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  1. Jes has had a huge hand in turning around that department. Doesn’t anyone else find it weird to crave Kings Island food in the off-season now?
  2. Have you almost forgotten that DB is two different colors? With how the supports have aged, I saw a photo that either one of your staffers or ours took of the model they had at the announcement in 2008 and I was shocked to see that the hill was a different color. They all just look the lighter color to me.
  3. The chilli from Tricks and Treats was amazing! My girlfriend and I were both exhausted on Sunday and liked of lethargic because we had family stuff all weekend and this was the perfect comfort food to share. Unfortunately they were out of the bread bowls it was supposed to come in.
  4. It appeared as though they began painting some of the buildings in Planet Snoopy too. Perhaps much of the park will get a coat of paint for next year.
  5. Here are some updates from yesterday:
  6. Noticed this today. Guess who is getting a fresh coat of paint! Looking good! You can definitely tell the difference!
  7. Grilled Chicken Shawarma with Mint Yogurt Sauce Cucumbers, Red Onions and Couscous rolled in a Flatbread Yuca Chips with Sweet Lime and Chili Seasoning https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2021/october/kings-island-foodie-news-sundays-game-day-grill-features-food-from-the-motor-city
  8. I like it. I like the seats all the way on the left that hang first. I’ll ride Invertigo every visit if the line allows.
  9. They are! $14.02 online. https://cf-ki.store.cffunki.com/packageDetails/10063548/navItem/Extras?_cid=298805220.1634226448&queueittoken=e_cedarkingsisland~q_42825c3a-6f3d-4c21-b1f4-f0c5142a607a~ts_1634226630~ce_true~rt_safetynet~h_c85f4f8868d4e274eac758518c81550efc6c3bb5f31830b6cdc6ff242bbd451a
  10. The Huss Breakdance models have been a staple at parks for decades. https://www.hussrides.com/en/news/break-dance-5-coming
  11. He will (thank goodness!) continue his responsibilities at KI but will take on a bigger chain-wide role with festivals. Congrats, Chef! Well deserved! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/james-d-major-prochef-ii-265ba39_fun-activity-6853465147348959232-7QJO
  12. Some tricks and treats: Pudding cake in the Sweet Spot: Cinnamon Bread Grilled Cheese at French Corner: Both were AMAZING!!
  13. The ride is all lit up like it’s ready to open. Taken Thursday:
  14. The real question is, what changed?
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