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  1. Getting a CEO is going to be hard. You'll see one interim after another until something changes. He was their 8th CEO in 5 years. Don't tell people it's a career when it's actually a revolving door. They aren't going to attract talent with turnover like that. Plus no one on the board is being groomed for succession. That's not something that happens when their CEO is a temp anyway.
  2. I'm with you on that, but I don't mind the Charlie Brown stuff as much as I used to. The log flume is a ton of fun. I hate having wet shoes, but on the days when I happen to wear flip flops or whatever, I give it a whirl. Sometimes I forget how fun that ride is.
  3. I think the more appropriate question for a community like this would be, what’s the non-kiddy ride that it’s been the longest since you’ve ridden? For me, probably WWC, simply because while I’m at the park I’m a fan or getting wet but not necessarily getting drenched! I think my last ride was 2002 or so.
  4. I think what we can relatively safely assume is that Fury was a parts donor. Parts - perhaps even most - of the Monster may be parts from Fury for all we know. It’s kind of like the old riddle of, if a different board from a wooden ship is replaced every day at what point is the ship a different ship? Knowing that you have a unique insight as to how maintenance is done on stuff like this, we may be able to come to the consensus that there is no right answer. Maybe the Monster, as all rides, is made up from a pile of parts. They use some and rehab others. In that regard whether it’s Fury or Monster - it’s all just Monster now.
  5. Also you created a good segway into mentioning that sharing info on the book on different aspects of social media and whichever outlets may be available to you would help too. The cool part is that this may be of interest to anyone from the Cincinnati area and/or have visited the park regularly - not just people who talk about it a lot like we do.
  6. True. Also I want to note that it’s one thing to assume that the park will open in April and a later opening date is announced. It’s another to announce opening day - including selling ornaments with the date 4/11/20 on them - and then not be open anywhere near that. One is a “fool me once” situation, the other deserves some sort of squaring up, at least in my opinion. Just imagine trying to launch a membership program this year (which I wouldn’t doubt they were considering). How do you think that’ll go? Again, I do have faith they will do the right thing. I don’t want our rants to get people worked up for something that hasn’t happened yet.
  7. See also: purchasing the dining plan before they announce the terms.
  8. Every other one of their peers (including Disney) is freezing payments and/or extending memberships. My guess is that they are waiting until they have a more clear idea of when opening day may be before they decide a course of action. I do agree that this is out of the company’s control, and I do not believe anyone is mad at them for the circumstances, but I do believe it is their responsibility to make things right with the people who have spent money with them. Again, I have faith that they will. I’m just waiting for word from them as to what’s going to happen.
  9. Or worse - what about those who paid in full and aren’t getting what was offered to them? They say they’re adding operating days but what if this goes until June or later? They gonna add 30 days in the fall? This is on top of a kind of crappy schedule with few midnight closes and Haunt closing at midnight. KI is lucky all this is going down on a coaster year in a way otherwise there would be very little perceived value for anyone to buy a pass right now.
  10. I had a dream last night that they decided to throw caution to the wind and open up Orion despite the ‘Rona concerns. Everyone was rushing to get in line because they knew the park was going to be shut down at any time. No, I don’t think I got to ride before I woke up.
  11. Oh totally possible. I’ve seen message board stuff of people saying, “I watched my friend’s kid descend into autism immediately after the shot!” And so on. I’ve just never actually met someone that knew to believe that. I’m not defending it in anyway way. I think it’s ridiculous. Growing up they had things at school where we would go in a few weeks before the first day and get all the shots. No one ever thought anything of it.
  12. You know what’s funny? I was thinking about this the other night. I don’t think I’ve even actually knowingly met an anti-vaxer in person. It seemed like the whole thing sprung up over night on Facebook with several people preaching to the choir who really have no other way of making themselves feel smart. I feel like it’s an incredibly tiny minority who believes that it causes autism with an army of people standing in their soapboxes talking about how much smarter they are than them. See also: flat earthers
  13. ^ They’ve said they are adding operating days. It’ll be interesting to see where goes.
  14. They also claim to be adding operating days and have special deals. Adding operating days seems like it’s a win-win. Probably days between Haunt and WF. A lot of parks are open during that time. As far as special deals go, I’m interested. Not necessary from a guest’s standpoint as none of this is their fault. However it’ll be interesting to see how they will use this to leverage attendance.
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