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  1. “I’ll take, ‘things they didn’t think of’ for $100, Alex.” But to be fair, I do feel a little better about the prices now that I’ve seen the pictures. They look delicious, but we knew they would be. The portions seem to be bordering closer to meals than they are just tastings.
  2. Someone sent this to me. I can not assure it’s accuracy but it’s a good starting point if you’re looking to do some haunted things on nights that Haunt is closed. Have you done any haunted houses this year? I’ve done Land of Illusion and Terror Town so far this year.
  3. Here is a cool article about it: https://www.wlwt.com/article/kings-island-eiffel-tower-getting-a-makeover/37632466
  4. Ahhh you beat me to it! Here is the official statement:
  5. I don’t know if the taxes thing is correct. I know there was a rumor that you had to pay back the stimulus and that wasn’t true. I know you have to pay taxes on unemployment. I’d like to think that most people who visited had jobs. lol What I’m more concerned with is the pent up demand easing so they visit the first few months and there is very little to do besides standing in the hot sun waiting in lines for rides and they won’t make many return visits.
  6. What’s going to happen when there are tens of thousands of people in the park on a Saturday and there’s far far less to do? Are teens going to wait 3 hours for the mazes or are they going to drop the gloves in Coney Mall again? Even if that doesn’t happen, is the average paying guest going to have a good experience waiting all that time? Are they going to come back, or will the only people having a fun the ones that are doing things they should?
  7. To put things in perspective, when HHN did a Walking Dead maze a few years ago many found it disappointing because there was nothing special to it. Just a typical zombie theme. If a maze half that good was at Kings Island we’d still be talking about it in 10 years. Of course by year 2 they’d only staff it with 3 scare actors and the whole concept would be ruined. Many of the IPs HHN uses aren’t Universal properties. They pay for at least 2/3rds. I do agree that without IPs it gives freedom of originality, but with very little money and very little creative effort you end up with your “new” maze being a corn field theme on its 14th year, 3rd name, and 4th location (well, back to the original spot so it’s moved 3 times). No one in their right mind thinks KI’s Haunt is the #1 in the USA and HHN isn’t a top 10. The difference is when you have the park and sycophantic Facebook groups posting about it over and over then yes - you’re going to get votes. If USF had tweeted once at 3am on a Tuesday that they were looking for votes then they would have won. They didn’t because they don’t care. They know they’re the best. They don’t need USA Today or Readers Digest. They sell out every night without them. See also: Disney and Universal rarely even show up to the Golden Ticket Award ceremony. That would be like the US Army getting involved in a kids water balloon fight.
  8. They did about 5 rides and “most” mazes were open during Bare Bones Nights in 2007-ish when they tried that. Also, no one was there. If they add Thursdays and/or Sundays they’ll need to either do it right or don’t do it.
  9. This is a new option in the French Corner. It’s a “don’t call it a Pop Tart” hand tart. It was very good and I think the price was only about $2.50. It’s about 30% bigger than a typical Pop Tart.
  10. Grilled short ribs are on Chef’s Plate today.
  11. Who is acting entitled? They offer a product. You’re happy with it or you’re not. They’re charging for it. If a band comes out with an album that you don’t like are you entitled too? They’re not legit. Neither is the Readers Digest poll. Won’t stop Kings Island from marketing the sh-t out of it… as they should. That’s all the GTA’s are - a marketing opportunity. Being the best is marketable, 2nd place is not.
  12. The problem is, if you don’t win you can’t market it. “5th best new ride of 2021” doesn’t have a very good ring to it.** **Except for Kentucky Kingdom. They went there.
  13. Orion finishing fifth is really disappointing. You shouldn’t have a $30 million investment and it’s only the fifth best installment. Who knows if it what have you even cracked the top five if the Busch Gardens parks had opened their new coasters.
  14. I noted some interesting things. I like how they got recognized for guest experience.
  15. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210908005206/en/Cedar-Fair-Reports-Continuation-of-Strong-Attendance-and-Guest-Spending-Trends-Through-Labor-Day-Weekend
  16. It’s less of a ride and more of a live show. But hey- with how much Haunt was slashed this year they do have a gap in the lineup that this could fill.
  17. This is the side of the tower facing south toward Planet Snoopy. This area had been stripped last week and was clearly painted, as the color pops up on the “box” at the top. I’ve heard rumors of different colors but so far it looks as if at least this part will remain the same.
  18. Here is an article about the upsides and downsides of going cashless. Obviously a lot of the content is subjective, but it does list several venues that went cashless in 2019-20. My point is that this is not a uniquely Cedar Fair thing. I think it’s progressive and courageous to do this a little early, but I think that someone take the dive. I could see GABP and PBS doing this sooner than later too. https://www.fanfoodapp.com/blog/these-stadiums-went-cashless-in-2019-what-does-this-mean-for-2020
  19. All CF parks to go cashless by 2022. https://www.cleveland.com/travel/2021/09/cedar-point-all-cedar-fair-parks-expected-to-be-cashless-in-2022.html
  20. Your guess is as food as mine. All I can speculate is that KD, much like KI, has vast amounts of unused land. Theirs is a little more secluded so I suppose it doesn’t matter as much there. It’s also noteworthy that much of KI’s has been developed while KD’s was further back.
  21. This was their original tweet: Although CP Food Blog is not an official source, I do speculate that they are correct. The food tastings were the same companywide for Carnivale.
  22. They sell meal plans before they announce the terms of the plan. They sell season passes before they release the operating calendar. Oh yes, you will BUY! My guess is that since it’s a “tasting” card it’s all about the novelty, not buying it for specific food items. You’d think they’d announce them at the same time since one would promote the other but hey, we live in a different day and age
  23. I’m not big on the dessert foods in general but wow, the other offerings look pretty amazing! https://cpfoodblog.com/2021-cedar-point-halloweekends-food-beverage-lineup/?fbclid=IwAR3_fB_2DQYTzpcTp3CXSNeUOjEhZQaJK4XX6LEUj60Q0_w6RPVKkcTLTMs
  24. I think I see it, but I will resist posting until others have the opportunity to see this thread and take a shot at it.
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