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  1. Definitely have to make the best use of sampling if you buy 6 tastes as a pass holder - $7.50 for one cupcake (as both cupcake pictures show) is way over priced and definitely a money grab. However, some of the other tastes may be worth $7.50 such as the mounds of meat or tot hash may is more reasonable be worth the price.
  2. Interesting Universal is installing g clear plastic dividers in their houses. Wonder if Cedar Fair is thinking something similar for their indoor mazes.
  3. Maybe it’s staffing or maybe Haunt is starting to take a new direction with less and less mazes and more focus on family daytime events - it was just a few years ago you got 11 mazes with one special escape room (the viewing) along with a souvenir skeleton key with Haunt FastLane for $50 ($4.16 each)
  4. Fright lane is pricey for a Saturday - $70 for 5 mazes is being advertised. That’s more than last season for 7 mazes (Blackout and Urgent Scare appear retired in 2021).
  5. Update on the girl hit with sensor plate and inspection findings https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/08/24/cedar-point-accident-top-thrill-dragster-woman-injured-update/5570033001/ Just my opinion but with three separate injury incidents (2004, 2016, and now 2021) unlikely to reopen for 2022 season as well and may even be destined for removal (all depending upon any lawsuits and/or trials)
  6. That’s not true that Genie+ will get you on all the non e ticket rides as many times as you can throughout the course of the day. “Guests will be able to make a second reservation 120 minutes after their first reservation even if they have not yet redeemed the first Genie+ selection. In practice, this means that you might make a reservation at 7:05 am for Splash Mountain that has a return time of 10:00 am. At 9:05 am–before riding Splash Mountain, you’d be able to make another ride reservation.” So depending upon park hours, the most Genie+ reservations you could make in one day for non e ticket attractions would be 6 for example if the park hours were 9am-9pm, keeping in mind that some popular attractions that you may want may not have availability.
  7. For Walt Disney World, $15 per person for something that used to be free with FastPass+ is nothing more than a money grab. The Genie+ for $15 per person only gives 40 less popular attractions across all four parks via the new lighting entrances. For the more popular rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in the Magic Kingdom, it will cost extra for the lighting lane (on top of the $15 per person already paid - example crowded spring break weeks could cost another $25 per person based on the dynamic pricing model for the mine train lighting entrance). Across all four parks, example such as busy spring breaks weeks, to ride via the lighting lane seven dwarfs mine train, avatar, ratatouille, and slinky dog could be an extra $100 for something that used to be free. The same 4 rides on off peak times could be just $5 per person extra again all based on dynamic pricing model). A family of 4 traveling during peak times like school vacations therefore could expect to pay an additional $460 to ride the best attractions that all used to be free with FastPass+ (not to mention the cost of their park hopper tickets). It all about how much will you be willing to pay now to ride certain attractions.
  8. 2019 Presidents Day had a sale on FLP just before the March pandemic shut everything down. Of course that was off season, and may not happen again. And tonight ends the flash sale when you purchase or renew a season pass, you get a free FLP to be used by Oct 31 (free FLP not valid on Saturdays or Sept 5)
  9. Pretty sure management took notice in 2019 after Planet Snoopy lost the Golden Ticket award to Dollywood for Best Kids Area. Previously, Planet Snoopy held this award for 18 consecutive years, so the loss of the Golden Ticket award would definitely be noticed by management (there were no park Golden Ticket awards in 2020 due to the Pandemic). The survey seems focused on how Dollywood successfully built their Wildwood Grove with innovative attractions, so will see what may or may not happen in Planet Snoopy (or at least hope for a renovation of Boo Blasters).
  10. Some of the lights were likely left overs from 2019 Winterfest (assume when the pandemic hit in March 2020, work stopped on taking what was left down as some were just left in place). Look closely at the huge evergreens by Adventure Express entrance and in the beer garden that are still strung with their white lights. Also, if you look closely, several trees in the grassy area behind stunt coaster they also still have their white lights strung in their trees. Last Saturday around noon, there was a cord strung across the bricks in Tower Gardens turning on the red/white on several of the wrapped trees (thought that was to enhance the area of Spain with red in their flag), but by late afternoon, the cord disappeared and the red/white lights were off. I don’t remember the Tower Garden tree trunks being wrapped when the park opened this year, but the other white lights in trees were definitely there earlier this year.
  11. It would really help the lines if they sold the tasting cards at a separate location(s) like the information booth or a new separate dedicated booth and just focus on serving food at each of the locations instead to trying to do both (sell the tasting cards and order food). On Saturday, we were third in line when France opened, and each transaction of purchasing a tasting card and then ordering food of those in front was taking about 5-6 minutes each - so took us 15 minutes to pick up our season pass tasting cards (we purchased in advance) and order food. Over to Spain and the wait took us about 16 minutes and we were forth in line. Germany was the worst where we waited 25 minutes to even order food. Several people behind us left the line saying they only have four items so how can it take that long? However, by 7:30 when most people already had purchased their cards, lines seem to move a bit faster. The cards were a very heavy plastic, very difficult to punch, and found a location that wouldn’t even punch or mark off for each item ordered. Another station just used an ink pen and made X instead of a punch. Since the computer system keeps track of tastes used, the punches are really for our benefit, so maybe the ink pen or stickers would be much easier than the punch of the thick plastic. Also agree they need rope queues to help (like those at the blue ice cream this year) direct the booth line out of major traffic areas. There were definitely bottlenecks of the masses in China, Italy, and Germany on Saturday.
  12. This is a really neat event, but does cause a bottleneck with a large group of people and jams things up for others trying to get back to Orion or Flight of Fear entrances at the end of the night. Just seems strange that this small area location seems to go against KIs own Code of Conduct “Gathering in Groups that Block Midways” - definitely should consider a larger location away from ride entrances if continued next season.
  13. Looks great, just surprised they are using red bulbs in some of the gold garlands since carnival colors are traditionally purple, green, and gold (unless it’s a supply chain issue where they could not obtain the purple and green bulbs to use this year). Red bulbs just seems more of a Winterfest color. One of the very few official things about Carnival is the colors — purple, green and gold. Rex introduced them in 1872 in advance of his first parade.
  14. KK in their 4D theater with the moving seats has Yogi Bears Picnic movie - the movie has been very popular with guests this season. Could something be in the works to bring more characters other than King Louie to KK?
  15. Hoping registration packets are sent out in the next few days, especially since some may be traveling for the July 4th holiday.
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