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  1. I hope it’s fake. It’s widely spread though. Just imagine paying $22 for a cup-sized portion of food at Grain & Grill and a drink and adding a $1 because their costs are too high. That’ll go great!
  2. I’ve seen this circulated online for a few days now. Can anyone confirm authenticity? If it’s true, behold your future.
  3. Nothing wrong with it. It was just funny that he called it like he did.
  4. Here’s a funny anecdote. Last night, Don and I were planning for Tower Topics and he mentioned off hand that they’d use the "ONE. MORE. WEEK!” that he used at this point this time last year. …and Nailed it. As adorable as it is predictable.
  5. Yes, and other parks still have it. Not sure why KI’s is gone. Maybe it was a dispute with the vendor. Maybe it was that the hooves were messing up the pavers.
  6. Additional thoughts: What? …plus this dispels any theory that the HJT was not being used because of problems with the vehicle itself. It’s budget cuts. So they’re decorating that area and now calling it its own wonderland? Does it have a theme? It was decorated previously, why wasn’t it a wonderland then? Just asking, not knocking it. Maybe they have something cool planned? It’ll still be interesting to see if 2 million extra lights pans out. Someone mentioned the train. I haven’t seen mention of 12 days of Christmas. Are the lights going there? If they are, are you adding them to the lights that were already there? If not, did you add 2 million lights or just replace 2 million lights? Also... here's a dime's worth of advice for free. Why on earth is the USA Today thing not linked in this article? Edit: Kind of like this: https://themeparksbydon.com/lake-compounce-unveils-the-magic-of-holiday-lights/
  7. Kings Island released a blog about Winterfest today. In a recent Tower Topics, Don Helbig and I posed the question of, “where will these extra two million lights be?” This forced the answer that is in this blog. The answer: eh…. they’re around. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2023/november/winterfest-2023-preview?utm_source=park_facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=winterfest_park_map_11_16_23&utm_id=23WAS&fbclid=IwAR2CLluzvdN8fCU3VcTIgcRicVpn13jFEcESMtF7HFhSTenSYTlT0Dwxzp4_aem_AVb5eEj5r0r332z3gEcB03gcg8wAyeJJXxqVCXKxq97v4paY5oHYlnVULTQhAEGyuQPCAdya90JANIh6qSLQoDvL Alternatively, here is a blog by TheParksByDon.com that paints a pretty cool story of what Winterfest is: https://themeparksbydon.com/kings-islands-winterfest-promises-joy-festive-fun-for-all-ages/
  8. “See? We cut 3 shows and STILL won! No one even noticed.” Be careful with your votes.
  9. So if the SPX says the calendar is subject to change, wouldn’t it be reasonable to say that the smart thing, for those who haven’t purchased their passes yet, would be to wait until on or just before opening day to make their purchasing decision so they have a better feel of what the product they are purchasing looks like? Some people only make a handful of visits per year. Being pushed out of one or two via the calendar may deem whether the pass a reasonable value for them or not.
  10. In their defense, outlets like Ticketmaster do the same thing. I’ve heard they are changing the law so the face price needs to include fees or something like that. It’ll be interesting to see if parks are affected by this. Dishonest? Yes. Widespread? Also yes.
  11. I'm not saying they should. I'm saying that if you are in the market for tickets you should probably wait since the parks that open this week are running a flash sale and it is likely to hit KI next week when they open.
  12. Audio Animatronic geese poop, but yes.
  13. If anyone is buying tickets for friends or family, you may want to wait. Kings Dominion is currently running a flash sale for $19.99 tickets. If history is any indication, Kings Island will likely run the same sale within the next seven calendar days. With Kings Island’s recent behavior, it may be safe to assume that people who purchased at the current “sale” price will not get an adjustment.
  14. Haven’t been up to the old alma mater in quite a while. Would it be worth adding in a splashdown themed to Loch Norse?
  15. If they just themed it to concrete it would work just fine! Make it to e NKU section! (that joke was only for a few of you )
  16. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, Clark. All year long.
  17. If Dollywood had dorms and Kings Island didn’t, they’d use that excuse. Dollywood figured it out. Kings Island devalued the product.
  18. Hahahahah Why don’t they just do they way did last year? There was a wait list! Oh wait.. he was lying… both times. #ChadGonnaChad
  19. Yeah my understanding is that it is replacing Four Drummers.
  20. That was always my point. If terms are subject to change… why not have it both ways?
  21. Eventually, everyone will be affected by the, "terms subject to change, no refunds" mentality that they have. I agree - most wouldn't notice... until it's the person who primarily goes during the week in the shoulder season, or whose kid really enjoys 'Four Drummers Drumming,' and so on. It seems like everyone and everything is subject to change, which will push back the purchasing decisions People not renewing early puts them at risk of not renewing. They are not positioning themselves well for that. They're playing the short game when the long game is almost always what pays off.
  22. “Non-transparent” is the word that comes to mind for me. They stooged off the Prestige Pass thing, and instead of fessing up and apologizing, they kept your money and changed the language on the web site. They sold a a plurality of season passes and then announced they were no longer year-round at KD and Carowinds. They implemented a chaperone policy (for right or wrong) and when people had questions about how that would affect them, their SPX ran and hid. If a woman steals baby food to feed her starving baby, she’s not unethical, but still a criminal. If you have bad news and withhold it until after peoples’ money is locked in, you’re unethical… and a coward. You know what would be the perfect solution? Making things like season passes non-committal subscriptions. Budget cuts for Haunt? You can cancel your membership until December. 6:00pm closes during the early season? Cancel your membership and resubscribe in June. That way there would be accountability and would cut the bait-and-switch tactics that they took up.
  23. We went last year and had a great time! It's just not necessarily an every year thing. Don has been busy with his new ventures and I've already been to Florida 5 times this year. Decided to report from afar. We'll be back next year! Check out our uploads from last November for a report about our experiences: http://attractionsgrouppodcast.com
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