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  1. “The Phantom Theater Experience” So cool!!
  2. 3 calendar years. This year, then next will be its last l, followed by removals. That’s my guess.
  3. I’m already assuming that some of the 150th stuff will be a two year ordeal, or at least something similar. CP held off their 150th until 2021, and they had very strong attendance according to all accounts. CP’s 150th stuff was great. I saw a lot more of it than disco is implying. KI’s is really good though. I’ve bought almost all of it.
  4. I had the same problem the first time I saw it, about 6 rows back, center. It was so loud that I had trouble enjoying it. Of course, this as the preview, so I just wrote it off for that. I haven’t had that problem since then.
  5. And there’s more to the next show than most would think. Singers, dancers, etc.
  6. Or, “Kings Island would never….” KIC turns 20 next year. Most of the “would nevers” have happened since then.
  7. By the way, any feedback and/or show ideas are always welcomed! Thank y’all for your support so far. This has started out very successful. You guys giving us a chance means the world to me!
  8. If I had to guess I’d say a little longer. There aren’t many floats, but that’s probably why they avoid calling it a parade. It was fun!
  9. Episode 002 - The Perfect Mobile App https://attractionsgrouppodcast.podbean.com
  10. I thought the same thing but I thought I had miscounted. Very exciting!!!!!
  11. Interesting show last night. The laser projecting on the tower didn’t work. The drones were also as much as three minutes behind the rest of the show. This caused the graphics to bleed from one section into the next. Everything else appeared to be correct. They now have four laser projectors installed on the fountain. Hopefully they start using them soon!
  12. Hindsight is 20/20, but I think that using sound effects from the ride during the acrobatics section would have been cool too. Some examples that could be peppered in would be: -The guy struggling who was being tangled upsides down in the fly rope -The “nooooooooo!!!” Of the guy that falls in the picture There are countless others. Just a thought. I’m also shocked that as soon as the show cuts at the end it does not bust out the “You’ll be back.” Maybe they’ll use that for the boiler room.
  13. I’m going to write a more extensive review later, but I think my favorite part is how they added to the mythos of the ride rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. Every 50 years they can come back. That’s so cool! Cant wait for the 2072 production!
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