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  1. They used to have it in PS. Moved to the water park because of congestion. It was wildly successful there for nearly a decade. The real question is why did it move back to Planet Snoopy. Stay tuned.
  2. Yeah I wanted to say it could be either but all I could remember was a woman. Good call.
  3. Does anyone have full or at least a reasonable amount of footage of the 2005 train so that those who didn’t get to experience it could see what we are talking about? The short of it was that you would accompany a WWII Army person on her voyage home (don’t want to say ‘soldier’ because they would be historically unlikely and they didn’t really mention her function). Anyway, she would sing in the station as well as a couple of times during the route. The train would stop and she would get off and be embraced by her family. Then the train would continue and it would be your turn to go home for the holidays. Produced by Jack Rouse Associates
  4. I was thinking 12 Days would be perfect for the antique cars. The train is just to big an synonymous with Christmas for a throw-together attraction like that. I feel like the train really is the only thing that didn't exceed my expectations with Winterfest.
  5. Kings Island has no plans to acquire Coney rides... https://www.wlwt.com/article/kings-island-has-no-plans-to-purchase-soon-to-be-shuttered-coney-island-rides/29000542
  6. Petition to save the rides made the news: https://www.wlwt.com/article/local-man-starts-petition-to-stop-coney-island-officials-from-removing-amusement-park-rides/28987352
  7. I think that's way too tall for the skyline. Remember that's it's way, way back in the back of the park.
  8. We’d be about due for a Planet Snoopy upgrade regardless in 2021, so that’s not out of the realm of possibility. I doubt adding a ride or two would pull it ahead of of Dollywood that quickly, but making waves may help in the long term.
  9. I have heard that the Firehawk track pieces were either donated or sold to a nature preserve.
  10. I wish they still gave the voting percentages to see how far ahead Wildwood Grove was.
  11. Makes you wonder if the 10 millionth rider even knew...
  12. Yeah... I'm wondering if it didn't happen. Which means it might have happened during Pride Night.
  13. It's possible that the area in and around the station will be a darker shade of grey to match the materials that currently make up the station but I would not expect to see two different colors in the manner in which you see Diamondback.
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