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  1. The enhanced lighting packaging on The Racer will add to the Winterfest atmosphere this year (much better than just the color changing LED spots)
  2. My suggestion on the survey was to open at 2pm on Saturdays (like the original Winterfest and the one year return of Winterfest did). That didn’t happen either. Carowinds does open their Winterfest at 2pm on Saturdays, so must be a park to park decision for hours. Just seems to me that people would shop, skate, and spend more money if they had more time in the park, especially on busy weekends.
  3. I am surprised that KI did not really add anything new for Winterfest like the new lighted Christmas parade which was selected by Cedar Fair to strangely debut at Carowinds instead of KI. Looking at the weatherbug KI webcam, Istreet looks very bland without the large trees containing canopies of lights and the heights of the old pedestal wire frame lights on the ice rink to compliment the overall lighted atmosphere. To move up in rankings (today currently #3), KI is likely going to have to step up their decorations and new versions of entertainment for the future. Both Branson and Dollywood have stepped up and added additional lights/decorations and show this year (and if you have not visited these two parks before, it’s a must on the Christmas time travel list as two of my favorites)
  4. Dollywood Is now offering a Free Pre-K season pass for kids born in 2015 (5 year olds) and 2016 (4 year olds). Like many parks, under 3 typically free. I wonder when King’s Island will join the rest of the Cedar Fair park chain and and the rest of the amusement park competition to finally offer a Free Pre-K season pass? https://www.dollywood.com/tickets/season-passes/pre-k-pass?utm_source=non_passholders&utm_medium=email-smc_dw&utm_campaign=evergreen20-pre_k_pass&utm_content=smc_em-191104-non_passholders-outer-christmas_pass_info&utm_term=row2a&spMailingID=41035775&spUserID=NjU5OTU1MTU0OTkxS0&spJobID=1640313513&spReportId=MTY0MDMxMzUxMwS2
  5. And without the pedestals which held giant, tall lighted wire frames of fountain lights in the middle of the ice rink, it may also also make Istreet super underwhelming compared to the past seasons. It will be interesting to see what is in the middle of the rink this season, if anything.
  6. Same number of operating days as previous years - just happens that Thanksgiving this year just happens to be the latest on the calendar that it ever can be. What is interesting is that Carowinds Winterfest opens on Sunday Nov24 which is after KI debuts their Winterfest on Nov 22.
  7. Unlike KI and CP, the crowds at KK for Hallowscream have been just right with minimal wait times. It was nice to see the park alive again at night (last time was when SF owned the park). One really cool thing KK did was to line and light the pathway track of the antique autos with tiki touches - really cool and spooky touch. KK also used their picnic grove to outsource their two haunted houses (free with 2020 season pass). Maybe KI could utilize their picnic area for some desperately needed new haunt mazes (it really is a good use of typically unused space in October, and outsourcing is the word in business these days.)
  8. It’s always nice to see the former pedestals and spray jets in the Royal Fountain on the original International street. How much the park has grown since the episode is amazing.
  9. Disney had down played the accident and advertises that the Skyliner is experiencing “unexpected down time” despite multiple guest photos showing the station crash. I imagine the Skyliner will be out of operation for awhile while Some type of new station parts are engineered to prevent a recurrence.
  10. If the description is correct, it will be a welcome sight to see a 40 foot Christmas tree return to Winterfest Way. Last year they moved that tree over to Coney Mall by the Zepher and Winterfest Way was lacking something nice (just the white lights did not do much for the pathway).
  11. There is still some very bad feelings among the Kentucky State Fair Board members of how Six Flags closed the park and took several rides with them. While Ed Hart once again may be looking to make a profit from a sale if approached by Six Flags, I the State Fair Board (who owns the land) would likely not approve of a sale to Six Flags again.
  12. It’s not unusual for other parks to visit their competitor parks, and this may just have been a coincidence, or was it a sign of something in the works? Guess the next few weeks will tell what happens to KI in the CF chain
  13. With the emphasis of bringing back once what was old, would also love to see the KI singing penguins make their return. In the original 80’s Winterfest years, they became a KI tradition, loved by kids, and were again brought back in 2005.
  14. I tend to agree people will still show up for Haunt for the same old stuff, nothing spectacular. And some nights there are even fewer scareactors roaming the park. Even though I have a season and meal pass, my five friends don’t. Between admission, food, maze fast land, and souvenirs, all total for all five of them is around $600. However, this year they voted to try something new and not do the same old boring mazes that have been the same for years and the lackluster entertainment. Instead, they voted to head down to Kentucky Kingdom’s new Hallowscream event this year.
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