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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Herschend’s plans sound very ambitious but if they extend the season into fall and Christmas seasons (with elaborate decor and festivals as they say), and bring new entertainment and expand thrill/family rides (as they say), the park will definitely draw more people. And if they can come up with a “platinum-like” pass where you can visit some of their other properties like Dollywood or Silver Dollar city, that only will expand their season pass/customer base. The announcement today is a great thing for the future of Kentucky Kingdom. Time will tell how this impacts KI, Holiday World, or on
  2. Herschend will be good for KK. They will likely keep focus on family entertainment and keep the sea lion and bird shows since they also own the Newport Aquarium. Like the news article says they also want to bring festivals and other seasonal events (Maybe hope for the return of their Halloween event?) which will bring more people to the park. A nice infusion of capital will help pay off the past due bills/lease payment as well as add some new little things to the park. I wonder what (if anything) will be said at the winter walk through in March about the sale.
  3. The calendar is definitely in line with their conference call of “rigorous cost management”. It appears CP shortened their 150 year celebration this season by a few weeks from their originally scheduled start date of early June in 2020 to start later start date in June 2021 (June 26 this year, also likely a cost cutting move). I would expect KI to follow “rigorous cost management” and maybe shorten Grand Carnival time. Instead of the big evening parade, KI or even CP might consider what Universal has done this year due to the on-going pandemic and social distancing requirements. Universal
  4. Policies are typically “re-visited” when some type of an awkward situation has happened. We don’t know what percentage of the CP workforce is not local AND above 30, but suspect they analyzed the data, and because the percentage was so low, decided not to deal with it instead of coming up with innovative, alternative housing solutions for them. As schools and colleges are starting classes earlier in August (and many others looking for work), it would seem CP would want to welcome those non-locals over 30, especially non-local retirees, to help during the summer and extend the typical season
  5. Wish KI had a winter walk through event like CP and KK do. It would be a great new charity event for KI to start. I did get our tickets to the KK event before they sold out (KK event sold out in less than 15 min but not as fast as CP winter chill out which sold out in less than 5 min)
  6. Kentucky Kingdom is opening a few weeks later than they did the past few seasons on May 8
  7. Planet Snoopy definitely needs an overhaul if KI has any future hopes of taking back the Golden Ticket award for best kids area. The rides in Planet Snoopy are old and stale in comparison to the new and innovative style kids rides in Dollywood’s Wildwood Grove (which took away the Golden Ticket award for best kids area from KI this last season after many years). KI needs a kids steel coaster like the Dragonflier instead of their typical re-paints, re-themes, and re-names of rides in their kids area.
  8. This coaster has a interesting history including two deaths in 2019 before arrival at Indiana Beach In late 2020, Quimera was reportedly being carefully dismantled for relocation from La Feria. The park's Ratón Loco and several other rides had already been removed from the site some time ago.[8] However, it wasn't until the days leading up to the announcement that individuals with inside knowledge had posted information online regarding Quimera's future, stating that it would find a new home at Indiana Beach in Monticello, Indiana. Rumors promptly began to circulate, but it was
  9. Strange as the Carowinds webpage advertises Winterfest returns in 2021 - guess will see if that changes in the next few weeks -
  10. It appears people will have to wait in the regular food lines (which can be very long on nice Fall days especially in the Festhaus and Jukebox) to get any of these special items. Wonder why the tents/huts used for Grand Carnival were not used and spaced throughout the park for easier access to these special items which would make them easier to obtain with the tasting card? If one wants to pay regular price, wonder if the items will be available for mobile food ordering at the Festhaus, Jukebox, or Hanks?
  11. Wonder when contact free pouring with freestyle machines will be launched at KI and CP?
  12. Fauci debunks the low CDC coronavirus death toll numbers - there actually are 180,000+ deaths https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/01/fauci-debunks-theories-of-low-cdc-coronavirus-death-toll-there-are-180000-plus-deaths-in-us.html?&qsearchterm=fauci debunks theories
  13. Check their website the day you want to go as they list the rides not operating for the day as well as their hours. All summer the big wheel, the 5D theater, and bumper cars all have been closed due to COVID-19. The rafting ride sometimes opens from 2-6pm to cool off. Over in the waterpark, deluge has been closed all summer. KK is only open weekends now through the end of September (check their calendar on their website because hours do seem to change some time). No word yet if KK will open on weekends in October with some type of fall event like last year.
  14. KI has tried in the past with the Banshee Brew Festival complete with food trucks in June 2015 (a year after the Banshee opened). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.journal-news.com/news/beer-festival-one-several-new-kings-island-features-this-year/VMjav4iWbat6spvsK8041J/%3foutputType=amp Attendance at the brew festival was just okay, nothing spectacular, and management decided to direct their efforts to more family friendly events. However, a similar event at CP (Frontier Festival with great craft beer, BBQ, and entertainment) is very well attended and highly anticipated by many
  15. And KI listened to their fans and added a few restrooms in Area 72, ah finally relief! (Granted not the high crowd capacity kind but any restroom in the area is most welcomed when you gotta go)
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