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  1. The dip of the month is a Buffalo cheese dip. I’m not a Buffalo fan, but I thought it was pretty food. My girlfriend is a big Buffalo fan and was on Cloud 9. This will be available all of June in the Brewhouse.
  2. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2021/june/goodbye-to-chef-nathan-gushulak-and-june-23-chefs-plate-menu I can’t say enough good things about Chef Nate. He truly was the one that laid the groundwork for the vast improvements that the department has had over the past several years. He truly was one of the first that simply injected a feeling of, “we should care about this” into the department. He’s a great chef and an even better human being. Thank you, Nate.
  3. Just wanted to quote this so I people could read it again. I love Apple Pay. I’m so glad the park has been an early adopter! If it were only available everywhere… but let’s be honest, we’re splitting hairs.
  4. It’s probably a combination of a lot of what was said above. Premier has gotten better, but in the past they had a bit of a reputation for less than stellar quality. Cedar Fair would rather go with B&M and drop the money now and save cost in the long run. Their primary products like Skyrocket II are probably too low capacity for the big players but too expensive for the smaller players.
  5. If it happens it’ll be 2019, but scaled back a little. I’d be grateful for that so long as it returns to normal next year.
  6. 5:45 was right around the sell out time last year on most nights, so I believe him. Glad to see it’s still successful.
  7. Still news to me. The forum post also claims they the bottom floor was 24/7, which is interesting. I have a little trouble believing that it wasn’t always bowling on both floors. Since they are nearly clones of each other. Of course I’m sure there have been many renovations between the mid 70’s and now
  8. Interesting… I read that as the upstairs would feature all of those attractions and the whole facility would also include bowling, but assumed the diction was just weak - but you’re right: it technically says that there will still be bowling upstairs. I haven’t been there in a while but as I recall there isn’t much room for such an ambitious project, so I mentally imagined that they were getting rid of all or some of the lanes. It’ll be interesting to see what ultimately happens.
  9. It’s that time of year again! Support your home park by voting in this year’s Reader’s Digest Top 10 poll! https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-amusement-park/kings-island-mason-ohio/
  10. Getting tired of stories like this. Hope they throw the book at them. https://www.wlwt.com/article/investigations-into-troubles-at-kings-island-not-over-yet/36732179
  11. This is relatively close to me. I’m bummed because it was always fun to drop the fact that there is a 2 floor bowling alley near me. Looks like they’ll keep bowling on the first floor and do some other stuff on the top floor. https://www.rcnky.com/articles/2021/06/14/former-erlanger-superbowl-become-strike-spare-family-fun-center?fbclid=IwAR3kqaOz5R7QarVLEhia79KKMrkZc7oh6uhEeRXkXVa5s-Uh9t28MBo5gQA
  12. Not sure if it’s random, or you’re crazy, or both. I have always been under the assumption that they’re rotated in a manner that doesn’t cause uneven wear on one particular train or set of trains. This would be a great question for someone to ask at Coasterstock.
  13. I think that was exactly what they cited when they began transitioning some departments to Charolette.
  14. Also note that hours are subject to change. Closing early due to rain would fall under that. Probably this 8:00 stuff would fall under that. Cutting out a 6 week event that was explicitly advertised would very likely take it too far. But other than that, I do get your point.
  15. Why is it his responsibility to staff the park? He was offered a package of events when purchasing his pass. He shelled out the money and it’s the park’s responsibility to deliver these products. If it weren’t for the fact that this season was “free” there would be some very good grounds for a class action lawsuit if they cancelled Haunt. No judge in the world would take pity on them for taking everyone’s money and then not delivering on what’s advertised because of “staffing.”
  16. You’re probably right but they also went the “no one and nothing is off limits” route around 2007-08 season which was Haunt at its bloodiest - and that was post 9/11. I know they removed severed heads from an attraction after footage surfaced of a terrorist beheading, which was probably the right call at the time.
  17. I mean, I have a wish list and I’m not faulting the park for not fulfilling that. But when you have a list a features all over the park… I kinda wish those would work. I was careful not to give them any answers about social media or park communication integration as we now know there is very little integrity behind that channel of information anymore.
  18. Make sure that you give them props for such great features as: Mobile food ordering Accurate park hours after they’re changed at the last minute Accurate ride wait times and information Accurate show locations https://bit.ly/3xpSx1x
  19. Haha that’s what I meant, I didn’t mean the previous owners literally sat down with Larry Flint!!
  20. “Ever” is a very long time. The ride is a hit with families, but I do agree with the original post - I think its days will be over if/when they find a more suitable use for that land right in the middle of the park.
  21. PKIGuide had forums. Those were the first ones I was on! Boy was I surprised when one day I went to that site and found they had sold the domain to a pornography company.
  22. If they have Haunt like they normally do, and even close at midnight as previously planned then yeah - I’d be surprised. Besides that I agree.
  23. I’m surprised it wasn’t in the disclosure when purchasing a pass, but perhaps that wasn’t enough under Illinois State Law. Part of the “problem” on that Saturday was many of the people in that crowd used the same passes. A fingerprint system would have alleviated that problem.
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