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  1. Allow me to pose the questions: How will this affect attendance at KI? Will it be more, less, or unchanged? If there was a drop, would Orion and Grand Carnivale offset that? Why? I have thoughts on the matter. I will share after I hear some of yours.
  2. It’s posted. No more midnight closes Saturday in July? That’s a real bummer, the only one that’s a midnight close is July 4th. Midnight closes for Haunt too. All around pretty bad news. I wonder if this is a noise ordinance thing.
  3. Haha not exactly! An announcement of a calendar... which we probably essentially already know since they released preview night on the web site and opening day via Christmas ornament.
  4. News article on the last pieces being delivered. https://www.wlwt.com/article/last-truckload-of-steel-delivered-to-construct-kings-islands-first-giga-coaster-orion/30524445
  5. I’m not an engineer. I was just told that having them bolted together is superior to welded. It’s how all these next gen trains are made. Probably because you can tighten a bolt but re-welding is an issue. Maybe someone else has more insight on that.
  6. What about lights permanently strung along Coney Mall, like the Gemini midway? I've always thought that would add ambiance. The temporary stuff they do is cool. I'd like to see it all the way down the mall.
  7. If we learned anything from Firehawk it's that this isn't a slow process. Vortex is a more substantial structure, but Firehawk went from standing to laying on the ground in a matter of a few days. I think that once any physical demolition starts it'll be very apparent from the Diamondback cam.
  8. I have been told that the maintenance of Mystic is much much easier than the PTCs. Mainly that they have bolts instead of welds.
  9. I concur. In the grand scheme of things, April is NOT far away. The track work needs to be done so crews can proceed with things like concrete, wiring, landscaping, and testing. All of which needs to be done a fair amount of time before April 11.
  10. Here is a blog about it. Jerseys with The Beast logo will be auctioned. Who’s gonna bid? https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/january/cincinnati-cyclones-hockey-team-to-honor-iconic-beast-roller-coaster
  11. There are many people who would still like clarification as to what 2020 holds for The Beach. Many who have a far more vested interest than any of us.
  12. There’s more: -The soccer game that’s more or less themed to FCC As well as past and present events like: -Reds Day -UC Athletics Days -FCC Day -(Wasn’t there a Bengals day?) -Cyclones Day With the need to constantly reinvent themselves, associations with local properties will always come and go, but I don’t see them having less of a presence anytime soon. As far as more physical stuff, I couldn’t care less. Even as an avid Reds fan the RHOFG lost novelty quickly. It’s not that I wouldn’t welcome the idea, I’m just not begging for it.
  13. Just for fun: how many visits did you make to KI in 2019?
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