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  1. CF chainwide is investing heavily their in sit down food options this season. The new Brewhouse at KI will be a great addition to Rivertown (and the beer brews likely will bring in more profits for the park). Other chainwide improvements include the CP Midway Buffet being remodeled to Hugo’s Italian Kitchen while at Carowinds Wings has been remodeled/expanded to become Blue Ridge Country Kitchen.
  2. Coastermania 2019 sold out shortly after noon today - full schedule to be released soon
  3. Paris Las Vegas just launched as 1.7 million dollar new light show on their Eiffel Tower. Would love to see something like this on the KI Eiffel Tower to compliment the new fountain show, fireworks, and new international street upgrades. A new Tower led light package could make Haunt even more spooky and spectacular as well for special occasions. https://www.avnetwork.com/news/eiffel-tower-in-las-vegas-debuts-dollar17-million-led-light-show-from-vision-sign
  4. Most people within driving distance don’t stay at the hotel and already have season passes. The average rate during this time period for Breakers is around 275/night and express $160/night. Adding another 60 bucks per person for wild card makes the current stay pretty expensive for a family (including parking/food for the family for the current stay). For a family to return, they still would have to find an area hotel, pay another $20 for parking, fight the traffic, and have food expenses for a return visit which still seems expensive.
  5. This is one of those stupid cases and hope this does gets thrown out of court. Otherwise if the case succeeds, it could have Haunt implications at all CF parks including KI https://pennrecord.com/stories/511741307-mother-of-girl-scared-at-amusement-park-s-halloween-event-seeks-150k-in-lawsuit
  6. Carowinds already has published their Winterfest 2019 calendar on their website. The good news is that it appears CF will be keeping the NYE events at their parks. The bad news is that with Thanksgiving 2019 being the latest it can ever be on the calendar (Nov 28), there will be one less operating weekend to enjoy Winterfest (previous years opened after Thanksgiving Nov 23/24). Wonder if KI will have a preview day like Carowinds is on Sunday Nov 24?
  7. Tickets for CP CoasterMania on Friday June 7 went on sale today earlier than ever before. This year is unique since the way the calendar falls CP CoasterMania and HW Hollywood Nights events are on different weekends (so you don’t have to choose one over the other this year!). Tickets are limited and you must be a member of one of the approved coaster clubs to attend. The summer is going to be very busy with all the park coaster events and can’t wait for ERT on Steel Vengeance. https://www.cedarpoint.com/play/events/coastermania
  8. Wonder if they will put back the two pedestals taken out for Winterfest back in place to restore to the original 6 pedestals or will they only put back the four shown in the picture (thereby making future Winterfest conversions a bit easier).
  9. There definitely has been a transition from an adult theme of years past to a more family friendly theme that occurred in 2018 (even my friends that attended commented that 2018 was much more family friendly) - I would image 2019 will bring even more family friendly events, shows, and scareless zones. My opinion is supported by the movement in the International Showplace from Dead Awakenings (remember the sheer white teddy nighty costume) to Hot Blooded (lots of blood, vampires, and scantily designed dancer costumes) to Haunted Homecoming (which was very poorly done in my opinion) that was so lame like a G family movie with nothing really adult themed and you could snooze through. (Go back and watch the YouTube videos of all three shows over the years). And Club Blood with its shirtless vampire men transitioned into a more family haunt of Blackout a few years back.
  10. Would like to see the Coney Mall sign return - when the concrete walkway was enlarged several years ago, the sign disappeared. Creative ways like at Haunt with portable concrete anchors or large flower pots could hold it
  11. With the emphasis on attempting to make this successful, staff will be pulling out everything they can with the multiple events of the conference occurring at the same time. I agree there have been multiple events going on at the same time with Coasterstock before, but nothing of this magnitude (it would be like having Coasterstock the same day as Spirit Song - huge crowds and wait times). There really are not many other good dates that remain to select from without competing with other coaster events (not that makes any difference but two coaster events on same day can make a difficult decision) - May 10-12 ACE Preservation conference which includes Kentucky Kingdom, May 24-25 is Memorial Day weekend, May 31- June 1 Hollywood nights, and CP Coastermania confirmed for June 7. Can’t wait to see which dates are finally confirmed for Coasterstock and this summer to arrive.
  12. I imagine the Kings Island Theater will be utilized with its large projection screen since Cirque does’t begin showing until the Memorial Day weekend.
  13. See the Coasterstock thread under Kings Island Central News
  14. Will the gaming convention announced today for May 18 have any impact on having Coasterstock the same weekend? With Saturday school field trips and the popularity of the gaming convention (combined with the park is not typically fully staffed this early in the season) the park will likely be extremely crowded on Saturday. Maybe better enjoy Coasterstock on Friday if the May 17-18 date still holds for Coasterstock.
  15. Luckily, KI has not yet not separated out SC into a separate admission and has kept SC as part of their Gold season pass program (although I image the concept of separating the two continues to be studied by CF). CP Cedar Shores water park requires a separate admission and is not included with their CP season pass. At least with Platinum you can also get into CP Cedar Shores water park which I consider a perk while also visiting CP, especially on extremely hot days.
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