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  1. On 5/15/2024 at 11:00 PM, Kenban said:

    As far as I know all Coke freestyle machines, new and old, use those cartridges, the different shapes of machine are just where did they hide them.  At Kings Island the bottom half of the machine is a door and they are all located down there.

    The secret to the whole system is the sweetener is separate.  The calorie free sweetener is located inside the machine down near the bottom typically, and the High fructose corn syrup is a traditional bib located in the back room.

    The machines might appear to be free standing except for the water, power, CO2, but in reality they still have one traditional bib not in the machine.

    I think that it’s also worth noting that, at least according to Coke, this way of creating the drinks makes the taste “fresher” than they do out of a normal fountain… or even a can or bottle. Can you taste the difference? I feel like I can. I’m a big Coke Zero guy. Out of a normal fountain it’s drinkable, but out of a freestyle it’s delicious. 

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  2. 9 hours ago, disco2000 said:

    What about Slingshot that was painted in the off-season and didn't open again and was removed?  Or repainting aerial chase over less than what 2-3 years?  

    Same could be said about those, or countless other items.  Sometimes stuff happens or situations change.

    Opening up Tower Gardens was a lot cheaper than those examples lol.

    But people demanded transparency from the KI Team and when finally provided with a proactive announcement they then complain when they get it LOL.... I assure you people would be here complaining Wednesday on the closure and that the KI Team should have made an announcement for a closure outside of the typical closure period LOL...

    I guess we will find out soon enough if this is ACE related or a teaser for an unannounced event...

    Maybe on here, but the average public wouldn’t bat an eye at it being closed. Hence, this is essentially an announcement of an announcement for all intents and purposes. Im not sure if this is a great example of transparency, given the context. 

  3. 39 minutes ago, BeeastFarmer said:

    I'm normally in agreement about your disdain for park communications.  But in my opinion, inflammatory statements like this make you look petty.

    Do you really think that a bunch of people would drive three hours to look at a sign saying the area was closed? Or are you just expressing your thoughts that the KI team are idiots? 

    No, I’m saying that it would be absurd to think that someone would do that and/or make that argument. So, for example, if they were going to close Orion for some reason, it would constitute a post like this, but TG isn’t exactly an attraction that sells tickets. That’s why I’m pretty certain that this is intentional as a teaser for something rather than an FYI. Sorry if I wasn’t clear with my post. 

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  4. Someone else suggested the ACE event being part of it, but I think that would be a level of foolish that event this current comms team couldn’t accomplish. 

    You gonna Tweet out to hundreds of thousands of people about an event where 750 are invited?

    Do you think they’re going to get a long line at guest services of people demanding refunds because they drove three hours to check out Tower Gardens?

    Tower Gardens closes for a big part of the summer for Haunt and Winterfest prep. Do you see messaging like this for that?

    This post was intended to stir up speculation and interest. What’s delivered remains to be seen. 

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  5. 55 minutes ago, Tr0y said:

    I think it’s more noticeable assuming you frequent Kings Island more than any others in the chain.

    However although my experience in park at CP didn’t seem much different. My experience staying overnight in their hotels was drastically different from the prior seasons.

    Castaway bay was doing a ride rotation. Some of the slides never opened.

    Breakers was operating skeleton crews to get rooms ready for guests. Imagine paying 300+ dollars a night and not getting to check in on time because the hotel didn’t have your room ready.

    **Id also like to add Planet Snoopy at CP appeared as if it was on a ride rotation too.

    I’m more talking about the 3 week run of the show in the big theater….  things along those lines. Meanwhile, Carowinds keeps adding and adding to their music festival. They’re doubling down on something that Kings Island wasn’t competent enough to market while our park is barely meeting the status quo. 

    Oh, and let’s not forget that they couldn’t handle the lofty concept of a chicken sandwich that they had marketed. :D

    Some parks do what’s easy and some parks do what’s right. It’s up to the public to decided which side each park is on. 

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  6. I don’t even want a new coaster right now. Since KI seems to be cutting costs and experiences around every corner (which doesn’t appear to be nearly as true at other Cedar Fair properties) we’ll see a smaller, shorter, blander version of whatever is out there. I think I’d be content waiting for the merger to give the park a personnel enema before I give any hope of a quality installation. 

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  7. “Six Flags (SIX) highlighted that its new website will leverage AI, including personalization and a new upcoming loyalty program. Missi Six, the company's new digital concierge powered by Generative AI, will debut on the Six Flags (SIX) app and website.”

    Seeking Alpha: https://seekingalpha.com/news/4095772-six-flags-takes-ai-into-its-theme-parks-as-part-of-a-planned-digital-transformation

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