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  1. Their most recent marketing was buy a 2018 season pass and get 2019 for free. Same offer as most of Cedar Fair, just marketed the other way around. The Beach was very clear that they had a very successful Holiday Fest in 2005 with how Winterfest was blundered. All it did was draw attention to theme park Christmas events. All really was was a ploy to market season passes. The Beach has a million coulda-woulda-shoulda scenarios that you can discuss all day for the Beach being successful. It comes down to several umbrella issues: -Customer service, as @Outdoor Man states, they’ve had some leadership members that were both PR and HR nightmares. If you look at the reviews of the location you will see nothing but negative reviews about one specific person who was at the helm for several years. -Employee issues, see also the statement above. Staffing there is very difficult. Lifeguards make a killing compared to their peers in the industry. This is because the job is tough and often boring. Both KI and GWL pay their guards very well for this reason and still have staffing issues. The Beach paid just over minimum wage. I visited in the middle of summer and they could only open 3 rides at a time because they just didn’t have a staff. That doesn’t even include the revolving door that was all of the management positions. Again, see the above bullet point. -Facility issues, things like an overload of leaves in the pools, decks that should have been replaced years ago, “real sand” that was years old, packed down, and rock hard. Often pumps would go bad and they’d run 2 or 3 slides off of one pump when they should each have their own. That’s why people are getting stuck on some slides, including at the top of the iconic Cliff. -Stooged off opportunities. When the park reopened they had to make several desperate calls to get members of the media to come out for its media day. Why? They FORGOT TO MAIL OUT THE INVITES. You can’t make this stuff up. They also were unsuccessful in garnering the correct media attention for Beach Mountain. Their former PR, a woman named Nancy, did several live hits out of Dayton. She just didn’t have the contacts to do the same in Cincinnati. No one’s coming to your water park from Dayton. -Broken promises - The park’s first GM of the Adventure Holdings era was a man named Ralph Valardo. Good guy to have around. Well connected. He went on every news station and talked about their two new attractions for 2014: a Soarin’ Eagle Zip Line and a mat racing slide. The zip line opened in 2014 (an up charge, no less) and they seemingly forgot about the mat racer until late into the 2015 season when it finally opened. -Marketing - I’m not going to sit here and write a hindsight marketing plan for them, but it’s pretty telling when the average person in Cincinnati doesn’t know that The Beach had reopened years ago.
  2. Nope. Born and raised in NKY. We went to Cincinnati. I’m under the impression that they had one of these at every flagship store.
  3. You totally just re-emerged a memory of my dad taking my sister and I to Lazarus to see these things in the early 90’s. I concur. I’d like to see them at Winterfest too some day.
  4. That whole section of the park (FOF, I305) may not be open for WF. I’m not sure. I haven’t been there yet for WF. Not sure if this is relevant or not, but I do recall that when they installed Firehawk they had to cut a major power line that was supplying FOF. What the ultimate resolution was for that is something I can’t answer, but it may be related to why FOF isn’t open for WF. They may not have power. Just a theory.
  5. This is so sad... https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/kimba-the-giraffe-dies-at-cincinnati-zoo
  6. Unlikely. Their slides have greatly exceeded what most would consider end of life. All except the Riptide Racer, in which the legality of ownership may be questionable.
  7. Interesting. Looks like KD will have Fastlane at WF. Did they have this last year? https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/2019/which-rides-are-open-during-winterfest
  8. They were for the whole evening last year. No reason to think it would be different this year.
  9. I had the same thought. Makes me wonder if the ride was simply designed to have those sections of track replaced every few years. That would also account for why the plug was pulled on the mist. There’s no way that they wouldn’t have the foresight that the constant mist could be damaging.
  10. Just order online: Larosa's Pizza Sauce 14oz https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H3YI6MO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_iLzZDbNYH48A9
  11. I remember that floral arrangement. I thought it was the actual entrance to the ride when I was little. Haha Would be cool if they brought something like that back.
  12. Not sure if I’d say it happened “regularly” but it did happen. I don’t disagree that it is counterintuitive to think that something that sold would be dropped in price, but maybe their research dictates that the demographic would spend more time/money out in the park if they don’t feel obligated to spend the entire evening in the $300 igloo. I’ve always said they do all things for a reason, and rarely is it just to be nice. Somehow they found out that they can make more money at a lower price.
  13. You can see the camera from the 275’ observation deck. Unfortunately they’re not PTZs. Would be cool, though!
  14. The manufacturer of most of their slides was a company called Surf Coaster. I was asked to research them but found nothing. Was that his company?
  15. Doesn’t look good for our friendly neighbors to the north! https://coasternation.com/the-beach-waterpark-at-adventure-landing-is-listed-for-sale/
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