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  1. So these heights we are talking... are they stated on the blueprints or are we still deriving them from the footers? Sorry, I stepped away from this thread for an hour and now I’m at least two seasons behind.
  2. Rehearsals for the country show in the Festhaus, Playlist Live and the 80s show are wrapping up for their debut this weekend. I didn’t get a picture of the 80s show since I didn’t really catch them in action. The country show looked good for the few minutes I saw and Playlist Live certainly will have an amazing year.
  3. If they had jets as high as Cinematic Celebration then nothing on I Street would be dry!
  4. I see it this way: Diamondback has a perfect first half. Then you might as well get out and walk back after the MCBR. Even if it’s “short” then it still can be a hell of a ride.
  5. They’ve had lights there for a year or two. The system was upgraded this year.
  6. I like a lot of what I’m seeing in this thread. I send emails to the park quite often about positive experiences. I always address it to the department head and cc Mr Koontz and the KI GMS. I figure the people that should know should see it and the GMS is for the written record. I typically leave complements to people that keep their cool, maintain their composure, and maintain professionalism despite a bad situation. Often I have left “good GR” for people who properly dealt with a rude customer. At least if their day is ruined the next day starts off right. To be clear, I put in the comments exactly what I saw. Especially if I can cite particular behaviors that I think made them stand out. A simple, “Sally was nice and made my day.” Sounds so fake and really doesn’t give much traction in the long run.
  7. I think the problem may have been that you were sitting under the speakers instead of in front of them - which is something that can be solved with the right equipment. I watched it from the 2nd last row, stage right, and remember thinking that the show sounded surprisingly good.
  8. Not sure if the sign is new but the lighting system is new for Dogem. The lights looks similar (they may be the same, I’m not sure) but the control system has been upgraded. You may notice that the patterns and stuff it can do are a little bit better.
  9. Yesterday there was absolutely no one on site that could be seen. This implies that this particular “phase” is done and another crew is coming in sometime. The building behind Racer strikes me as a new Haunt building. There is the possibility that they are moving one of those maintenance buildings there but it seems kind of small for that.
  10. Two super long trains... I wonder how well that would work. Obviously no loose articles, but the chances per train of guests needing assistance would go up.
  11. Not doubting his answer, but I know that years ago they blocked off rows 49 and 50 during Haunt and added that to Preferred Parking. I had wondered why they continued to do that at random times and now I know.
  12. Gosh... -I scraped my hand on Scrappy’s Slide (it was in HBL by then) and my aunt gave me ice from her drink to put on it. -One of the vehicles from Der Spin Keggers was closed because someone puked in it. -Thinking anyone who would ride Vortex was classifiably insane. -My dad ditching the family and watching the Cheers show all day. He didn’t ride stuff anyway. lol -Seeing a show in the Enchanted Theater and the performer coming up to my brother and I so we could sing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt into the mic. -The monorail stopping for an extended period of time because there was an animal on the track. -Riding the trams to the campground and then walking out to Kings Mills Rd. My friends and I thought we were such rebels. Some other memories that aren’t that far back but still feel like a lifetime ago: -My first coaster event - Beastbuzz 2005, they were celebrating The Beast’s 25th anniversary. That bad boy turns 40 this year... -Taking a construction tour of Great Wolf. It was a shirt and tie thing and they fed us. I remember it being super hot in there since it was August and the building wasn’t finished so there was no AC! -Riding X Flight at Geauga and then Firehawk at KI the next year. RIP -Watching the first ever Dead Awakening and literally watching as people had to scramble to pick their jaws up off the ground at the end of the show. -Watching the 4th fireworks from the roof of the IR in like 2005. Somehow they IR lost power so we had to climb down the access ladder in the dark! -Spending a fair amount of time with Robbie Knievel. He had his demons, but he really was a nice guy. I’d hang out with him again. -Speaking of the Kaptain - being front row, center for the Knievel jump. That was my favorite day I’d ever spent at KI. - Driving around the park with midget wrestlers in my car. I filmed some promo stuff with them and ended up more or less following them around all day and documenting. One of them who was supposed to be at WEBN in the morning but couldn’t get up in time for it. Puppet (the head midget, I guess?) had me film him going into the guy’s room at Great Wolf and farting on him as punishment. -Riding The Beast with Al Snow way past his prime. I think he was flattered that I knew who he was. -CBS owning the park and seeing the park at its worst. -Waking up to the news that Cedar Fair bought the park. I still have “woah, really?” moments from that. -Meeting Dick Kinzel and he politely acted like he had heard of KIC, and we politely acted flattered that he would say that. After and awkward silence, Dane asks him, “So how much did your belt cost?” -...and many more. Of course, the most important memories are with the friends I have made over the past 15 or so years.
  13. Toy Factory is in there at KD. Currently the corners is that the pitch of the walkways would create a dangerous situation with any amount of ice or snow. I’d love to see this place get some love too.
  14. I agree that Legos are equally as expensive - if not more. My only issue is that they have this giant Beast mock-up but the actual product they’re selling is tantamount to the Great Pumpkin Coaster. I was ready to spend real money for The Beast model, but 2 grand? Oh well, if it sells it sells.
  15. That would be including water park, but yeah that’s a pretty busy day.
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