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  1. I wonder if the mist is possible now. Clearly there is some sort of paint or coating available. See: Diamondback splash.
  2. 2’ long according to the park. Dang.
  3. Check this bad boy out: https://www.kingsislandgear.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/the-racer-nanocoaster-plus $59.99, but if you at the size it seems pretty darn cool!
  4. I’ll be there in Orlando to mark the occasion. Congrats to Dennis!
  5. I was kind of directing this at the 50th celebration, which ended Labor Day weekend. I think we could do a whole new list for Haunt!
  6. I originally typed this out in the “best moment” thread, but I can’t really pinpoint a moment that defined the 50th Celebration. This was Kings Island at its finest. Instead I created a list of superlatives. Feel free to create your own list and add your own categories. Tell us why you think your answers are the best! Best Element : Fun, Fireworks, and Fifty Best Conventional Show : Phantom Theater Encore Best Hidden Gem : Off The Rails (excellent show, hidden in the shadow of PT, IMO) Biggest Miss : 50th Street Party (No particular complaints and no disrespect intended, but after years of Carnivale, this just felt scaled down. People seemed to appreciate it, though.) Best Specialty Food Item : Flight Commander Fries Best 50th Merch : Golden Eiffel Tower Biggest Surprise : Return of the concert series
  7. Congrats! Of all the time I spend at the park, I’ve only even seen a rollback once. That was earlier this year.
  8. Ep Drop: https://linktr.ee/attractions_group
  9. I think that was part of the point. The associates (volunteers) were commenting about how it looked like a “Halloween food.”
  10. The other two ingredients are balsamic vinaigrette and sunflower seeds. Both of which added a lot to the taste.
  11. Pesto pizza from LaRosa’s. Good, not great. They actually gave three pieces instead of breadsticks. I ate one before I remember to take a picture. My friend got the baked potato pizza. I originally wanted it, but they didn’t have any ready. He opted to wait for it. He got the pizza and it was ice cold. No exaggeration. Almost as if it was placed in the oven wasn’t on. It was all precooked so I actually tried a little piece and it tasted really good. I want to try an actually cooked piece this weekend.
  12. I asked some corporate entertainment folks why they didn’t use the Showplace at KI and they said that their belief is that the risk of having to close the theater because of ice and other weather events is far more risky at KI than it is at the other parks. Just remember, if there’s any kind of ice they’d have to close it because it would be very dangerous with the pitch of the aisles. If Tinker’s in the KIT is nearly as good as it was during Paramount you’ll be very pleasantly surprised
  13. The cast has been generally similar year-to-year with some natural attrition along the way.
  14. Typically, the year-over-year calendar is very similar. I can’t guarantee they’ll be open until they announce it, but I would say the chances are good! They are typically open 10am - 8pm. Let us know what you think if you get to visit!
  15. Saw this on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reel/667457388018110?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V
  16. Weird. I copied the link from their web site. I wonder if it changed in this short amount of time.
  17. I was wondering if the system is smart enough to prevent that. But also, 50% off an entree isn’t very valuable to someone with a meal plan, which, by scale, is a much bigger hurtle if you ask me.
  18. I think for this particular instance, the Supreme Court made the right decision. The parks could not open. They didn’t choose not to. Selfishly, it is most of our best interests for the lawsuit to fail. More cash in FUN’s hands may lead to more and better investment. This would certainly have hindered that. I know that we are the ultimate special interest group, but for most of us, this is a good thing.
  19. My girlfriend is super disappointed that the show isn’t coming back. She appears to be the only one who feels that way. I didn’t think the show was bad, but I thought it was a terrible underutilization of the park’s best theater.
  20. To be clear: -The tree lighting was completely reworked last year -Cool Yule was reworked last year -Tinker’s Toy Factory: Christmas Fever is a sequel to Tinker’s Toy Factory, with almost all different songs and a different plot -Charlie Brown’s Christmas Spectacular was 5 or so years old, and is now retired I know some of the shows have a similar look and feel, but the product we have today is substantially different than what we had even in 2019.
  21. I think this is more in line with what they did for Jungle X at Dominion. They didn’t have a local tie in, but it told a story, as does this.
  22. JRA has direct ties to Kings Island. Don’t believe me? Read the book? They are an incredibly quality-driven company. This is exciting!!
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