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  1. Very surprised with this as singing has been shown to spread COVID, not to mention how these performers would social distance. (They leave the park ever night and who knows what public they interact with before they return to the park the next day for performances.). Unless CP installed HEPA filters on all their air conditioned indoor show buildings, I can’t see this being safe ventilation at all (studies have shown AC spreads COVID, and can’t see CP having spent the large sum of money to install HEPA filters on all their AC units).
  2. Thanks for the info on the Orion queue tickets. Will be interesting to see how the park communicates this to everyone. Unfortunately, seems like KI was not prepared for the crowd congesting the rest of the park before the actual queue even after all the discussions in the threads about having the need for a paper ticketing queue system or virtual queue line on the app like Universal.
  3. If that is true that the turnstiles won’t open until 11am, that is a recipe for disaster of people stacking up. KI already knows people stack up after security checks based upon past Friday night Haunt and Winterfest openings (massive lines of people breathing down your neck). They should do like they did for Saturday night Winterfest openings and sometimes in the summer where the turnstiles are open 30 min early and allow you to space out around the fountain area waiting for opening rope drops by KI theater and end of the Eiffel Tower paths. Guess KI will learn the hard way that not opening turnstiles after 10:30 was really bad planning on their part, even if it is only 500 guests each for the 10:30 and 11am time slots.
  4. Let’s hope KI management has thought ahead to use a virtual queue for Orion or the old fashioned way of timed paper tickets for the queue. Years ago CP distributed colored paper tickets for Millennium Force the first few years when it opened where each color was a designated time to enter the queue.
  5. If that’s true that smokers will only be able to smoke outside the main gate, then the park should add the new smoking area policy to the FAQs so smokers are aware (and to publish on social media the new smoking policy to get the word out as well). If the current smoking areas become the new mask rest areas, there will be those that still light up there because they didn’t know the smoking areas had changed.
  6. People familiar with amusement parks and their internal reliable sources will know what is likely true and what is likely fake news when something is posted. While it was the first day of the pass holder preview at Dollywood, it appears still some mask issues still need to be worked out in the coming days like all parks have had upon their initial opening. http://screamscape.com/html/dollywood.htm#General
  7. Maybe Cedar Fair should model after Disney Springs and have “social distancing squads” throughout their parks that help to enforce the safety precautions. Things did not go well for the opening of Orlando Sea World - all learning points for Cedar Fair as they open their parks. It is obvious from the Sea World opening that lack of mask enforcement once inside the park will equal many not wearing a mask (and tossing their mask to the side once past the entry check point.) ” the rules are not being enforced. When the park’s PA system is on a repeat loop every two or three minutes asking for social distancing, but no one is actually trying to enforce it, then what is the point? When masks are required to get in, but when guests whip them off once inside are not being asked to put them back on or leave, then what's the point?”
  8. If like Universal, you won’t be able to enter a queue where an attendant is present (like Banshee, Beast, etc.) if not wearing a mask and you wont’t be able to board if you are not wearing a mask once on the platform.
  9. The video (or screenshot in time) is not a good representation of what the park is trying to achieve. They should re-shoot and edit that portion of the video. I know several of my friends that commented that Cedar Fair must not be all too concerned with social distancing as that video (or screenshot in time) paints a picture in one’s minds of safety precautions. It should be just six feet all around, even if that means they need to close every other queue.
  10. New protocols to create a safe and clean environment include: A new online reservation system; each guest is required to have a reservation prior to their visit to enable capacity management; A requirement to complete a pre-visit health screening declaration 24 hours prior to admission; A touchless temperature screening prior to entering the facility for both guests and associates; Requirements for all guests, associates and vendors to wear masks as directed by the protocols Social distancing markers throughout the park, including ride queue lines; Limited guest/associate contact; Enhanced cleaning procedures, including additional deep cleaning and sanitization of restrooms, dining facilities and other busy areas; Additional hand sanitization stations; and Capacity management throughout the park.
  11. Key Park Opening Dates: Park Open to Season Passholders: July 2 – 11 Park Open to Season Passholders and Daily Ticketholders: Beginning Sunday, July 12
  12. Here’s a good idea of how not to have to wear your mask around the park - bring (or buy) a refillable souvenir mug or carry a drink cup and sip on that drink while walking through park! People visiting Universal noted that there was no enforcement of the face mask rule after entering (which is also likely what KI will see)
  13. Dollywood opens to the general public June 17 - temperature checks and face mask (or face covering) required. Dollywood and Dollywood's Splash Country will reopen to the general public on June 17, with Season Passsholder-only days on June 15 and June 16. Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort & Spa will reopen on June 10.
  14. Kentucky Kingdom opens June 29 with the waterpark shortly thereafter. From their website: ”Kentucky Kingdom will open on June 29, 2020. Hurricane Bay water park will open shortly thereafter” Hopefully, we will hear Kings Island and Cedar Point plans soon.
  15. Kentucky Kingdom re-opens June 29 with the water park shortly thereafter. And for those that already purchased a 2020 season pass, it’s being extended through 2021. From their website: “Kentucky Kingdom will open on June 29, 2020. Hurricane Bay water park will open shortly thereafter.“ “Concerning the 15,000 guests who have already purchased their 2020 season passes, Ed Hart, President and CEO said, “We are especially grateful to our loyal season pass holders who have been so patient as we awaited notice from the Governor’s task force on reopening the park. We want to thank these pass holders for their patience by honoring their “early bird” season passes not only for the 2020 season, but for the 2021 season as well.”
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