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  1. Kentucky Kingdom

    At the winter event they had, they kayfabe hesitated to answer questions about another RMC. I think you’re correct: the size is right, the price is right, and the park is right.
  2. Innovations for the future

    I hope we get a Dinn woodie because that means we'll get an RMC in 10 years.
  3. Park Nitpicks

    I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure I got some rerides there, but I wouldn't swear to it. Now KD, I distinctly remember reriding there. Of course, there were probably 400 people in the park....
  4. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    You are correct. The brakes are in a "normally off" mode, which is why the trains get chained down or parked on the lift hill at night. **Please note that, as we have seen in the past, the ladder logic causes the train to stop if the power goes out. Don't think that if it goes out that all the brakes open up and there's a traffic jam.
  5. Kentucky Kingdom

    I think that in today's environment if they dropped $20MM on a hyper they'd be closed in 3 years. Remember that a sharp spike in attendance can destroy a park that doesn't have the infrastructure to support it. See also: Geauga Lake.
  6. Kentucky Kingdom

    That didn't stop hart from being the first independent theme park company to purchase a b&m rollercoaster in 1997. How did that end up for them?
  7. Kentucky Kingdom

    I don't think that if they built a hyper it would be a good business move. That's way too much of an expense - especially if we are talking about B&M. There is, however, a company out west in the mountains that they've worked with before, and I'd speculate that they'll work with them again. Inexpensive and excellent. That's what they need.
  8. That KIC Look - New Shirt Ideas

    That might be kinda cool with the newer lights integrated into the graphic.
  9. #KIMiles with WhenGodSaysGo

    I’m doing the same thing - just with the Apple Watch stuff.
  10. New Music throughout the park

    I like all the new soundtracks. Even I-Street being "international" rather than straight up symphony works for me. Plus, not to beat a dead horse from another thread, the fireworks song couldn't be more appropriate.
  11. Meal Deals, and meal deals

    I ate at Reds twice throughout the weekend. No salads (e. coli recall). That's a good thing. Home Run burger wasn't bad but wasn't great. Definitely didn't look like the picture and looked carelessly slapped together. The fresh never frozen beef patty definitely was an improvement. To their defense, it was incredibly busy. Went again the next day. Three of us got the chicken sandwich, two got the tenders. The chicken sandwiches were not eatable. The patties were paper thin and as hard as a rock. The buns were served barely defrosted and very soggy. The saratoga chips were so moist that they were chewy. They weren't busy at all that day. Also, the two other people I was with got the chicken tender platters. Both of them ordered them about a half hour apart. Both separately said that they had a "weird taste and texture" and didn't go beyond one bite of the chicken. I'm going to send an email to the new chef to let him know. Based on his work at GABP, I know this really isn't up to his standards. Clearly there is a systematic problem or a problem with training since everyone's food came out bad. I have a lot of faith that he will react to this quickly. Again, I recommend reserving judgement until the season kicks in, but has anyone else had a similar experience this year?
  12. Park Nitpicks

    My understanding is that no rerides is a corporate policy, which is fragmentary enforced throughout the chain (see also snapping the Gliders). I also was able to reride both a Cedar Point and Dominion. Clearly there is some reason for this at Kings Island. Maybe they got some kids in there that wouldn't surrender their seat when someone else showed up in their line. None the less, they consider it a policy that is necessary to enforce. I'm sure they have their reasons.
  13. Dealing with rude/ignorant people

    It is not your job to explain things to the guests. It is the ride op’s. The fact that these people were under the impression that they were “cut” was both a disservice to you and the people in line.
  14. Fireworks 2018 “The Greatest Show” Video

    The new speaker on the right by the main sign was going into a safe mode and clipping. That was probably why you couldn’t hear as well. They seem to have fixed it.
  15. WCPO: Kings Island rides we wish had never gone away

    I agree with the Phantom Theatre votes. PT was a work of art and was replaced by the generic Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle. That's tantamount to putting aluminum siding on the Statue of Liberty.