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  1. Thanks for the info about the fire event. I’m pretty excited about getting back up there.
  2. Due to unforeseen circumstances my trip got pushed back till July 30th. Though disappointed maybe it want be quite as crowded that day.
  3. Thank you very much. We purchased our tickets from Kroger already. I just didn’t realize until tonight that they had the bring a friend day going on and didn’t really know what to expect. Thanks for the great info.
  4. It sure does. Luckily I have a couple others with me that can drive as well. Going to try and get a very good nights sleep Saturday. It’s been six years since I’ve been up there and that was for Halloween Haunt. I remember that was so busy you couldn’t move. Just haven’t had a chance to get back up since the.
  5. Thank you very much. Plan on getting there before 10:00 and staying till close. Going to make a day of it.
  6. Have a trip planned to the Island on July 23rd. Been planning it for about a month with some friends. Days requested off work a month in advance. Driving about 4 hours. Just realized it’s bring a friend for $15.99 gold pass day. Hopefully it’ll still be a good trip and not insanely busy. Any advice.
  7. Were can the track peaces be purchased from?
  8. Thanks, I know that may be a silly question but just something I have often wondered. Thanks again.
  9. Let's say that someone is ridng Drop Tower. This cart has lifted and just released when the power goes out. What would happen? Would the ride still be able to come to a safe and complete stop? Just something I have often wondered.
  10. How exactly do they get the train back on Invertigo when it valley's? I've seen them do ttd but never one like Invertigo.
  11. Well hello. So nice to have you on. I am glad you enjoy reading our posts and am glad you love the park. Thanks for bein on the site! Thank you. This site has taught me many things about Kings Island I would have never known. I will be looking forward to Friday.
  12. Hello all. I very rarely post, but I for one am excited for whatever we get. I live almost 5 hours away and get to visit the park once a year. I'm not as up on the park as some of the people here but love reading your post.
  13. Thanks for all the input. I'm really looking forward to this. It will be her first trip to a theme park so I hope she likes it. Thanks again.
  14. Me and my family will be makeing the trip to Kings Island on Sunday May 31st. I will be taking my 2 yr old daughter. Any suggestions on crowds, and what a child that age will be able to do there. Thanks
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