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  1. all I want is the concert,even if its just clips that fine
  2. Well no cuz I didnt find it the first time
  3. Yeah I have links for them from other people.Thanks though
  4. ok if somebody has the footage please send it to me.I have been looking for it for a long time and am getting tired of looking. ps:PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
  5. I have been looking for it so I can show my grandma,she never got to see it
  6. Ok,well all I want is to find the concert so I can sent it to my grandma and have it to watch
  7. How do I get permission?Or can I get it?
  8. well I dont mean they were really mean,I was messing around
  9. dude I was just askin for someone to help me look for it,you dont have to all be mean bout it.By the way my name is a song by acdc
  10. Ok I have been looking for this concert for about three weeks and I really want to find it.If anybody has it or knows where I can find it,PLEASE tell me!!!!!THANKS!!!! Backinblack12
  11. Ok.I have been lookin for this show for a few weeks now and was wondering if sombody could please help me find this concert,or if you have it send it to me.PLEASE!!!Thanks
  12. Well all I am wanting to know is can sombody send me the concert from pki if you have it?Thanks
  13. Dude I really liked it,so I hope I can find it.But it was a really cool show.
  14. Which show is it the one at Kings Island???
  15. Does anybody know where I could find the SCHOOL OF ROCK live in concert footage?I like the show and since it is over im hoping to find the whole show.So if anybody knows where I can find it please tell me.Thanks
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