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  1. Ban the single rider line

    Why does it matter if 5 people random people or a group of 5 get in line? The deal is the same no matter what. If there's a single rider than the fill up the spots with them. They used to have this for DB before Fastlane.
  2. Holiday World 2018 additions

    I almost feel like the public is due a better explanation than that- considering that they publicly announced that they were going to convert to them. They also used Will’s death as an excuse. There is clearly much more to this story.
  3. Haunt and Winterfest update with Don Helbig

    Not just rumblings. It was announced that way. They backpedaled.
  4. Bill Balfour, Keith James, Bill Mefford... just a few people you could reach out to for perspectives on Winterfests 1 and 2. -Ryan ...who is trying to help.
  5. Winterfest in US News & World Report Winterfest article, featuring Mr Showalter. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/ohio/articles/2017-11-19/kings-islands-winterfest-making-return-after-12-years
  6. Winterfest Questions

    My understanding is that they are doing something like colored wristbands to denote session times.
  7. Winterfest Questions

    Update: The $15 includes skate rental - per their web site.
  8. Winterfest Questions

    Does the $15 at KI include skate rental? I could be wrong, but I don’t remember seeing that explicitly stated.
  9. "The Bat's" complete history

    ^ Except much worse. At least with SOB we knew that it was not going to open any time soon. That lended itself to a certain degree of speculation. However, open for 3 days, closed for a month, opened for a day, etc. would be a much sweeter subject of conversation. Just think, though - had KIC been around it would have been Bill Mefford reciting to me, "No decision has been made about the future of The Bat." instead of Don.
  10. "The Bat's" complete history

    See 2009-2012 Son of Beast.
  11. FUN Reports Record Q3 Results

    Oh, I don't want to come off as a negative Nancy. There clearly was an improvement over the course of the season. Unfortunately the first few weeks were a mess. They were last year too. It's a battle that has to be had every year. I think that training might be an issue too. It seems like when someone uses a meal or drink plan then it's fine but if someone is purchasing something - especially in cash - there is a bit of confusion. Fortunately, their registers are completely customizable. You may have noticed that using the meal plan was several button pushes two years ago, but a quick scan now. This is the sort of thing that can shave 10 or 15 minutes off of a long line. The people running the show over there aren't dumb and they realize that sometimes simple fixes can be key. The way to fix the department is simple, but I admit that it's easier said than done: -Implement a better crowd predictive model to better utilize staffing -Create a culture based on pride in your work -Set out-of-the-gate standards for employees surrounded by the cornerstones (safety, cleanliness, courtesy, service, and integrity) -Rework the culture from the top down around incentivizing employees for, among other things, upholding the cornerstones -Ensure that top leadership is committed to creating a work environment that is fun, fair, and allows for growth Is this really too much to ask?
  12. https://pointbuzz.com/News/Story/3215 Interesting point: The question is how long this growth can be sustained with long lines, apathetic employees, dirty restaurants, and low food quality. People from the park are adamant that they are aware of and in the process of fixing their issues, but only time will tell.
  13. I always figured it would be in the $100,000 range. It's not much of a structure, but it also requires a speciality to both design and install. This price, of course, is always built into the price of a coaster. So Diamondback wasn't $22MM for the ride. That was an out-the-door price. Disclosure - I'm not sure if Cedar Fair builds in the "other" stuff into the marketed attraction prices such as entry ways, pavers, signage, etc.
  14. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Here’s your answer: ”The company said its 2018 capital expenditures budget also includes funds to upgrade restaurants or add new ones plus catering at California’s Great America, Carowinds, Kings Island...” http://www.toledoblade.com/Retail/2017/10/31/Cedar-Fair-reveals-remaining-plans-for-18.html
  15. I have no doubt that they have plans for the area. Sure, I agree that it wasn’t going to last forever, but why remove it now? There most certainly is a reason. I’d be surprised if we didn’t see definitive action in that area next year. Perhaps even to start the season. Maybe checking out what’s going on will be a good incentive to ride WindSeeker next year.