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  1. Hargrove...correction he only worked 12 years as a trainer (combined with his brief time at Marineland) 10 of which were actually with the orcas. The Amazon description is wrong. He was another rule breaker. Unlike some of the other trainer, Hargrove did leave on his own but that was after SW booted him from Shamu and made him go somewhere else, basically he left cause he didn't give a flip about the other animals and only wanted to work with the whales. He's bit of a whiner.
  2. Or the Cirque Imagine acrobats.... Somewhat related on the topic of abuse. I followed this story for several weeks but never posted here cause it is not coaster park related. I am reminded of why I don't care for facilities outside the US that even hold cetaceans (exception of Marineland in France and Sea World (no related to the US parks) Gold Coast). A trainer was caught on video abusing dolphins at a Spanish facility...and I do mean abuse in the form of hitting, dry kicking dolphins and even yanking female trainers around by their elbows. The original video was a sped up video which is something the Blackfish crowd like to do to give a more dramatic effect making it hard to tell what was real and what wasn't and the trainers face was a blob. Then a much better quality version of the same video surfaced and with its normal speed. Yeah...that was real abuse. Kicking the dolphins in the head!? SeaWorld would have fired his arse just like they did to one of the Blackfish "trainers" when he abused the otters. This guy was a member of IMATA (International Marine Animal Trainers Association) and was about to be hired on by the Georgia Aquarium...after the video was released IMATA banned him BUT Georgia Aquarium was still willing to hire him on. I sort of lost my respect for Georgia Aquarium over their statement. Ya'll can say what you want about SeaWorld but I know for a fact they would not have put up with it, he been swiftly fired and wouldn't be able to hold a job involving any of their animals ever again. Then a new development happened...the man from the video disappeared and his body was found last week and he DID get a lot of death threats. The Blackfish crowd have been known for making a lot of death threats and that is exactly what they did to that guy. Initial reports is that he committed suicide, which is possible he got pushed to that point, the Blackfish crowed darn near cheered the news. I don't wish death on anyone...my only hope I had for the guy was that he never again held another job involving any kind of animal ever again which is why I am disappointed in Georgia Aquarium.
  3. Knott's. Much more relaxed for me and a family friendly atmosphere.
  4. SWT starting to move ahead with the animal habitat construction http://www.mysanantonio.com/business/article/SeaWorld-San-Antonio-to-close-portion-of-park-for-6119038.php Good news I guess. For me personally this raises more questions than answers like whether of not it be viewable to the public. Will ya be able view the BNDs at all outside the tours/interaction programs? :/ Personally viewing and interaction would be the best way to do this attraction. It gives SWT a real opportunity to have nice exhibits and interaction areas which is something they been lacking at that park. Also IMO a part of me thinks the Texas park could benefit from a new high thrill flat too rather than a coaster cause they already got a fair amount of those.
  5. Sea lion show featuring Patagonian sea lions. Thankfully Hart doesn't own them.
  6. I can hear the tenants complaining about the traffic and noise already. You did not imagine that.
  7. Not entirely surprised. Since last year two zoos off the top of my head have/will end elephant exhibits. Toronto zoo moved theirs to a sanctuary in Cali (sadly with a bunch of diseased elephants). Woodland Park Zoo just announced they're moving their last remaining elephants to join the elephant herd at the Oklahoma City Zoo.
  8. That I actually sort of wouldn't mind since it was just that...a failure....add Windjammer, Hard Rock Park (?), SFWoA, and others to that list. Would Vertigo at CP be considered a failure? I actually remember that ride quite well how it disappeared as quickly as it came, lol. As much as I hated the ride experience, a part of me still misses seeing Sonny in the skyline. I was working at the park for nearly the entire duration of that ride's existence (rides and park services) so I seen it open and close a lot during those years. It did offer some of the more interesting night rides I experienced on a coaster. Actually what I do miss most of it is that dang lift chain...from the midway I actually liked it, on the ride itself though....my fingers went straight into my ears.
  9. Oh wow you were working there when it happened? Yes. In Action Zone... I'll only say the that particular day is when I began to despise news media and my hate towards them became more apparent few years later over another incident in another park under another chain. That's for another discussion entirely...those who know me know the one in which I speak. Since I would be extremely shocked that there is ever an *official* SOB documentary, perhaps the title of the thread should be changed so it isn't misleading.
  10. ^^Next year it will be 10 years since the 06 incident on Sonny. A day I don't care to be present for while at the park ever again. It really wasn't a good day for anyone there at the time and I don't mean just the affected guests, it was a tad rough for employees too out in the park at the time as well dealing with all the questions when the ambulances, fire trucks and helicopters arrived. Sirens....and more sirens everywhere. With that said....I vote no for a documentary for that thing at the moment. How bout...another decade?
  11. Something else I would miss about Ohio that isn't even on the list would be fall/autumn. As much as I love SoCal...autumn in SoCal doesn't hold the same meaning cause they don't have the color changes there that is seen here. As far as friends and family goes...well most of the family that I actually talk to don't even live in Ohio anymore anyways, my grandparents are gone so Ohio is basically nothing but ghosts and memories (a lot of good as well as a lot of really painful) to me. Along with that Cedar Point changed too much for me I have little to no desire of seeing the place ever again any time soon. The CP I miss is gone and probably will never come back in any shape or form at the rate they are going. Many of my "friends" (like the ones I met through working at KI) all drifted apart over the years, majority I have not seen since the final year I worked at the park before accepting my current job. Oh yeah.. and there is my allergies/asthma. I'm exploring possibilities atm...and watching my employer with the expanding they are doing.
  12. Skyline and even Gold Star are seriously the only things on that list are what I'd miss if/when I finally move out of the Midwest. I am not much a sport person (outside hockey) so the whole thing about the Reds, Buckeyes, and what not never really affected me. I personally always found the Ohio chant thing sort of corny...almost as corny and awkward as the "tail wave" SeaWorld trainers gets the audience to do at Shamu before the splash portions of the shows. I guess I lack pride in the sports teams. *shrug* Only good thing I liked the about sport pep rallies in school was that it meant class ended early for the day, lol. I always tried to hide during the pep rally itself.
  13. The only thing I do miss about Ohio when gone for a lengthy period of time (besides my cats) is the chili. Rest of the list? Don't really care o.o
  14. Well as a CC Member i'd go for the tours and other stuff since I don't really ride anymore but alas I'll be in Las Vegas at poolside with some dolphins.
  15. Bgw/ kd. Get to Busch Gardens while it's still gorgeous.
  16. All the Son of Beast threads. *yawn*
  17. Last I heard Castaway Bay isn't truly year round. (as in not actually open every day unlike Knott's where it is only closed Christmas day) And I was correct. Castaway Bay hours are primarily weekends currently unless there is a holiday (like this passed weekend you had Valentines Day and Presidents day). They are open nearly every day in March since that is what most companies consider "spring break" and the hours go down the toilet come April when the spring break rush mostly ends until May when schools start to end the year. So yeah...Knott's is basically the only true year round property.. http://www.castawaybay.com/public/explore/calendar/index.cfm
  18. A random memory popped into my head from SeaWorld Orlando involving the stingray petting pool....a guest picks up a stingray out of the water and drops the poor thing on the ground. Thankfully attendants got there in time to get the stingray back in the water where he belonged and guest was escorted out. Ugh...just another example of dumb people.
  19. Honestly I don't even trust the lockers there at the park either. I've had my brother, jcgoble sit with my stuff before when I rode Banshee last (lol May of last year)
  20. I don't remember but I think we had to pay for yearbooks when I was in high school. But then again I hated my high school and haven't thought much about the stupid place in 10 years....to this day I don't find it deserving a dime. lol. Probably why I don't have hardly any yearbooks from it but I have a yearbook from every year when I was in elementary school.
  21. I have some...these two I actually appear in (back when I was fat....eww) IMG_4393 by ki_faerie_wench, on Flickr But yeah...as far as I am aware 2006 was the last one.
  22. ^right. Platinum passes do not get you free admission to it. I think Scary Farm is actually worth paying for though. I've been enjoying it for several years now.
  23. Then go. It blows KI's completely out of the water. Also check out Queen Mary and Universal while in SoCal for their events.
  24. I like GhostRider. And coming from me should say something since I don't like riding coasters. My last ride on it though (October 2014) gave me a headache. That ride is in a very good location for me....opposite side of the walkway from first aid.
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