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  1. Feld Entertainment had a booth at IAAPA last year. Assuming they do it again this year, and if you plan on attending, that would be a good place to get some face time with them.
  2. I meant over engineered from an operations standpoint. I’m sure it’s mechanically fine.
  3. She quoted me in the Tiques blog. Recorded my comments on her phone. Personally, I don’t care if the person who likes the tots is from Dallas or Dayton.
  4. All of the lighting was replaced. It’s a new effect. It’s more of a fade than a chase.
  5. Not for sprinklers, the insured value of the entire property - including its business operations.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that the people “trapped” in Flight of Fear as well as the ceiling have had their lighting upgraded? The ceiling does kind of a faded chase thing that looks really good. The ride is still a long way from 1996 but still - quite an improvement!
  7. So Reds day at the park is independent of Reds HOF Grill. In fact, I don’t think I recall any of the players making appearances there. Also, my understanding is that Reds Day is announced so late because the availability of the players isn’t necessarily set in stone months in advance. If history is any indication they’ll announce it after the 4th and it will be a little before Labor Day.
  8. I often wonder if the “no loose article” policy would be effective if the refillable cups weren’t a thing. I don’t think that backpacks would make much of a difference under the right circumstances. Honestly a half full refillable bottle with carefully setting it down so it doesn’t spill, keeping it separated from others so they don’t get mixed up, and/or looking for a last minute place to dump it is the real capacity killer.
  9. If it puts it into any more perspective, the sprayers for the fountain are clearly Home Depot caps on the flanges with holes drilled into them. This was the alternative to simply not having a fountain at all for the first few weekends. What I’m saying is, to think it’s not done because it’s simply not synced up to music is the understatement of the week. Stay tuned.
  10. Half of me thinks this is brilliant, half thinks it’s over engineered. I’m very curious as to how this ends up working out.
  11. That girl’s style is weird. Quotes with no credit. More of a “this is the buzz” over “this person speaks with authority” feel. I like it so far.
  12. I want guess that those are the insured amounts. My best guess for Coney BBQ is that it is supposed to be $7.3MM, which is possible.
  13. Oh, they were marred. Watch until the end. Totally kidding, of course.
  14. Haha... it’s not.... but a giga is over 300’. WindSeeker is over 300’ and it’s a flat ride so.......
  15. Frontierland was the concept name for Rivertown.
  16. They have a few but I don’t think WindSeeker is what you mean.
  17. For further reading see also Haunt 2008, which was announced during the season in 2007 that it would be an upcharge. Then it wasn't. Then they said, "LOL JK 2007 is free with a season pass but 2008 will be an upcharge." Then it wasn't. It's easy to add things but very difficult to take them away. That's why they're stuck with Winterfest. They may also be stuck doing NYE. Oh, and see also how they cut down on the meal plan in from 2 entrees to 1 at Panda last year. Then it wasn't. Then they announced this year that Panda would be 1 entrée instead of 2. Then it wasn't. This is why they have to be very careful about what they offer as a built in amenity for season pass holders. Once they pull the trigger they're stuck with it.
  18. I think he's saying it would be more acceptable to the general public who lost the previous ride. I understand his logic, although I do not entirely agree with it.
  19. I guess I don't quite understand why they are doing the metal detectors. At Universal they have them but they also do not allow any loose articles on the ride at all. Twister Timbers is allowing for phones and stuff but they have to be put in a pouch. I'm 2050% in favor of the pouches, but I don't quite understand what the metal detectors are supposed to accomplish.
  20. So, not to go off on a tangent here, but does anyone else think that the most uncomfortable part of Flight of Fear is the round part of the restraint that crushes down on your feet? Does anyone else know what I'm talking about or do I just have fat feet?
  21. Anything is possible, but I would say it is unlikely. The last thing they want is to spend $20+ million on a new coaster and have the preconceived consensus be that all they had done was rebuilt Firehawk. I do think a flyer is in the park's future, but I'd be surprised if it's within the next 10 years.
  22. A publicity stunt on media day 1999 saw the marriage of several couples before taking the first plunge on Drop Zone. Anyone know any of the participants? How’s life going for them?
  23. This isn’t the one you’re thinking of that was hosted and broadcasted on local TV. This is from the very through YouTube channel of Sean Flahraty. Its incredible how much has changed since 1992, but it’s also incredible how many shots might as well have been recorded this past weekend. One thing we know is that the story never ends.
  24. Its actually their world wide producer of track. That place has a long history with the amusement industry.
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