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  1. BoddaH1994

    Things KI Can Do For Money

    They had VR in the 90’s. It’s making a comeback. One of the companies I work with is adding it this year.
  2. I could see this as an implication that there is a market it in the area.
  3. Was supposed to have ended yesterday. https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/skystar-observation-wheel-will-stay-through-june-16
  4. BoddaH1994

    My current project (Warning: Nerd Alert)

    We are waiting for more lights to get shipped in so we can do the full way around the tower.
  5. BoddaH1994

    My current project (Warning: Nerd Alert)

    Thanks! Yep. Special RGB lights and very complicated software.
  6. So my friends and I have been having so much fun at Winterfest this year that we just had to learn more. What better way to figure out the way things work that to recreate the most iconic part of Winterfest: the world’s largest Christmas tree. Step one: make an Eiffel Tower Step 2: Make it realistic Step 3: Make it a tree Step 4: Program the lights As you can see this is a work in progress, but it was fun to learn how all this stuff works.
  7. BoddaH1994

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    I don’t think that’s what he meant.
  8. BoddaH1994

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    The trick is to eat enough that they lose the $5 on you. In all seriousness, I still stand by my past opinion. Upcharging for a buffet (especially small amounts) seems fair. My concern was what CP tried to pull: CFA, Panda, etc being an upcharge for no reason that should be of concern to you as a consumer. I think the message was successfully sent that those types of upcharges are unacceptable... for now.
  9. BoddaH1994

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    I put this in another thread somewhere, but to recap: Turkey was decent, didn’t try the ham (ham is gross. Change my mind.), stuffing was on point, mash potatoes were excellent, green bean casserole wasn’t bad, rolls were dry and flat. Some reviews on FB were saying the food was slow to come out, and I can see where that comes from. Over all good experience. Well worth the $5 upcharge.
  10. BoddaH1994

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    The train is the same. It's not "bad" it's just not mind blowing in the way that the rest of Winterfest is. However, it is pretty obvious that I Street was the focus for 2017, Coney was the focus for 2018, so we can hope and assume that Rivertown will be the focus for 2019 and perhaps the train ride experience will be upgraded with the rest of that section of the park.
  11. BoddaH1994

    Discussion & History on the Kings Island & Miami Vally Railroad

    Paramount was pretty good... Top Gun, walk around characters, etc. Viacom purchased them early on and wanted nothing to do with the park from the get go. Sure, they knew nothing about operating the parks, but it's not like they had evil intents. I don't know if you can "fault" Paramount for the decision to use RCCA for SOB. They were the only ones willing to touch the project. It's more like RCCA chose them then them choosing RCCA. I don't even know if we could say that they quadruped down on prototypes. I think that the people who conceptualized the rides were from Hollywood and were so illiterate to the industry that when they came up with the concepts that the manufacturers had to build around them. Also, since this will come up - you know how they would build stuff and all of the special effects would slowly but surely stop working? I got an answer to that. They would have a finite amount of entertainment tech guys. All were allocated a certain number of hours per week. When they added Tomb Raider in 2002 that in itself would have constituted adding more to maintain that ride alone but Paramount was unwilling to. As a result of this the product as a whole suffered.
  12. BoddaH1994

    Discussion & History on the Kings Island & Miami Vally Railroad

    To an extend. They had great ideas with zero execution.
  13. BoddaH1994

    Discussion & History on the Kings Island & Miami Vally Railroad

    The water park has EVERYTHING to do with why we still have a train. Everything.
  14. BoddaH1994

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    They did something with an inexpensive laser projector during the launch, but nothing I noticed inside the bowl.
  15. BoddaH1994

    KIC Mobile App?

    Probably a way to find other KIC people in the park would be a good feature. Also push notifications for breaking news.