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  1. I'm kind of curious as to how much land the park still has for expansion?? I know that when I worked for PKI they had all that land that was once occupied by Animal Safari. Would be nice if that could be used someday or if it's been sold off.
  2. Thanks for the info. I liked Bill B alot he was a good guy so it's unfortuante that he's not there any longer. The Craig Ross move is kind of surprising but glad to see he is still there as well. He always treated me very well. Anyone have info on the others I asked about??
  3. Hello all...I'm new to this site however not new to PKi or KI as I worked for them from 1986-1996. I was just curious if anyone knows if Barb Reed, Bill Ossim, Craig Ross or Bill Balfour were still with the park?? Barb was Merchandise Manager, Bill O. was Ride and Operations, Bill B was entertainment and Craig was VP of Resale. I was at the park last August 2005 and ran into Doug Kramer but never had a chance to ask about the others. Thanks and here's to a brighter future for PKI!!!!
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