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  1. Right, but I’m saying they could have had some interesting findings or conclusions and we won’t know until they’re ready to talk. They’re not going to release anything until they consider themselves to be finished.
  2. WE don't know what caused it. Whether Ohio and/or Cedar Fair know yet is unknown. May not be public yet. I'd be shocked if they removed it unless it's an absolute last resort. It's so iconic and I truly do believe that people still travel there just for that ride. The backlash may be pretty bad too. I don't think that people felt the same way about Son of Beast.
  3. I don’t think that’s true anymore. It was 10 years ago but I think a lot of those people were flushed out. I think you may have hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, once you make a change like this it’s very difficult to go back. Agreed. Even if it costs more.
  4. I see two sides to it: 1) There are a lot of people who aren’t coaster club members who may want to attend. Why should they have to give money to a third party just to buy a ticket? 2) Coaster club members are the most likely to want to go to this, so how many die hards won’t get to go because some tickets were purchased for a family of five where three of the five attendees don’t want to be there?
  5. Do you think Don still owns that purple shirt?
  6. The investigation into TTD continues: https://www.the-daily-record.com/story/news/2022/01/10/cedar-point-raises-tickets-prices-10-top-thrill-dragster-coaster-accident-probe-continues/9158309002/?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot&fbclid=IwAR1md4lCcANbM2d5IJD4pBKe8-DxThF76R99IBkWPXokCczxBwhQb3WuP2U
  7. Is there a time limit on the snack? Like, does it have to be a certain amount of time before or after a meal?
  8. They can pay whatever they want at this point because the pent up demand is still strong. The real question is what they will do once things go back to normal. If they have to work to flip the turnstiles then they'll have three options: raise prices, cut labor budgets (by head count), or cut wages. None of which is an easy pill to swallow for this market.
  9. I had heard that the plan was to open the IR several years ago from many credible sources. I had heard that it wash pushed back when Chef Major came in so he could have time to develop the menu. Since this was a few years ago at this point, it's safe to say that the plans were either shelved or weren't very serious in the first place. I think their their concentration on the culinary experience of events has shifted their concentration. Personally I'd love to see it opened. Even if it weren't on the meal plan. It likely wouldn't be. It would be cool to go up there for a nice meal for special occasions. Especially if you could schedule a reservation on the app or something. The original intent was to have it open all year, although I don't see that happening. The IR is used quite often for special events. In addition to that it is used for employee training and meeting space. Although it is not open to the public very often, it's still very much a used space.
  10. Looks like the higher wages are returning. Glad to see the park is being competitive with wages, although in today's word this rate is expected. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2022/january/5000-jobs-up-for-grabs-at-kings-island-for-50th-anniversary-season-in-2022
  11. Yes, but I’m not sure if that was FUN or SIX. For one of the plans you could forego a meal for a snack, which is kind of absurd to pay for. If I could get, say, one snack at any point in addition to the meals it would be worth it to me. Sometimes I gather at the park with my friends and we all agree to eat when we all get there. If I’m there a few hours before them then sometimes I could use something to tide over.
  12. Yeah it’s a no brainer. If they came up with something similar for All Season Dining I’d probably do it, at the very least just to try it out.
  13. Includes drinks and a snack. Listed as $42.99 at the time of this writing.
  14. I think the discussion about Vortex’s plot of land would be a bit different if it weren’t for the pandemic. Probably true for a lot of parks.
  15. Most popular foods of certain decades named off attractions that debuted around that time. Calling it now.
  16. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this was Mike’s way of saying no.
  17. You also have to remember that much of their decision making around the fact that it was designed for the parade. I’m sure that the curbs were discussed in the planning phases, but I think the space crunch of the parade, trip hazards, and the psychological barricades all went into the decision to just use pavers.
  18. Yeah, it operated from mid-2015 until the park’s most recent closure.
  19. So many thoughts: You can’t truly be disappointed with Beach Mountain unless you see the operating costs of it. The whole gimmick behind the company that did the snow hill was that they could make snow up to 95 degrees. It was intended to be a novelty in places like Florida, or in the summer somewhere. They had runs at Fun Spot Orlando and Ober Gatlinburg. As they ran it at The Beach, it was just a very expensive way to do what Perfect North did, but just not as well. You are correct about Volcanic Panic ending over the wave pool. It was reconfigured under the correct ownership because the exit was too far from the entrance, which confused the parents. The goats were part of a petting zoo. Don’t know why you didn’t pet them. Haha Rapids was designed in house. People got “stuck” because the original mentality was that the next person would bump them to the next level. That wouldn’t fly today. The new owner had his (horrible) contractor shallow out the catch pools. That is why the second iteration had everyone getting stuck and the lifeguards would had to push them. It wasn’t fun and it was stupid. I sat down with a potential next owner (don’t get excited, didn’t happen) and they said they would tear it out before the park opened, which would have been the right decision. Aztec Adventure was the most innovative slide they had. It changed several times throughout its life. At one point it was a terrain slide. Later they added an actual slide with a tower which dumped into the terrain slide. The whole ride experience was rather long. It closed for refurbishment in 2012 but never reopened. It was leaking tons of water and they could never find a way to fix it. Glad you got to experience it during some of the better days. Even if the park opened in its current state (as in, how it was two years ago) it’s still a shell of what it was. I do not think the future is very bright for that park. Anyone credible who would want to open the park would essentially have to start over at this point.
  20. I think there’s something special about New Years Eve at Kings Island. Here are a few quick highlights.
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