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  1. Thank you. I can't believe he spelled RMC wrong.
  2. I'm thinking of "service life" in like the same definition that the industry does: simply that the upkeep, repairs, and utilization of labor and land does not have the ROI that they desire. Much of the industry have a formula that's referred to as "cost per rider." You know how Don has talked about guests voting with their feet? That's what he's referring to. As the decades go by and rides get better and better, ridership inherently drops (taking into account the inflation of the number in relation to attendance growth). Just like with a car, more and more stuff needs to be fixed over time. That, coupled with little novelty or marketability for a 30 year old Arrow Looper, makes me think that the powers that be will eventually start thinking of better ways to get an ROI out of that plot of land. I'm not saying it's today, but some day.
  3. I blame Russian hackers. But seriously. Big mechanical device. Probably some sensor or something that they are waiting on. I’m sure it’s a very high priority to get that bad boy back open.
  4. I don’t know if that would have the capacity that they’d need. I agree that it would be tough to see it come down. Far worse than Firehawk. I, like some, have “retired” from the ride - but I come out of retirement for special occasions. If they were to replace it with a dive it would be kind of a “meh” trade off, but I would fully support something like Copperhead Strike.
  5. I think we will see the end of service life of Vortex within the next 5 years. I believe the area will be used for a B&M Dive or a Mack Launch.
  6. I REALLY wish they would have the entertainment and special offerings on the app too. Right now it's just Grand Carnivale (5:00-10), Fireworks (10:00-10:20) and Hot Rhythm Nights (6:30, 9:30). These are all "park" things rather than specialized entertainment. It would be nice to know the show times and descriptions of stuff in the country sections so you don't just stumble across it. It feels like China does well (and to be fair, it is the best collections of shows) but other countries don't draw nearly as big of crowds. I think China's primo location helps a lot. Putting descriptors and times on the app would help with that a lot. Plus having it up to date with the washouts and stuff like we've had recently would help the guests know more about what's canceled and what isn't.
  7. 4: -Coney Mall (not far from the beginning) -Coney Mall-ish again, but the front of the parade is near the I Street Funnel Cake place -I Street, Emporium/Skyline side -I Street, Sweet Spot side After the last show stop, the parade is technically over and floats go to their respective countries (very cool that you can see them up close!) and the performers assist in a dance party on the bandstand. Definitely worth checking out!
  8. Are you trying to add passes or daily tickets? I’m not sure if you can add daily tickets to the app.
  9. If it helps, they hired a corporate person to oversee a loyalty program several months ago. We do not have details of what the program will look like, but I think it’s safe to say that this is in its infancy. I’m willing to bet that they’re pretty committed to getting a true, full fledged loyalty program off the ground. As of last year, KI did not have a discount of FL+ for season pass (although CP did) so at least there is some benefit. I am assuming they’ll let you redeem the discount for a friend. Might as well share, I guess.
  10. Best food to eat during a storm if you ask me.
  11. You get a barcode for redemption. They can track which ones are used. So basically it’s (ones that have been used / ones that were sent out) as the formula. I bet it’s well below 1%.
  12. Between a confusing program, nonsensical rewards, being email based, and a quiet roll out, I wonder what their redemption percentage is.
  13. I see that now. Embedded version didn’t seem to have the full title. The way the tower was lit up it looked like Grand Carnivale colors so I assumed it was this week. I was actually there when it happened. I was taking shelter in the “lobby” area of the front of the Festhaus. It was so loud that I thought the Festhaus had been struck.
  14. I’d been to the park the past few days but only in the evening to see the parade get cancelled. Yeah, I think based on what you’re telling me that the lightening might have done some damage. Crazy video! Which day was that??
  15. Drop Tower gets struck very often and is very much designed to do so. Same is true for the Eiffel Tower. I want to say that it’s been down a few days because of weather.
  16. I agree. Rainy days keep the crowds away.
  17. It might have been because they have “sections” for those countries. I was looking back at my photos and the Swiss flags are still there. As first seen on Twitter several months ago, there is, in fact, an original score for the parade. It’s actually super catchy. Here is a clip from when they played it at the dance party.
  18. I think none of the flags have replaced the ones that were up. So the Spanish, German, etc Flags are still on the buildings. They just added a lot of decorative Grand Carnivale flags to the buildings.
  19. I agree. But don’t take my word for it. I was just speculating. In fact, if they don’t encourage you to visit other parks than it’s kind of dumb. If it doesn’t work that way it will some day.
  20. I still have my 2013 season pass. I’ll sell it to ya. Cheap, too!
  21. They ran the parade today. To say that it lived up to expectations is a horrible understatement.
  22. Another blog: This is VERY cool! Check out this blog/video about the making of the floats at 3DX. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/june/making-of-the-floats-for-the-grand-carnivale-spectacle-of-color-parade
  23. This is VERY cool! Check out this blog/video about the making of the floats at 3DX. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/june/making-of-the-floats-for-the-grand-carnivale-spectacle-of-color-parade
  24. I THINK it is for just your home park. I don’t know for sure. Honestly this is from corporate so a lot of KI people have the same questions you guys have.
  25. Sorry to double post... Here is a blog that lists all the food options for the food tasting card. The food in the IR will be different. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/june/grand-carnivale-food-tasting-card-deal-6-for-usd30
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