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  1. 2 hours ago, PKIVortex said:

    I have actually seen people upgrade to the plus after they realized Fast Lane alone didn't include all rides.

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    Right, but to me, that’ that just tells me that they had the wrong product put in their hands the first time. It’s not a good experience if it happens to a lot of people.

    2 hours ago, Browntggrr said:

    We went to both CP & KI this past summer during the week (1st week August @ KI of 2nd week of August @ CP) and found that to experience a majority of the coasters at CP in a day, FL+ is necessary. 

    At KI, we were able to hit all the major rides by 4pm without FL.

     No arguments with your logic here, but the average guest doesn’t know what you do. They’re just going to see that they bought a front of the line wrist band and it didn’t include some major attractions. I could see someone who isn’t into coasters having the regular FL being appropriate for them but would that Democratic really even buy FL? 

  2. Just throwing this out there, I have no additional information than what is posted:

    Maybe people were buying FL and then finding out the hard way that they need to upgrade once they get to the park. This could have created a less-than-ideal guest experience. Although the rides are listed, it still could be argued as to looking like a bait-and-switch. To be clear, if one is eliminated it will be Fastlane, not Fastlane Plus. They just took the “Plus” off and will sell all wrist bands at the higher price, so don’t think a price reduction is going to come as a direct result of this, if it happens.

    Also, I saw on CP Food Blog that Cedar Point still has FL+ for 2023. Maybe it makes more sense there. 

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  3. 9 hours ago, Bwb.32 said:

    yeah, we have a TCU as well which brings is about 9,000 cap, so its not as if bands that would benefit from a venue the capacity Timberwolf is dont come through, just curious i guess, seems it more likely this would've happened by now, that as it is, not having happened.

    its not like theyre going to force KI into anything either, they can piecemeal decide which shows theyd be willing to host at timberwolf, although it does come with the caveat of not being able to book anything from AEG


    honestly the biggest thing KI would benefit from if they wanted to properly take use of the venue space is to add some actual permanent greenrooms/administrative management space and improve the backstage area with a proper enclosed dock and loading bay

    probably should repave the whole seating section too,

    and no one likes benches lol

    when i visited for the Berlin concert recently i realized how much untapped potential KI has with timberwolf, a really sick venue (given some real TLC) with the huge selling point of being attached to Kings Island

    I went to half of the concerts last year - some by choice, some by chance. I can attest that, despite all of its flaws, there is some sort of magic to the venue. 

    I really hope it comes back for 2023.

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  4. 7 hours ago, standbyme said:

    Wondering how much cheaper the new price will be since the cups cost less to produce….just kidding. :lol: 

    (As my dad liked to say…500 comedians out of work and you’re trying to be one.)

    I was wondering if cost was an influencer on this or if it was just a design choice. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, Coasterteam said:

    Great episode as always! It was very interesting to hear a bunch of the technical details and behind the scenes regarding what Rozzi's company does! I only had a minor tidbit I wanted to point out, nothing bad or anything (it's really minor)! Just when asking the audience questions you mixed up my user with someone elses, for the exact/hybrid movement question (55:20 ish), other than that another awesome episode! 

    I always look forward to these every week, also helps pass the time too before opening day comes around. 

    My bad! I organized the questions right before we recorded to give everyone the most possible time to ask questions. That might have accounted for the mix up. Thanks for the question, though!

    Also, to get ahead of the rumor mill, early in the episode, Joe Rozzi implies that they are doing, “Fun, Fireworks and Fifty” again this year. He later clarified that this year’s show will be different from last year’s show.  So we don’t know anything about this year’s show, we just know it will be a different show than “Fun Fireworks and Fifty.”

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  6. Joe Rozzi from Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks will be on the show tonight. If you have any questions about Fun, Fireworks and Fifty or anything firework related please reply to this tweet. I am not sure if I’ll be able to check back in this thread today so your question may not be seen if you reply here.


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  7. Notice how there are two types of people who typically write reviews: people who have had a very good experience, and those who have had a very bad experience.

    I guess there are also a few “I rate everything” people. 

    That’s why 45% of reviews are glowing, 45% are horrid, and 10% are more self-indulgent reviews that don’t tell you much. 

  8. 5 hours ago, brenthodge said:

    But does it, really? I still say that’s a waste of a theatre with a full fly rail to have a unit set that doesn’t use the fly other than to hold up some windows. Tinkers didn’t work in festhaus - as I don’t feel any show with a “plot” does since it’s such a loud, high turnover location.  I even felt The 70s show and Swinging into Christmas were both about 10 minutes too long for the space -would rather see a shorter 15-20 show with different playlists more frequently so the stage was almost in constant use. But I think that KI theater needs to be used for a much more produced, longer (40-45 min) show, then move Tinkers to a renovated International Showplace (the existing iron work even looks like the original set) and bring back a modified Charlie Brown Christmas Spectacular in the peanuts theatre and find a new home for Sounds of the Nativity-which is also a bit of a waste of a performance space with lots of covered seating and better production capabilities than needed for a 4 person vocal combo with a petting zoo. 

    I think it’s appropriate there, at least as it stands now. I do admit that I kind of wish they would do more  things with the theater’s capabilities, such utilizing the aforementioned fly rails. I’m not sure why they didn’t, but it may just be a creative decision that you and I disagree with.

    As it stands now, Tinker’s is the standout show for the event.  Could they do something bigger and better in there? Sure. But that’s not the situation they’re in right now. I think the much bigger atrocity was having the Charlie Brows Christmas thing in there. The live parts were fine, but half the show was people in costumes with an overdub track. I think that was a far bigger waste. 

    If they were going to use your idea of somehow enclosing the Showplace and putting Tinkers in there while putting a large signature show in the KT, I’d be for that. I don’t know if I’d want it to be longer, though. I saw Smoky Mountain Christmas (Dollywood) this past year. It was about 50 minutes. My girlfriend and I both agreed that although the show was good and clearly high budget, they probably should have just cut out the slow parts and made the show 30 minutes. You could tell that about a minute into the solo songs, they stayed to lose people and you can see them grabbing their phones. I have a feeling that any show would fall into that trip. Even the best Disney shows have stretched that feel really long, and it’s pretty obvious that they are just trying to fill an hour. 

  9. 6 hours ago, terry wass said:

    i can see the logic from camp cedar as far as staffing goes. So now instead of depending on Cedar Fair deciding how many staff they need they can make those decisions on their own. Of course they probably loose the ability to house workers at the Cedar Fair dorms. this may not be as bad as it seems. It could simply be a business decision on both sides to what is best for their own businesses. Of course now their management company will have to deal with all the messy stuff like payroll, benefeits etc. But I actually look forward to it. 

    From a business standpoint, an investment company will pay dearly to not have to deal with running the park. They know where their expertise is and isn’t. There are some other factors but the above fact is the lump sum.

    4 hours ago, Coasterteam said:

    Oh wow. 

    Cedar Fairs experiment did not go as planned? Something else? Not happy with all the bad PR that happened since opening? Looking to build on-site hotels maybe? So much to consider! 

    I don’t know if I’d call it an experiment. This isn’t their first BBQ. No matter the reason, I think they knew exactly what they were getting into. 

    4 hours ago, CoastersRZ said:

    Or maybe Cedar Fair was asking more for the contract this year and the owners decided that the cost of the services Cedar Fair was offering were not worth the benefits.  Or they received a better deal from another company.  Or Cedar Fair decided the cost of the management contract was not worth the benefits.  We may never know the true answer.

    I’m not sure what the effort level was for Cedar Fair. I know the associates were CF employees. My GUESS is that CF got a percentage of revenue as payment. Does anyone have any insight as to how busy it was? Was it hard to get a cottage or RV spot? If CF was paying the payroll then maybe it wasn’t profitable under that model? The truth is probably among your speculation above if I had to guess.

    2 hours ago, BeeastFarmer said:

    It seemed like the relationship was odd at times at best, strained at worst. Had the park and corporate name and great synergy at times, but if there was any controversy, the park distanced itself from the lodging complex. 


    Maybe they will do a rename to Camp Redbud or Camp Pawpaw. 

    I noticed that too. They were proudly Kings Island Camp Cedar, unless something happened then KI’s PR would clarify that Cedar Fair doesn’t own it. 

    Especially since CF managed it, so if something went wrong it would have been CF that handled it? Why does it matter who owns it? If there was an incident at a Wendy’s, would Wendy’s PR respond to media inquiries saying, “Although Wendy’s staffs and manages the property, it is owned by Northshore Holdings, LLC.” 

    Also, doesn’t Camp Cedar have a mention in Tower Gardens? Is that going to stay?

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  10. So here is some food for thought:


    Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 9.09.24 PM.png

    January 2022:

    Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 9.10.36 PM.png

    I also had a weird glitch while looking at the web site. When clicked on, "Places to stay" it showed, "Kings Island Camp Cedar" as an option briefly. I clicked on it and it just looped back to the main page of Kings Island. This could mean everything or absolutely nothing.

    I don't want anyone to fall into the fallacy that this is because Kings Island is closed. This is the time of year that many people plan their vacations. If this was some sort of oversight it would be detrimental to Camp Cedar. 



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  11. I went on KI’s web site as a quicker way to get to Camp Cedar’s. Found out that they aren’t listed ANYWHERE on the web site. Does Cedar Fair still manage it? Has anyone heard anything about the deal being terminated?

    Also, they originally were scheduled to be open every day in the winter but it appears they are now weekends only. 

    Something is up. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, CoastersRZ said:

    What does Canada`s Wonderland do with their rides on New Year`s Eve?  Or what about Carowinds/Kings Dominion?  I know they are all different jurisdictions.  Just wondering if they kept their rides going.  Carowinds and Kings Dominion are different this year, since they are going to year round operation with weekends in January and February, 

    I get that the ride certification calendar typically runs through December 31st.  But Dollywood typically is open a few days into the new year with their Smoky Mountain Christmas.  Seems like the park could get another couple of nights of Winterfest with all the set up and preparation they do for the event.  

    Sadly, I still have not ridden Flight of Fear at Winterfest yet.

    I’m pretty certain that the parks that do NYE close their rides at 10:00. My understanding is that, in addition to many of the reasons already mentioned, they want people in the park to contract to I-Street after 10:00. 

  13. It’s my favorite day of the season every year! I love the party atmosphere after 10:00! 

    It’s always a running joke within my friends group that something inherently goes wrong with the Tinker ballon drop, and this year was absolutely no exception.


    Still, the balloon drop is a lot of fun to watch and kids LOVE it! 

    I did the IR buffet last night and I do have some thoughts:

    The food was excellent, service was great. 10/10 would recommend. 

    They did it a little different this year. I bought tickets for me and my girlfriend and another couple bought their tickets. Because of this, they couldn’t seat us at the same table. They had assigned the tables this year, while it was first come, first serve last year. I totally get why they did it this way, with a sold out event; but, it kind of took away from it when our group was seated at side-by-side high tops instead of all together. I wish there was a different way to make reservations so that you could guarantee that. Even the “two top, four top, etc” options like they had for the 50th ice cream would have worked, I suppose. Or even have it so you can pick out a seat like when you buy a movie ticket.  Just food for thought. I suppose we will just buy them all together next year. 


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  14. Go ahead and mark “added language not guaranteeing a spot in Preferred Parking” off your Bingo card. 


    Shows that they know they can’t/won’t accommodate another benefit that we paid for. Such a disappointing bait-and-switch. 

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