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  1. Perhaps I can answer this better than most since I worked directly with the park under the Mandt/Mefford/Siebert/Kaiser/Helbig administrations. The only one I haven't worked with is the new guy, who I have only actually met once briefly. The relationship was dynamic between 2003-2017, when I left. If you could be a little more distinct about your parameters for how the relationship was then I might be able to make a more fair comparison. Of course, this opinion would be from an outsider's perspective looking in at this point, but I think I could help you more than anyone else.
  2. ...plus they SHOULD have kept charging since it’s towards a balance, not a subscription and they already said the passes were good in ‘21 too. Every park except maybe the ones in California should open next year, likely even on time. The PR reason they did this was because they were helping out people during the pandemic financially. But since this is a business, not a charity I think it’s clear that they would spend their days dealing with phone calls of people asking for refunds and (perhaps rightfully) contested credit card transactions. All in all, last year was a meh y
  3. Oh yes. But I don’t think they’re trying to disguise it as anything else either.
  4. Why do you want to take this pole seriously? You can literally vote once a day. Parks can share links in which once you click you’ve automatically voted for their product. Clearly it’s for marketing, not for actual statistics. So if you want to throw your local park a bone then go for it. At least KI will utilize it in their advertising. Lord knows Disney won’t tout being rated #1 in a RD poll. They build the greatest attractions in the world. They know it. The world knows it. They don’t need a few thousand fan boys confirming it.
  5. It was never lost. It was purchased legitimately from the park at a full timers auction a few years ago. In fact, someone has recently told me they saw it in storage as late as 2013. I think by “lost” he means he didn’t know where it was. Trust me, if KI had a museum that’s exactly where this thing would be headed. For those who don’t know, the park used to (may still, I don’t know) end each year by auctioning off certain pieces of park memorabilia that had sat for years in storage. The proceeds would go it charity.
  6. Check this out. The original concept model for Phantom Theater. A true piece of history. Owner (who is not me) is entertaining offers. Seeking $300. PM me if interested and I will put you in contact with them. First come first serve unless someone is willing to pitch a higher offer.
  7. The design was intentional, for all the reasons you listed.
  8. This makes me miss the big trees on I Street.
  9. I felt like 2020 was a flop at KI. I don’t intend that to be mean. Everyone gave 110%. Orion is beautiful. To me, the thing about KI that I love is that there is always something on the horizon to look forward to. Park’s opening/new ride, then shows open, then water park, then Carnivale, then whatever unique events they have for that summer (remember 2020 was supposed to have the water park weekends), then Haunt, then Winterfest. There was always something no more than a few weeks away. This year didn’t have that. It couldn’t. Now, it’s not like we lost everything this y
  10. I heard Voyage was running well this year. Last time I went in 2014 it was a one and done ride.
  11. I mean, if you’re willing to ditch the PTCs on a classic you might as well put Millennium Flyers or Timberliners on The Beast. I think it might actually benefit more.
  12. Correct, however there is no mention of “Taste of the Season,” which would not be Winterfest. Remember that they announced that Carowinds wouldn’t open for the year, but here we are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very skeptical of anyone that would tell me that they aren’t just decorating the tower and it’s a little late in the game to announce another event, but hey - we can dream!
  13. I wouldn’t say it’s not pretty. It’s better than expected. Yeah, under normal circumstances this would be a devastating quarter but these aren’t normal circumstances.
  14. I think MAYBE the mentality is that they are doing the Tricks and Treats thing at KI so they didn't want to do such a similar thing for Christmas. Maybe people would think they they'd already been there done that? Just speculation.
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