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  1. With the emphasis of bringing back once what was old, would also love to see the KI singing penguins make their return. In the original 80’s Winterfest years, they became a KI tradition, loved by kids, and were again brought back in 2005.
  2. I tend to agree people will still show up for Haunt for the same old stuff, nothing spectacular. And some nights there are even fewer scareactors roaming the park. Even though I have a season and meal pass, my five friends don’t. Between admission, food, maze fast land, and souvenirs, all total for all five of them is around $600. However, this year they voted to try something new and not do the same old boring mazes that have been the same for years and the lackluster entertainment. Instead, they voted to head down to Kentucky Kingdom’s new Hallowscream event this year.
  3. Hallowscream line up was announced this afternoon. For their first year this line up looks very impressive and offers something new from some of the other parks that will have the exact same haunted houses/mazes as last year. https://www.kentuckykingdom.com/halloscream
  4. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy KI in the fall, I can’t vote the park as best Halloween event, especially since when several of the other nominees have invested heavily in their Halloween events this season. KI has lost three mazes over the years with no replacements (Holiday Horror where the animals are now, the Delta Delta where Coney BBQ is now, and Carnevil which left last year to become a theater). Some of their older mazes like Urgent Scare are so dated, that it has actual real cobwebs that have formed throughout the maze. Some of the best KI fall entertainment along with the cool skeleton key rooms have all suffered budget cuts. It’s nice to KI investing in a coaster for the summer, but it seems Haunt has gotten less and less in the budget over the last few years. There are several other much better nominees this season. https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-theme-park-halloween-event-2019/halloween-haunt-at-kings-island-mason-ohio/
  5. Since KI made the decision (after tons of customer feedback to have bathroom facilities) not to include bathrooms in the new Area 72, I wonder if KI may come up with a bathroom pass lanyard like Disney did for Avatar. Otherwise there may be a few wet seats on the train after people are waiting 2-3 hours to ride Orion. https://wdwnt.com/2019/03/new-pass-will-let-you-leave-re-enter-avatar-flight-of-passage-queue/
  6. The park advertises “Pass Perks” as a season pass benefit. I too just got the $4 Carmel Corn and find that insulting, especially since the park is no longer open weekdays. Whomever the park hired to be in charge of this “perk” program just re-invented the previous reward program without any research, thinking, or special programming in the system. The program could be really great, but in it’s current very sad state could not agree more to get rid of it.
  7. Kentucky Kingdom 2020 passes were on sale during the Kentucky State Fair this weekend for $59.95 (same benefits as last year and entry into park for the rest of 2019 plus Hallowscream this year.) Also, the two new huge season pass parking lots behind Kentucky Flyer are now complete and likely ready for use at Hallowscream.
  8. Since anyone (including parks) can contribute to Wikipedia, what is the actual definition then of a “giga”?
  9. Let’s hope a Winterfest parade returns to KI this season. After a successful Grand Carnival parade this summer, I would think KI would also want to add this to their Winterfest line as well.
  10. Hoping the site is not complete yet .... with the listed Haunted Homecoming show (which is the worst ever in the history of Haunt) and Monsters Rock show (which is time for retirement) I am hoping neither are returning. If they are, such a shame in the entertainment department when Carowinds is getting all three new shows (Bone Birgade, Overloards’s Awakening, and Overloard’s Revenge). Since CP typically recycles shows among their parks, there still might be hope for something new for entertainment at KI for Haunt.
  11. Not only are the Christmas trees being assembled in Timberwolf for Winterfest, but also the red/white LED lights are going up around the tree trunks in the park - look for the giant candy canes in the next few weeks to be installed throughout the park (they have to set all the Christmas stuff before they build the Haunt in the park).
  12. Maybe one of the new season pass Fun Perks will be 2 tokens to the White Water Canton water blasters - a $1 value!
  13. Half way through the summer season and still no pass perks - why even have a program if some are not getting any of their season pass perks?
  14. When they did the remodels and added heat for Winterfest, likely they did not add AC due to budget constraints. Without ventilation the bathrooms smell horrible and are super warm the extremely hot weather. It would be nice to leave (or chain open) the doors to allow at least some type of ventilation when there is no AC present (a wish list for next season please add AC to the restrooms!)
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