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  1. BRC Imagination Arts, a Southern California design firm, has proposed something entirely new: a ride that creates the sensation of zero gravity for up to eight seconds at a time. https://www.popsci.com/cars/article/2012-01/zero-gravity-roller-coaster
  2. I have to admit that even when I heard rumblings of a wooden coaster, I was against the idea because of its proximity to The Beast. Fortunately the two offer a wildly different experience.
  3. My understanding is that it actually outlasted what they had originally intended. I think that people are looking too much into the length of the contract. In fact, I think much of what what we assume is part of the contract is directly derived from years of speculation rather than factual info. I still think that there is a short term plan for that land. Dinosaurs was going to go, but why now? Why stop in 2017? Dont get me wrong, it’s entirely possible that the popularity weaned over the 8 years of its existence to the point where it was not viable to keep the attraction and that’s it. However, again, being the biggest and longest of all of the DA attractions then that would heavily imply that the issues are on a scale from just as bad or far worse at the other parks - especially the ones with less attendance. My speculation? And I can not emphasize more that this is simply speculation: I think that the end of DA and the rumors of a giga are hand in hand. The puzzle pieces simply fit together too well. To see the future you need not look further than the past. Remember of Son of Beast sat and sat and sat with no action until 2012? The ride was razed and almost immediately the footers (footings?) began to show up? You can’t tell me that those decisions didn’t go hand in hand. Thr likely truth is that we will know a lot more on April 13th.
  4. Kings Island had the largest and most popular installment. Its removal is a huge indication of doom for all of the others.
  5. Racer runs backwards?

    I absolutely guarantee you that they didn't at least turn them around without PTC's blessing. What happens when someone gets killed on a ride? The park tries to push the blame off onto the manufacturer. Just imagine the rock-solid defense that PTC would have if they had documented that the park was going against their recommendations by running it backward. Don't get me wrong - IG4KI is right - this was absolutely a management decision, but to think that the park would in any way go against manufacturer's recommendations is nothing shot of insane. (See also the addition of seat belts)
  6. 2018 Employee Dress Code

    Mainly it’s more of an old school perspective “everyone with a tattoo is a criminal” mentality. Also, there is a thin line between artistic and trashy when it comes to tattoos (which is also in the eye of the beholder). There’s not much they can do in the vein of “this is art, go right ahead” and “this is trashy, cover it up.” Of course, when you are hiring more and more people you have to be less and less picky, which is exactly why they changed this rule. Plus it was probably time to turn that corner anyway.
  7. Harlem Globetrotters

    I’m very excited for this!
  8. Cedar Point is attempting to bring a branch of BG to Sandusky. http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/could-cedar-point-get-college-plans-are-the-early-stages/WzXeI5Ly33pzqBIJ82CrMJ/
  9. That is true, but this would be the first time I’ve heard of an instance of even the threat of reporting to a credit agency under these circumstances. Long story short- it’s a bad and risky deal. Save up your pennies and pay in bulk. Being forced into collections for lapsing on a “membership” that you can’t use for half of the year in most parts of the country is of no benefit to anyone but the company.
  10. I actually read almost that entire contract. They’re going to charge you attorney fees if your card declines for 2 months. No thanks. Also, I wonder how much of this can actually be enforced if they don’t have your SSN. (Please tell me they don’t have your SSN!!) Agaim, if it was a 12 month required membership then I would only pay the lump sum unless I could come into the park and walk around in the winter or whatever for the months that I’m paying for within a park that’s closed a big portion of the year.
  11. Park Nitpicks

    I’ve said it before, but since you asked... ”Exit to your right and enjoy the rest of your day at Holiday World!” (While at Kings Island) ”Diamondback cost $22 million and that’s why drinks are so expensive here.” ”...and thank you for riding Chicken Tenders!” (Pun on Mystic Timbers) It’s disapponting that this has gone on for the past 2 or 3 years and management either 1) doesn’t know about it 2) knows about it but can’t do anything about it, or 3) does not understand how trashy it is. Rides people - please do not think that I’m trying to rip on you. I love you guys. You do long, hot hours doing a job I would never want to do. Do not let the above actions define how the guests see your whole department. Change begins with you. Also, I’ve used Funpix at KI, KD, and CP. The quality of the pictures is so much better at CP and KD. KI’s are nearly blurry in comparison. Does anyone know if someone at KI is responsible for FunPix that someone could show a comparison? Maybe they don’t know that it’s an issue? Again, you asked for nitpicks, and that’s what you got. Clearly the good far outweighs the bad, but if you didn’t want to push KI to be the best it can be then you aren’t being a good friend, now are you? Just for the sake of not being entirely negative in this post: Mystic Timbers got an A+ in my book, last year was the best year of Haunt in a long time in my opinion, and Winterfest was nothing short of a dream come true.
  12. I’m not a fan of the membership. I don’t want to pay for my pass when I can’t use it - or at least be forced to do so. The season pass portal was intended to combat that feeling, but it would have to be a more meaningful program that it was last year (is it still a thing?) The portal was tough to find on the web site and I feel like the discounts offered were weren’t enough to influence any type of purchasing decision. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not surprised. Renewing your pass and making 6 payments is, in my opinion, the only way to go with this.
  13. For an extra monthly amount, patrons will get a 20% food discount, early access, etc. I’ve always wondered if KI would ever add in a tier between Gold and Platium. (See also Cedar Point’s whatever rollercoaster club) https://www-ocregister-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.ocregister.com/2018/02/07/six-flags-magic-mountain-changing-early-entry-access-with-new-membership/amp/
  14. Very good first run! You might want to add a little bit more dimension to the conversation. Some notes: The review of 2017 was a good idea, but why limit it to Mystic Timbers, Haunt and Winterfest? A lot went on during the 2017 season, why not hit on things like the Stunt Show or Coasterstock? A walk down memory lane would have been a little more effective than the current format. Also, you guys need to challenge each other a little more (Prowler vs DB question was a good example) but bridge what you're talking about into what you liked and what you didn't like about each event. Also, a discussion about what you would like to see next season would make for good conversation. Like, would the stunt show come back? Which parts would you add and which parts would you want to change? Same for Haunt. Also, someone made an argument that they wouldn't change anything about Winterfest. That's a really weak statement for the sake of argument. You can have a wish list for Winterfest and still think it's an A+ event. Even if you go to Disney, which is generally accepted as the gold standard in theme parks, you can pick out things that would be fun or neat ideas. I get that you don't want to make it a podcast of dumping on KI (and no one would want to listen to that anyway) but critiques and constructive criticisms and a deconstruction of what you see is what people want to hear from you. As the staff of KIC, you guys are generally accepted as the foremost authority on the park. From a loyal guests' standpoint, you see and experience far more than the average guest, so your opinions are both interesting and valuable. Also, I would encourage you to have some semblance of interactivity to each portion of the conversation. These will give the KICentral Universe a stake in the podcast and our feedback will give you a good economy bullet points for the next podcast. I'm going to pose these questions for you at the bottom of this post and we can see how it turns out if you want to use it for episode 2. I want to end on saying that i'm very happy that you guys are doing this. I knew Brad had a background in this sort of thing, but Matt and Robbie really came out of their shells for this one. Good work to all 3 of you! Discussion Questions: Last season was arguably one of the most exciting seasons to be a Kings Island fan. What was your favorite memory of 2017 and why? Would you have changed anything about the 2017 season? One of the most talked about new things at Kings Island in 2017 was the new food offerings. Which was your favorite and why? What was your favorite part of Winterfest? What is on your wish list for the 2018 version of Winterfest?
  15. I have been trying to message you it wont go ...can you message me about the stuff you mentioned about video stuff  thanks jim