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  1. ^Well the Smiler reached global news did it? I know completely different manufactures but there are some similarities with the trains. I have had people ask me if Rougerou is the same type of coaster just by the looks of the trains..
  2. That's because they do, IMO of course The queue concept art reminded me of Jaguars in some ways. I probably won't ride this because of what it does...I won't even ride Sierra Sidewinder at Knotts. I have pretty much made up my mind to return to Florida in September (when it's not as humid) of next year. 2 or 3 days at SeaWorld and 1 at Busch Gardens is what I am going to shoot for.
  3. Eh why not... I voted but my vote was not casted for either Banshee or Diamondback.
  4. At SeaWorld I heard guests refer to the pilot whales as "black belugas" I can't even..... ._. /facepalm And then the Commerson's dolphins at Aquatica (Orlando) I heard guests refer to them as "baby shamus" (this was also really bad at SeaWorld Ohio as they had nearly the whole population of Commerson's there during the 90s)
  5. I don't really like riding roller coasters at all (hence why I am ok with all those listed coasters staying in the graves) and miss the shade. Give me a good, tame flat and I am ok (as in no swinging or spinning) Edit: looking at the list again...Zodiac. I think I probably would have liked that one. I got a Zodiac question...isn't the years on the poll wrong? Cause I am pretty sure you can clearly see Zodiac in The Bat pov that is/was on Youtube and The Bat was the early 80s. I don't remember when Zodiac was transferred to Australia though.
  6. Phantom Theater. And the trees Diamondback took away :b
  7. I'd rather nature just take the land back. Eh, guess Meijer is ok. Haven't set foot in one in about 5 years though.
  8. Annual pass holders already wanting to know how much more the pass will cost them, lol
  9. With what's been going on with SeaWorld I'd rather they built something that''s proven reliable and won't put them back in the news yet again for "knowingly putting peoples lives at risk" when the ride breaks down or has a serious mishap (thinking of Xcelerator at the moment). Honestly I can't even remember the last time I have seen Diamondback down for any other reason besides weather.
  10. Every time I visited SeaWorld Orlando I felt like the internationals outnumbered us, lol. ^ I think it'll do well in Orlando. My friend who does work at the park is pretty excited for it cause now she doesn't have to worry about finding the time for Carowinds, lol. And she is the kind of person who is leery with all coasters cause she thinks they'll treat her the same way Gwazi did.
  11. Flights booked for SoCal. Yay I need some Knotts ( and SeaWorld) in my life. I've heard (mostly) good reviews from friends about this ride.
  12. Well there are those of us who like the tamer thrills as opposed to nauseating twists, turn, backflips and spins. I am actually glad for a B&M rather than a Intamin for SeaWorld.
  13. ^it make me happy if the theming in the concept art actually does come to fruition. I love the theming for both Manta coasters and hope this will look just as good.
  14. Guess I'll make SeaWorld and Busch Gardens my targets next year. Dunno if I will actually ride it more than once, but seeing it gives me another excuse to go and to also more importantly see the animals of course Recent pics of Nalani...gosh she's growing up, haha. faeriewench...whom just realized she has yet to ride any coaster or thrill ride of any kind this year so far.
  15. And just to add to that there has been a few occurrences where it did close early....one example being opening weekend many years ago where it was nonstop freezing rain/snow, lol.
  16. Speaking of that tombstone any particular reason why SOBs name is not even on it?
  17. I have a difficult time believing CF cares about trees. Just sayin'.
  18. Isn't it mostly roller coasters though? That's what I meant by that I am probably not missing muchI do miss you though Gator!
  19. Then I'll never go to Kennywood, doubt I am missing out on much anyway. I refuse to go to the Zoo without a male friend with me.
  20. You're making me think of just about any trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. Love the zoo, hate the neighborhood.
  21. I still have my little Rocko figurine my grandpa bought me during a visit to then Splat City For those who didn't have an awesome childhood. Rocko was one of my favorite cartoons when it was airing on the channel. http://rockosmodernlife.wikia.com/wiki/Carnival_Knowledge
  22. Or they could just call it the Nose Bleed. Yes, I am watching Rockos Modern Life.
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