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  1. Maybe one of the new season pass Fun Perks will be 2 tokens to the White Water Canton water blasters - a $1 value!
  2. Half way through the summer season and still no pass perks - why even have a program if some are not getting any of their season pass perks?
  3. When they did the remodels and added heat for Winterfest, likely they did not add AC due to budget constraints. Without ventilation the bathrooms smell horrible and are super warm the extremely hot weather. It would be nice to leave (or chain open) the doors to allow at least some type of ventilation when there is no AC present (a wish list for next season please add AC to the restrooms!)
  4. There has been a rumor that a second season pass only entrance will be added by the corner of T3 and the outdoor theater used for the bird show - this lot would be the parking for season pass holders if that is true. However, KK has been in dispute with the Fair Board over parking promises in the KK contract, so this new parking lot may be the settlement (but nothing has been in the news about such a parking settlement).
  5. If the intent of the program is to get home park season pass holder to spend more, then it seems that all season pass holders of the home park, in this case KI for me, (no matter how many visits) should have received at least one pass perk by now. I have not received any pass perks yet despite multiple visits to the park and will stop in guest services to log a complaint on the program on my next visit (and my friends will be doing the same also) - we are not impressed with the roll out of this newly disorganized program.
  6. The Frontier Festival portions at CP this year were very small snack size and if these are similar in portion size, it will take all six samples to make a normal meal.
  7. My three friends and I that have been Platinum pass holders for 12 years have not gotten an e-mail either. Appears the new program still has some glitches that hopefully can be fixed soon (otherwise the new program may be doomed like the last perks program.)
  8. Listening closely to the PA announcement for the fireworks this weekend, the fountain is now called the “World Fountain” and appears that the title of “Royal Fountain” has been retired. I would agree “World Fountain” is more appropriate as the majestic appearance with the old pedestals is gone (along with a piece of KI history) and the new jet style fountain is just like many others you can find in many other tourist places, nothing spectacular. I spotted the last intact pedestal from the Eiffel Tower in the back lot by the trees Saturday. Will be looking at Haunt for the new tombstone - RIP Royal Fountain 1972-2018
  9. As has been the case in previous years, many food stands and drink stations are not fully operational until after Memorial Day. Maybe a staffing issue, but on a warm day having limited food/drink options when the park is busy on a regularly scheduled operational day leaves many guests frustrated. Be sure to stop at customer service on the way out and leave your feedback on lack of dining/drink options.
  10. It’s nice to see a summer production return to the international showplace. While the dog shows the past few years were cute, this venue Is finally getting a better entertainment line up. Maybe someday the international showplace can get some much needed remodel/upgrades so that it can also be utilized for Winterfest in some capacity.
  11. Daily operations begin In just two days on May 15, so if there is additional work to do on the new fountain with any nozzles or plumbing, time is becoming very limited. Lighting can always be worked on after hours, and there will still be a few daylight hours before park opening for work. Waiting to see the total completed fountain over Memorial Day weekend.
  12. While it is really cool that the IStreet Restaurant is open for some special dining experiences this summer (such as a Mother’s Day Buffet), it is sad that their learning experience from Winterfest of “first come first served” that turned out to be a total disaster is again being repeated for special summer events. After their Winterfest learning experience, tickets for specific days/times were sold in advance to help people plan their day accordingly at the park. (And people didn’t make a special trip to the park only to find it was “sold out”) With only limited seating, seems offering advance tickets for specific time on the website would be a better option. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/events/international-restaurant-dining-experiences
  13. Definitely need better trained (and even additional) cashiers at the Brewhouse. On Sunday the line moved so slow like the cashiers had never rang anything up before. Took 30 minutes from just inside the door to reach the cashiers..... so slow. Will KI (or any park in the CF chain) ever roll out mobile food ordering from their app? (KI will need to fix their park Wi-fi issues first). - even Six Flags is rolling out mobile food ordering at select dining locations on their app (just like Disney and Universal) in late May, and seems like KI might be one of the last parks to consider such technology.
  14. If the nozzles for the jets do not move (sway back and forth) or spin like the spectacular Bellagio fountain in Vegas, then this is simply just another jet style fountain, nothing special. Just will have to wait and see when work is completed if this re-imagined jet fountain deserves the title of “Royal Fountain”.
  15. Tater tots are not new to Kings Island - they have been served at both years of Winterfest at the Mac&Cheese bar (which turns into Mexican for the summer). Agree, this listing of quotes is a better Facebook post than it is a blog entry.
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