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  1. I actually posted this on another forum, but eh no one really knew and just wanted opinions from somewhere else. This is more a rumuor and just wanted to know if anyone else heard of the rumuor of Busch building something "big" in 2010. Not much is known, at least not that I am aware of. Just curious I kinda wish they would build a new SW park, the tanks at SWF are very crowded with almost if not already 10 whales. They need more parks obviously. I picked up on this rumuor from a friend I have that works in SWF was telling me Busch plans on building a new park near the Williamsburg location, I heard a similar rumur to it also except it said location would be Pennsylvania. But she was telling me she heard from the builders of it..and they are still in the process of having the permits approved. Be kinda cool if it was sw/bg mixed together.
  2. I think there is a lot of validity to this. Every time I have ridden it I have had a sore back and a week before the accident I rode it for the last time-it's nto worth it to me. I never reported any of those incidences cause it wasn't permanent-I just saved it for last and went home afterwards. They will need to take a long hard look as to whether SOB is worth keeping. The whole getting hit in the face by a bug thing is almost laughable and really shouldn't even count Everytime I ride the Millennium Force at CP, I get hit in the face by a bug and I get more aches and pains from riding Mean Streak than I did SOB for some reason..
  3. "Any fear fest person that wants to go hun." k count me in lol yay!
  4. very nice pics Karen! *sigh* I miss working with/seeing Mikey, Josh and Undertaker already. Looking forward to seeing them again in 07 hehehehehe
  5. Busch could not get KI (as the other bidders) because they wanted KI and KI only but CBS would not just give it away unless the 4 other parks were purchased wit it. Reason being the unused land on KI's property and the other 4 parks are land locked to a degree. Yes CBS just wanted out of it.
  6. The kid I was told had autism, I have a 17 year old brother that has autism. I am guessing if the kid rode the ride previously, he most likely had a hissy fit on the ride the time he died. My brother had a fit at KI last time he was there due to tthe lack of his favorite stage shows and he goes more for shows and the train and hates coasters. Good thing he hates coasters because he too tall for them, and if he was denied a ride, he beat the snot (literaly) outta the operators like he did at DW. Fits happen but something usually triggers it.
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