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  1. I guess that's where we differ. I feel like this is more of a dance. It has been fun to watch - despite having a lot of cyr wheel acts over the past 4 years. I feel like the original Nico was terribly boring with the two replacements through the course of the season being absolutely superb. Also, this made it so there weren't two contortion acts back to back, which greatly helped with the flow of the show. Over all I like this year's show better than any other year of Cirque shows so far.
  2. Not having things open has nothing to do with a conscious decision - it was a result of being short staffed. A few weeks ago they made the starting rate in foods $10/hr and ramped up hiring 15 year olds. Although neither of these is an ideal choice from a business standpoint, it clearly has made a big and positive impact on food stands and drink stations being open. Honestly, I think that a lot of little strides have been made as far as capacity is concerned. Last year I waited in a line that stretched out towards the Action Zone entrance of the Festhaus for Panda. This was about a two hour wait. A few weeks ago, I waited in a similar line for only about 45 minutes. I really think that putting the drinks on the outside as a self-serve has helped greatly. It seems like the bottleneck now is the register system. It seems like the employees get confused and maybe even frustrated at times. Often it takes upwards of 3 to 5 minutes to ring someone out. Fortunately time, experience, training, and maybe a few software tweaks will greatly reduce this.
  3. I agree that having fun at work is not only a good thing, but a necessity. On that same token, these guys are paid to operate a ride, not be entertainers. This is a problem that other parks do not have that I've visited. Your experience isn't supposed to be tailored to whether or not the operator is bored - it's supposed to be tailored to the paying customers. Claiming it's the wrong ride/park or just being obnoxious on the mic for the entertainment of the operators is at the detriment of the guests. A lot of jobs are boring and tedious. This isn't a good reason to make the park look bad. Remember that several places like Uni, Disney, etc have canned spiels. They manage to survive the day.
  4. I think the operators should worry more about having a fun and safe riding experience for the guests rather than worry about what "funny" thing they want to say next. I was never in love with the headsets, but was okay with it when it was simple instructions. I think it began to go downhill in 2014 with Banshee having it up so load that I recall kids holding their ears. Since then, it has devolved greatly to the point when they are saying, "Thank you for riding The Vortex at Cedar Point!" when you are riding The Beastie (or whatever it's called now) at Kings Island. The worst - so help me God - is the train. Last year they informed the riders repeatedly that the building of Diamondback at a cost of $22 million was "why drinks are so expensive here." And this year they added that really cool audio bumper for when the train goes under the shed but the ride op takes it upon themselves to talk over it. I do not blame the ride ops for this because if you give a 17 year old an unadulterated microphone then this is inherently going to happen, what's sad is that either: 1) The leadership in that department so rarely visits rides that they don't know this happens. -or- 2) The leadership in that department knows about this and think it's acceptable. And yes - if you work in the rides department and don't agree with this then you're likely a part of the problem.
  5. The thing was a capacity machine! They loaded that turntable very similarly to Boo, so it wasn't a lot of waiting or positioning. I also think you didn't get as wet as you do with RFYLCB.
  6. Here are my thoughts... The ride experience itself is pretty amazing. I've been on several GCI's and this is absolutely the best - and yes - this includes comparing it to the almighty Thunderhead. I have mixed feelings on the shed. The first time I rode it (I got the tree) I thought it was incredibly stupid, but I had heard that they worked on the timing so I gave it another chance a few days later. This was a big improvement and the screen in front is kind of a neat jump scare at this point. On the other hand, I feel like a lot more could have been done with the waiting area. I get the point of it, but I think the vast majority of riders just find it confusing. Over all, what a great addition!!
  7. What a creative piece! It's interesting how some people continue to go to the park and some don't. The day that they did the initial class of what was the Kings Island Wall of Fame, Gary Wachs (first ever KI GM) I got to speak to him extensively and he said he hadn't been to the park in a long time. Interesting that he wouldn't come to visit what he had built.
  8. I like this year's dog show much more than last year's. As far as Cirque is concerned, I also like this year's better than last year's - especially with the hand2hand act being replaced by the cyr wheel act. This made it so there weren't two contortion acts back to back. Glad the slack line guy is back since that's my favorite act. Over all very solid show!
  9. That whole area is a flood plain. I remember that the joke for years that the "exclusive Gold Pass parking" was the first to get several inches of water. They may close it when they're expecting rain. Also I think they use that as expanded preferred parking during busy days - like Haunt.
  10. Hello everyone. It's been a while. You're all looking good. I was recently featured on a podcast about the future of amusement parks. I'd love if you gave it a listen. https://m.soundcloud.com/thefuturejam/ep-13-for-your-amusement
  11. This, unfortunately, has been a long time coming. It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that I am moving on from KICentral effective immediately. Over the past 14 years, I have seen this web site grow from a second place fan site to a media powerhouse. We crashed through the glass ceiling of being just a "fan site" and because a legitimate source of Kings Island and amusement industry news. Although I am grateful for the professional experience that I have gotten from this site, I am more grateful for the friendships that I have forged over the years with many of you. This goes from Dane, my former business partner and one of my best friends of 14 years, all the way to the many of you that I met as recently as this past season. Many times this KICentral Universe that you guys formed felt like family and these forums felt like home. We are a Universe of thousands upon thousands of people. We are all different ages, different races, and of different backgrounds. We are all only united under one unified banner: a love for Kings Island. Through all the ups and downs, I still feel like Kings Island is a great park and is run by even better people. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful place to create memories. Why am I stepping aside? Unfortunately due to a constraint in my personal time the growth of my own personal business I simply can not serve as an asset to the team any longer. Recently we appointed two new staff members: malem and IndyGuy4KI - which is a decision that has worked out fantastically. Their ambition and passion for the site has breathed a new light into the forums and as a result of this it became the perfect opportunity to pass the torch. Thank you for taking to time to read this, and thank you for a wonderful 14 years! Ryan aka BoddaH1994
  12. If it's half as fun as the Banshee event then we're all in for a treat... plus it's for a good cause. How cool!
  13. I stand corrected. Looks like you have a pretty solid lineup this year. Let's hope Mother Nature cooperates.
  14. I'd even argue that they had a winner on their hands with Valravn. I detested Gatekeeper, but it seems like I'm in the minority compared to everyday patrons. Will we see Intamin return? Sure. All they have to have is a product that the public wants and they'll go back to them. They seem to have their issues so they aren't much of a go-to, but they do make a heck of a ride. Never say never.
  15. Here are the announced Dive In Movies for 2017: 7/7 - Secret Life of Pets 7/14 - Finding Dory 7/21 - Sing 7/28 - Zootopia Dive In movies are in Soak City and are included with park admission. Weather permitting.