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  1. I can’t tell you how many times, even running this site, I was told to reply to various posters calling them liars if they had any kind of critique. This was countless times by countless associates. I was told that those who made mention of the fact that SIX and SEAS had nice, indoor VIP lounges were “entitled” and should appreciate the lean-to that they built. A former employee (not Don) told me an anecdote in which, when they were being trained to host the Gold Pass holder breakfast was told that it was their obligation because that’s what the “entitled” season passholders demand. This was a while ago, but it was an advertised perk, so it’s not like the season pass people demanded it out of nowhere. The whole fiasco with the bait-and-switch with Prestige, without Mr Selfie or Koontz ever addressing it. That’s in addition to putting the VIP between the restroom and the very active dumpster. These are just some small examples that I saw myself. It is quite evident that their culture is that, the more loyal a guest is, the more they dislike them. Defacing Don’s grave doesn’t not prove that they hate you, it’s just a symptom of it.
  2. It’s only been put out as of today. It was fine last year. Even if it isn’t intentional (I believe it is), why are they putting out defaced props and then expecting you to vote for them as the US’s best theme park Halloween event? If they can’t put care into the details then how can they earn your vote? I was at Halloween Horror Nights last week. This is better than that? My theory is that they were told to rip Don’s name off the grave. It was stuck on enough that they just ripped off enough so it was unreadable. I don’t know that for sure, but that’s what it looks like to me.
  3. Don Helbig spearheaded enthusiast events, including three KIC-exclusive events, at Kings Island. He was also the person most responsible for the fan-favorite Coasterstock. The biggest advocate for KIC, ACE, the Facebook groups, and KI guests in general. Two months after his departure, this was done to his prop grave. Several other former employees are still marked on their graves. This was clearly intentional. They hate him because they hate you. Remember this when they’re begging you for USA Today and Golden Ticket votes.
  4. I don’t know what would be worse: buying a Six Flags pass by accident, or having to admit that you have LaRonde pass.
  5. I’m okay with them charging for No Boo. The event involves scares in the midways. If you want a unique experience then there should be a premium for that. Also, everyone’s statements about roomers are true; however, the biggest benefit to KI is that even when the house lines are long, people can feel as though they participated.
  6. CHAOS becomes Alien Abyss. Trivia on the bandstand Scare Zone: Abandoned in Rivertown https://www.visitkingsisland.com/entertainment
  7. It won the Golden Ticket for “Best New Ride.” I do agree that some built up the shed in their own heads and were disappointed; however, I think the GTA alone demonstrates that people walked away from the ride and/or experience overwhelmingly positively. I think if the, “What’s in the shed?” campaign was damaging then they wouldn’t have won.
  8. (not the best photo) Looks like this lot got a new sponsor, including new signage.
  9. Some have demonstrated that it’s not terribly important. I’m just following the industry trends.
  10. I don’t think so. He’s been trying to move on since stepping down as CEO. He probably wants to do his own thing, either joining a different board or opening his own business.
  11. Stepping down for personal reasons, according to the article. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20230901895746/en/Cedar-Fair-Announces-Departure-of-Matt-Ouimet-from-Board-of-Directors
  12. There was actually a hinge on the exit side of the support structure. I remember for years hearing that the ride was designed to be able to be dismantled without destroying the building. I guess we found that to be true.
  13. https://www.tristatehomepage.com/news/local-news/holiday-world-announces-halloween-in-the-sky-drone-show/amp/
  14. …and what’s your famous line?
  15. Can you tell us more, like if anyone new was inducted into the HOF?
  16. Right, but I didn’t really have seasonal events in mind, which seem to stick around longer. See also, many Winterfest shows. I guess you could make the same argument for Carnivale as you would with the Nick Parade. 2005/6 was such an odd year, though, since it was the CBS split. Then there was the acquisition. I have to admit that I forgot that Endless Summer ran for three seasons. Great show, but three years of it… that seemed a bit taxing. If ever there was a year where there’d be another third season, it’s 2024.
  17. Plus… the BAF isn’t a benefit to you. It’s a benefit to someone else. You have a pass!
  18. I’ve always been torn about this. This got the promotion that they wanted to get out of it, so from a marketing/PR standpoint it was very successful. My concern is that they tell hundreds of angry parents and disappointed kids each day that they can’t ride the various rides because they’re too short. This is done in the name of safety. Demonstrating that an 18” plush that doesn’t have the correct body mass can safely ride could really throw gas on the fire of those confrontations.
  19. So they added Monday and Tuesday? I’m just asking because I had a few people ask me. I wanted to make sure people knew because it’s an odd quirk in the schedule to have the waterpark closed when the park is daily.
  20. Perhaps they are using their BAF, which I think includes VIP access. Online sentiment isn’t a perfect indicator, but I’ve seen a lot of people just doing one person in their family as Prestige for the parking, which I would agree makes sense. Aside from the bait-and-switch stuff that has been discussed at length, I’m wondering where people see the value in it. We would eat in the VIP Lounge often, but that was more of a, “we paid for it, might as well use it” thing. The line skips were nice, but after about the first month, we stopped even getting them. We often gave them away. Online people are hiding them and telling people to find them. It was tempting at first, but I bet a lot of the Prestige-type people are more like me than they are the typical guest - I don’t ride all that often anymore. KI is more like a meeting place for me and my friends. The Preferred Parking is the top spot for me, but could I justify $200 more for that? All of the other perks were just cannon fodder to me. A $50, $100 add on? Sure. A $200 add on? Eh. Now, I know people that are buying it for their own reasons. The reasons are good. One works close to the park, often goes over on his lunch, eats, and goes back to work. That makes sense. But are there thousands of those people out there like that? Time will tell.
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