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  1. I agree. It was excellent! For what it’s worth, I was told that they didn’t expand the 50th food items past the cutoff day because the special food items were that much of a burden to make, so they couldn’t keep doing them. It doesn’t look great for the Banshee dog.
  2. Please note that they made 50 per day, and when they were gone they were gone too.
  3. Some people are sticklers for the rules. Moderating is an art not a science. If it were up to me (and I’m just spit balling here) I would lock the “20__ Season” thread that someone inherently starts sometime around January once actual news starts to come out. Big, long, old threads are intimidating to most, so people will feel like they aren’t caught up and just skip them. That’s why things such as the restaurant changes or Preview Day should have its own thread, rather than being lumped in with the others. Plus it drives traffic since it instantly exposes people to the topic titles.
  4. Even when I ran KIC, I would always allow the dual topics. People don’t gravitate to or utilize KI News so it’s another good way for people to miss information, although it’s important because it populates the main page.
  5. I think a big problem with this forum right now is that important things like this get buried under larger umbrella threads so people miss it. i.e.: A thread called “2023 season” makes perfect sense until important deals start coming out closer to opening. Having things like Preview Day, minor new updates, show announcements, etc buried into a 100 page mega thread is simply a disservice. It’s less of a TOS thing and more of a community understanding thing.
  6. I’ve heard that the new installment will be gravity driven, so it may or may not be a water coaster in most peoples’ eyes. The good news is that the new addition could be coming sooner than later, as in, by the summer. Don’t hold me to this, it’s just what I’ve heard. Their water coaster will be missed.
  7. I both agree and disagree. The concept video was pretty meh. The final product didn’t live up to the concept video. It wasn’t all bad though. I remember that the visuals of the working headlights shooting beams into the fog in the tunnel was really cool. The exploding water barrels were really cool too. Two weeks later we basically had what we have now, except it still had the splashdown. Still better than KD, which doesn’t have fire anymore. I’m actually shocked the KI still has it. IJST was my first coaster media day being involved with (P)KIC so if they got rid of it I’d shed a tear for a moment then get over it. That space could be WAY better utilized but… without shopping out of my own pocked, it is a very good transitional ride, much like AE. There is a value there. As long as they can run that ride then they will.
  8. Since only you guys would care… A friend of mine works in Mason and said that they are currently installing new parking lot lights at KI. My guess is that they are installing LEDs, but hopefully they are adding lights so they don’t need the temporary diesel lights in sections anymore. I’ll let you know more if/when I find out.
  9. I’m already hungry! https://cpfoodblog.com/first-look-at-cedar-point-grand-pavilion-menu/?fbclid=IwAR2P8U9d2SIaRP115-zWxXAlPWXgFiJiV8UfPLfupzCN4DLcNTQcE384H6g
  10. Best. Article. Ever. 1 - Misleading title and photo 2 - “Camp-themed attraction” WTF? 3 - There’s more to the story? What are you paying for here? To see that both Kings Island and Camp Cedar declined to comment?
  11. Maybe their schedule for 2023 simply hasn’t been announced. They could have all new events, although I have to admit that CP Nights happened to be at a time when I was staying at Breakers and it was a great time. I’ll miss that. I’m on the fence about Forbidden Frontier. I liked the floating bridges, the “Truce Day” idea, and the animals. Unfortunately, I feel like many of the tie-ins were probably late budget cuts which ruined the project. Glad Grand Pavilion looks nice though.
  12. Remember all those things you enjoyed? We’re taking them away. Terms are subject to change. No refunds. See also: Prestige Pass benefits
  13. https://www.wlwt.com/article/parent-company-announces-kings-island-and-camp-cedar-to-part-ways/43067059
  14. They wanted it to be prominently in the "middle" of the park. Turned out to be a GREAT decision.
  15. Unfortunately, there is not much more to the story. It was the sponsor and they would say, "Welcome to the Kings Island Eiffel Tower brought to you by Kodak." As you were going up. They also had Kodak photo spots throughout the park. I think that was the mid-90's, so it was under Paramount. Fun fact - I was doing fireworks at Kings Dominion a few years ago off their 50' platform and they still have the Kodak signs there!
  16. I kind of like the thread bumps so long as they’re relevant! I agree with most of you - the billboards thing is a little too Six Flagsian for me. Also, remember when Kodak sponsored the Eiffel Tower or are you guys too young for that? Never mind.
  17. I noticed that TPR and Coasterbuzz are both no longer on the list. I understand that TPR ended their club. Coasterbuzz was sort of slipping ever since Jeff moved away and started a family. Is anyone still associated with either of those groups and know what the lowdown is?
  18. I do not have any info outside of what has been announced. But this was a home-grown custom KI show that they can’t use anywhere else. Would they only use that development cost for one year?
  19. I second @CoasterJack. I’ve ordered several things as well. Wait I until you’re ready to buy a few things before placing your order because of the shipping. Orders typically show up in about five to seven mailing days
  20. Listener’s Special (taking your questions from Twitter):
  21. My guess is that aspect of the 50th will continue through 2023. I think the reason why the book bundle didn’t sell out is because it’s not eye catching since most people who would buy the bundle already have at least Evan’s book and scroll past not knowing that it’s signed.
  22. Here are the latest few: Elizabeth Rings, President of the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE0 Kris Rowberry from the National Roller Coaster Museum & Archives:
  23. The deal with GWL expired and either Great Wold, Kings Island, or both declined to renew. I don’t think there’s more to the story than that.
  24. I remember the digital signs that were on the code of conduct and fun guide. I’d say it was removed in early the Cedar Fair-era. Before 2010 or so.
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