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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I give a lot credit to the photo people, i mean they have the most annoying job, walking up to people and asking them to take a picture.
  2. you are very welcome=] we all have ridden Avatar a million times, and we know that row 6 is the best row, so if someone asks us to sit there we try to be nice about it and let you guys wait....because we are awesome like that
  3. Just interested to know how many of you work at Kings Island and where. I myself work at South Pi which is in Nickelodeon Universe and our pi includes Azul, Swiper, Diego cars, and Avatar =]
  4. standing in the middle of the park a guest ones asked me where the drop zone was. i told him to look up, and he was like ohhhhh i didnt see it.
  5. hahaha ohh i can go on and on with this one. I work at the N.U and we always get kids that are too short to ride, but what annoys me the most is that in front of line there is a board that you can hight check the kids, but still parents wait in line and then yell at us for not letting the kid ride because he was 1 inch too short.
  6. You should try it out, i don't think that its too hard to get a job their because they always need people. And yes the admission to all CF parks is included.
  7. My favorite memory from Kings Island would definitely be Nick Toon Tuesdays at BDUBS, even though most of the time my crew sat on a separate table than everyone else, but it was always a fun time.
  8. 2oo64ever


    no more backwards racer....thats really sad...i loved it!
  9. GO AVES!! sorry i had to...its school pide
  10. ok this may not be true but my friend who had worked at TR:TR told me that they ARE getting rid of it because the part that was causing problems is costing more then the ride itself. ones again i dont know if its true or not its just something i have been told. i dont want them to get rid of it i love that ride....even though it gives me a headace
  11. that is just...wow...i dont think i would be able to handle that...and i dont like The Racer THAT much to ride it 113 times. thats crazyy though i rode the white water canyon 17 times without getting off it was pretty amazing
  12. I remember this one time this kid throw up on avatar before it even started…it wasn’t a present view…that’s why we have the hose there….they are pretty amazing when it comes to these kinda things = ]
  13. ah i love line jumpers, its so much fun to yell on them and no i dont really tell on them cause i am actually the one that yells at them if i see them do it...hehe
  14. no one voted for the dora show?? oh come on guys even though i hear that show everyday when i am at work its still soo cute =]
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