre Manor/Cowboy Carnage/Red Beard's/Cut Throat decor looked good in Tombstone last year I thought. Yes, I wrote Massacre Manor in there because the original did utilize the decorations seen in Tombstone last year for those who didn't know.
  22. Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that in trade for Hurler and Vortex, we get Flight of Fear and Bat.And might as well throw in the Eiffel Tower as a spare for if and when the Skytower ever needs to be replaced. Eiffel Tower stays. There are some like me who don't care for coasters as much as the enthusiast do and love the tamer stuff.
  23. That's how it was when I lived in Mt Healthy. Now where I live trick or treating is never on Halloween night...typically it is the day before or couple days before.
  24. ^Yes. The final night for bare bones I remember the weather conditions really well but couldn't tell you the day....just that it was really cold and real rainy. And there was almost no people in the park.
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