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  1. As of yesterday, they also didn’t really have a merchandise line too. They had the t-shirt bundle, but in years past it was a few shirts as well as some Mardi Gras stuff. Hopefully that changes.
  2. So here is a good tale of inconsistency that they are facing. Two weeks ago, I went to the Brewhouse with a larger group of about 10 or so. Someone ordered the pretzel for the table. When delivered, it came out rock hard and burnt. The woman that ordered the food grabbed a supervisor and they agreed that it was unacceptable and took the pretzel back. A half hour later the supervisor came back to make sure our replacement was satisfactory and they found out that it never came. Frustrated, the supervisor went back and got one himself. I wish I had taken a picture of it. It was big, steaming, and was glazed in butter. Not blaming, the sup for the late delivery. I actually a applaud him taking ownership in the end. Anyway, I went last night and was bragging about this amazing pretzels. We ordered one and it came out not the same… As you may be able to see from the photo, the size was great, but there was no glaze. It also wasn’t as soft and steaming. Kind of hard. Not exactly “I want to talk to a manager” bad, but it was about half as good as the previous one. It tasted fine, but was disappointing compared to my previous experience. Just a lesson in consistency. I will say that the park’s beer cheese is superb.
  3. No, all of the media articles said 7:00. Based on last year. The park didn’t bother to communicate that information to them so they went with historical info.
  4. (Sorry to double post, the quote feature was being wonky) The one saving grace may be that the few people who still visit that aren’t season pass holders may see these items as a good value as opposed to the $22ish per meal that is at the normal restaurants.
  5. I’ve bought a tasting card every year. One year I bought two. Seeing the prices, and with food portions and quality still climbing back to 2022 levels, I’ll take a pass this year and just use my meal plan. Thanks anyway.
  6. I think they could get away with it now, but if it’s hidden in a fort and no one can go in there then why spend the money to tear it down at this point? I didn’t completely believe that clause either until Dennis Speigel said that he believed that it was true.
  7. The winning streak continues as the park has posted about GC, where the link takes you to the GC landing page. Page says the info is “coming soon” but the link to the event guide has all that info.
  8. From the Holi-blog. A familiar Holiblogger. https://holidayworld.com/2024/07/16/why-holidays-in-the-sky-is-a-cant-miss-show/
  9. Let’s not forget that now they have like 20 more parks where GC would be a new an exciting event.
  10. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/entertainment/2024/07/16/kings-island-grand-carnivale-2024-parade-passes-tickets/74407072007/ Articles claims that the parade is at 8:30 and the information is from the previous year. If the info is inaccurate then this is a lesson in what happens when some people are far more concerned with blocking people on social media then communicating with the media.
  11. Maybe it’s more or less an infrastructure test.
  12. At KD they park the floats around the ET. I know that they haven’t had the floats out for display for a few years, but if that’s their intention this year then they could do the final show stop and then the people at that stop would get to see the rest of the parade as it makes it to its final destination. Just a thought.
  13. I don't think that you should feel obligated to donate; however, for those who would want to, I think that KIC is doing the right thing by informing the members of that option. KIC also posts information about things like GC tasting cards and Fastlane, but the intention isn't to make you feel obligated to buy it. By the way, they're going to have to be very clear with their messaging with this to make it successful. It's easy to get people to say, "Yeah, whatever, I'll round up the $.02." It's not as easy to convince people to bring school supplies to the front gate. For the sake of the receiving parties, I hope it is successful. No matter how anyone feels about what lies between Point A and Point B, Point B is a worth cause.
  14. I'm in support of it being later because the parade looks way better when it's darker. ...But I do draw a sense of hope from this. If the parade is at 9:00, can they really do an "Opening Ceremony" at 8:00ish? So there are two possibilities: - The feedback they received reflected that the cuts last years were not well received, so we'll see something more similar to previous years - There will be no Opening Ceremony and they'll bring in the entertainment right before the parade and then send them home right after. I have a good feeling that it's Option One, just a guess.
  15. They're trying to do something good. As with all things, it's not entirely altruistic. They can get news coverage about the drive and then another round when they can brag that they were able to collect and donate XXX pounds of school supplies. Kings Island is not alone in this type of activity. Is it as pure as the driven snow? Not really, but the ends do justify the means. Plus I do believe that 100% of these supplies will go where they say they are going to go.
  16. I believe they are looking for school supply donations. I assume we will see more of the “who, what, when, where and why” as the dates draw closer.
  17. There are TWO familiar faces in this photo. One is Jolly ‘Ol St. Nicholas. Who can spot the other?
  18. I didn’t say it isn’t true. I said I don’t believe it. Now, as horror movie rules dictate, I’ll have a horrid encounter with her tonight.
  19. ::Bump:: Check out the latest Tower Topics all about the Dog Street Cemetery
  20. Thanks!!! Tower Topics drops at 5am ET M,W,F AGP 5am ET Thursday
  21. 100 episodes. 100 times firing up the mic for the Attractions Group podcast. Everyone thinks that Tower Topics is the difficult one to produce since it’s three times a week but AGP is the one that takes much more planning and coordination. We started small, with some fragile individuals telling myself or Don that we wouldn’t make it to 10 episodes. Now we have had world-class consultants, park presidents, park owners, CEOs, stake holders, and even a WWE Hall of Famer on the show. The success of this show, along with Tower Topics is fully attributed to Don and I doing our best on certain fronts such as honesty and perspective. I cannot tell you how many people who have complimented us for this, and cited it as the reason for their continued support. In a day and age where there are actual written policies dictating veto power of your creative freedom and integrity, please use us as inspiration in knowing that you do not need any park’s cooperation for success. No one won’t watch your videos because you didn’t get to go to media day, but they may stop watching if you appear to be working off of a script or are clearly boxed in. Don and I will always ensure that Tower Topics is “for Kings Island fans, by Kings Island fans,” and AGP will always be our journalistic outlet, attempting to get the facts with no question off the table. If any park or chain does not work to work with us because of this (and it hasn’t been a problem… for the most part) then that’s a reflection of the other party, not us. I hundred thousand “thank you’s” goes out to all of you for your support. You make this possible! Here’s to another 100 and 100s and 100s more!
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