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  1. Would recommend HW nights over CP Coastermania which will happen to over lap the same Friday June 2. Got my tickets for HW nights (theme - Coaster Grease) on Monday when ticket sales opened. Glad to see the ticket change to first come, first served. Coastermania was a complete disaster in 2022 with shortened ERT hours (and park hours) from all previous years and horribly unorganized. After many years attending CP Coastermania, time for a change.
  2. Most likely year round operation announcement, but could be a big gamble with unpredictable Midwest winter weather and winter ride maintenance in the park. KD in their announcement today just made a short disclaimer about their year round operations - “Weather conditions and scheduled maintenance will limit the operation of some park attractions.”
  3. Attended 4 times in 2005 - the best part was Santa’s Toy Factory in the KI theater. I wish KI would move the current Santa’s Toy Factory from the Festhaus back to KI theater where it really belongs with its original spectacular set design (it’s time for the Charlie Brown show in there to retire). They gave out tickets to see Santa’s Toy Factory as to prevent over capacity, but don’t think the KI theater ever reached capacity for any of the shows that year (at least when I attended). It was nice to see the original Christmas parade concept of 2005 brought back to KI in 2021. 2005 was a very strange weather year with daily snows and very cold temperatures which combined with the admission charge created very low attendance. Often times the rocket being shot up a cable to the top of the Eiffel Tower tree at the lighting ceremony to light up the tree rarely worked, but it was a cool effect when it actually did work.
  4. What would be even better if KI opened for Winterfest earlier than 4pm on Saturdays. People could enjoy ice skating, cookie decorating, and several rides before the evening crowds. Years ago the original Winterfest always opened early afternoon.
  5. After CP 150th celebration, I imagine their 2022 budget was significantly lower, which resulted in lack luster park entertainment, no new attraction draw, and lowing the starting wage for new staff from $20 to $15 per hour. Coastermania was the worst it has ever been (2022 definitely hit rock bottom) in many years and it showed (and that’s even after an extensive attendee survey in 2021 for which none of that feedback appeared to be taken seriously). Opening two additional properties (Sawcreek Mill and the remodeled Castaway Bay) didn’t help their staff resort shortage either, and it showed (rooms were rarely ready by 4pm check in during the season as it appeared only a portion of resort rooms were being utilized). Add to the mix that several coasters always seemed down (especially for early openings) didn’t help either. Other parks are stepping up the competition for best amusement park while CP took a pause in 2022 for whatever reason. It’s always difficult to make up ground once you fall in the rankings.
  6. Dead Awakenings, Hot Blooded, and Haunted Homecoming all had nighttime lighting packages in the International Showplace so they can add whatever lighting packages/effects that are required for the show. My personal favorite Haunt show of all time was Dead Awakenings but that was very adult themed, especially the first night it premiered (but the water curtain for Hot Blooded was a cool effect to see in the International Showplace as well).
  7. As usual for CF, there is always confusion when introducing new benefits (the management that was supposed to tell the supervisor didn’t and so the average employee doesn’t know how the new benefit actually works). If the Prestige+ pass also gets the lounge exclusive benefit at all CF parks, then CF/KI needs to update their FAQ’s. The Prestige+ pass contains the Platinum benefit of unlimited visits to all CF parks plus another 5% off (total 15%), but clearly states other exclusive benefits (e.g. lounge) applies to the home park from which Prestige + was purchased. What is the difference between Prestige and Prestige+? Prestige receives exclusive benefits at the home park for which the pass is eligible. Prestige+, receives exclusive benefits at the home park the pass was purchased through, plus Unlimited Visits to ALL Cedar Fair Parks with a 15 % Food and Merchandise Discount at Other Cedar Fair Parks. All other Prestige benefits are non-transferable to other Cedar Fair parks.
  8. CP Food Blog is reporting slight price increases for 2023 based upon the 2023 season pass sales occurring already at other CF parks https://cpfoodblog.com/2023-cedar-fair-season-pass-news/
  9. At one time the train had their boiler permits with the State limited to a certain number of hours per year, but not sure that is still the case anymore. Wonder how long until the neighbors complain about the late night noise on those new fall Sunday Haunt nights?
  10. Cedar Fair seems to be taking after Disney to have pay events after hours. The first trial of an after hours event in the park chain seems to be at Cedar Point. I wonder if we will see an after hours event at KI next year (or maybe soon to be announced for KI)? https://www.cedarpoint.com/events/wild-frontier-nights
  11. This is exciting news to finally see Timberwolf out to some good use rather than sitting idle. Unless you have a season pass (or purchase a ticket) it appears you will not be able to enter the park when attending a concert. It also appears they are trying to end the concerts before the music and fireworks on iSteeet at 10pm. I see a massive traffic jam heading out of Timberwolf and the park at closing with these concert days. Admission to Kings Island Amusement Park is NOT required to attend any of these concerts and is NOT included with the purchase of a concert ticket.Admission to the park can be purchased here.
  12. Had the best meal at the Brewhouse for lunch today (London Bridge fried cod sandwich). Very tasty and fresh with hot tater tots. It’s nice to see the new exterior paint job and newly installed windows (noticed all the lights around the windows have been removed which called my attention to the new paint job and brewhouse flags). However, my dinner meal at Coney BBQ not so good, primarily because the registers were not taking the cash cards, crashing, and holding up the line. After standing in line with my food for 15 minutes waiting, my food was ice cold. Not a fan at all of the thick cut fries (please bring back the sidewinder fries) and there was huge amounts of fat on almost every piece of my burnt ends (maybe I got a bad batch?), not impressed as one of my worst meals in years, maybe because the food was not even warm by the time I cleared the cashier after register reboots.
  13. The admission system crashed several times at opening and they finally just let people walk through without scanning anything, just holding up your season pass as you entered. Thank goodness the drink and meal plans still scanned successfully even though you weren’t officially scanned into the park. There really was no excuse for the admission system crashing in my opinion as no real surprise that the park would be packed on season pass preview as in other year. There were also issues with the cash cards not clearing and causing the micros registers to crash at many of the food places (causing lengthy register reboots). Seems the same exact thing happened with micros registers crashing last year with season pass preview day too.
  14. If maps are not being printed this season and only available digital, they could change in any given week. Still think Timberwolf should be utilized for Bands in Residence like CP does which adds additional daily entertainment to the park rather the venue just sitting empty, closed off, and rotting away.
  15. Parks like to copy each others industry trends. First there was dynamic pricing at parks where you had to pick the day to attend and weekends always higher pricing. Next came going cashless which all CF parks are this year, and Hershey Park will also follow that trend this season as well. With inflation, labor, and food costs running very high, I can see a meal limit to the all season meal plans possibly coming to CF parks in the future. I do think the 10 meal plan at Six Flags is too small of a quantity, especially for locals that visit often.
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