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  1. We’ll probably not good news for CW non-Canadian visitors this summer, especially after they just announced their early July opening
  2. The park should make an early morning tour for the 50th (before park opening), charging something like $39.95, and one of the tour items would be to view from the 50 foot deck (only for those taking the tour, thereby making the park pure profit). Other tour items could be backstage of Kings Island Theater (some really cool things from the past used to exists in storage), phantom theater, train storage, maybe memorabilia from the past 50 years etc. If the rumor is true about a certain coaster being torn down at CP after this season to make room for their new coaster, they could salvage t
  3. Unfortunately, when seasonal labor cost is doubled, there has to be an increase of income coming in to maintain pre-pandemic profitability and keeping the shareholders happy (dividends still suspended so really not a good stock to hold onto right now). It will remain to be seen this fall of how much of an increase in Season Passes, Dining Plans, and Drink Plans there will be to cover the increased labor charges, not to mention daily ticket price increases. There likely is a price point where people will not renew or visit the park so it is a very delicate balance.
  4. For the 50th, KI should add a drone show in addition to the Royal Fountain fireworks (similar to what Dollywood is doing this year). It also would be nice to see the strobe lights back on the Eiffel Tower (like they were for the Peanuts starlight spectacular years ago). Parton and the Dollywood team are constantly coming up with new experiences for guests, including the new Intel Drone Light Shows during Dollywood's Sweet Summer Nights and the new upcoming resort. The show will include nearly 400 drones and fireworks for a spectacular event during the park's Summer Celebration.
  5. I have not seen any public privacy policy on how CF as a corporation (or KI) will handle the text message hidden metadata (or from the picture) texted from your personal phone or how it is intended to be used in the future. If you SMS to their number, its likely EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) metadata is also automatically sent in the background, primarily location data (and of course they have your phone number from which many details about you can be obtained from searching other databases). I am surprised that there is not an “opt in” message before using their texting service to report a
  6. The parks are gambling on the J1 visa program being back next year where they can pay international students much less, back to the $10/hr level - it’s a big gamble because they can see via social media that the parks can afford to pay much more if they want to, and may decide not to come to the US in 2022 for less than $18-20/hr.
  7. Two sets of my friends had their vacation plans impacted by the Tuesday/Wednesday closures (only because I let them know). After 4 days of the reservation phone lines being busy every time they tried to call, they finally got through today. They both can now only stay one night at Breakers because they were told by the reservation agent Breakers is sold out for every Friday and Saturday all through the entire month of June. They both felt they were not treated as a valued customer as all this was just shoved down their throats. I did warn them that with CP hotel/cabin sell outs for Friday
  8. It does seem obvious that management is a bit scrambled on the closure messages and updating the appropriate sites (likely because IT only works 8-5pm, and the announcement was sent after they went home, which is no excuse - management should be able to coordinate better). And to make matters worse announcing Soak City will open Saturday with an obvious forecast high of 59 (when it likely won’t open at all due to the temperature), just adds to their PR issues. With no fireworks on a Holiday weekend and the postponement of the dance party on June 10 due to the new 8pm closure, people will be
  9. If you look at the first quarter CF results and comments, management fully expected a record demand and attendance at all parks (So KI just like the CP management knew as they admitted in March that record crowds would flood the gates once parks opened in May). KI knew they were not fully staffed for May weekend openings based on their labor numbers, but went ahead anyway and opened the park to full capacity of everything acting like it was open (which is another issue in itself as it makes lines, especially for the limited food and limited drink refills extremely long). The park was also o
  10. From a labor seasonal budget perspective, the only way to increase wages is to decrease the hours/days the park is open (which keeps the same amount in the seasonal labor budget), so not too surprised CP appears to be closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays for three weeks in June. I do feel sorry for those that had CP expensive hotel reservations like Breakers already booked for the newly closed days (hopefully CP will allow a full refund without penalty or free rebook). For KI fans hopeful for Haunt in addition to the advertised Fall Fest, this should be a “nail in the coffin” that there will not
  11. Definitely a front gate nightmare, especially basically checking photo ID for picture and date of birth of whomever the chaperone is. And I am not sure how the front gate will verify the actual age of the child. What’s not clear if this would apply to a family brining their children to the park (was likely intended for those vans that drop off their kids for the day). If families have to do this chaperone verification for their kids, I can see many just skipping KK and heading down to Holiday World. Just like those “no bag lines”, hope they have a “no chaperone line” to speed up entry into
  12. If the early line closure was a CF chain wide policy for all parks, then maybe that is the way it is. However, KI has not been closing lines early, so must be a CP specific policy (probably to save on labor costs). People definitely need to stop by guest services to complain so that the new CP general manager can take notice of all the customer feedback. It is sad that the employees have to take all the criticism from upset paying customers when the lines close early.
  13. Not too sure Haunt will actually occur this year (that site advertising the return of Haunt in 2021 appeared immediately after the 2020 cancellation of Haunt last year, so not sure how current the information on that site really is). When looking at season pass benefit information for 2021, the word “Haunt” is specifically missing (and in all previous years “Haunt” has definitely been listed as a season pass benefit). “Every year, the benefits and value of being a Gold or Platinum Season Passholder keep getting better. Not only do you have unlimited admission to Kings Island, Soak City
  14. Several years ago at Coasterstock it was suggested by several to invite a different local band each week to come perform at Timberwolf (CP is already doing something similar as part of their 150 celebration). This would make good use of the facility, especially during a pandemic using outside for another entertainment option. Maybe KI is cleaning things up in preparation for such idea.
  15. Wonder when CF will implement the new 3 foot social distancing? Interesting development - “In a new study released earlier this week, the University of Central Florida (UCF) and International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) concluded that theme parks could safely lower physical distancing requirements from six feet to three feet.”
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