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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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    Ok someone messed with this section. My interests are HONESTLY, computer technology, genealogy, crafting, and of course Kings Island Halloween time.

    Above all I am most interested in my family and friends.
  1. Video is two well known folks at the park. They are a couple and I believe the same age. As for the video it really needs to be edited and more about the ride. I really did not get much from it. Others tell me this ride is amazing and many ride it over and over. More enthusiasm please!!
  2. Posted Today, 01:48 AM There was a shorter guy walking on stilts around AZ, and I stood next to him. He turned around and noticed that I was as tall as him. When I get the picture from my friend, I'll show you all. All 3 shows were great! Also, the leaf camoflauged guy by DB hid behind a tree next to Rivertown Junction, and sent a girl to the ground by simply saying a robotic "Boop!" He was great, as well as the guy at the front. "Can I help you...into a coffin? Bahahah!" "Take a picture...it will last longer than YOU!" The guy in rivertown is a BUSH and yes he does an excellent job with
  3. I never had the honor of meeting Doug but I would like to offer his family and friends my condolences on his death. People like him are rare. Even thought people do not look at me as a member of the Kings Island family, I consider the people a part of mine. Kings Island and the thousands of people that have worked or even walked through the gates are special. This man sure sounds like one of the great ones that enhanced not only the park experience but the work experience. Kings Island's charm come from people like him. To those that knew him I offer my condolences to you on your deep l
  4. I agree with the Fans of Kings Island Entertainment website is totally awesome. I get most of my information there. Kirk does a great job with his reviews and articles. His end of season column from last year had me a little teary...it is well worth a look see. Kirk has some wonderful inside information that is posted as well!!! I do totally agree about the shows!! They are all excellent - well the ones we have seen so far this year. Brian Carlucci, Jeremy Braley and Haylee Dobkins, among others just as amazing, do an amazing job with their singing in American Country....Peanuts Party i
  5. I went on the 13th and luckily had a great day with my daughter and two of my granddaughters. We caught some shows and got to see a few of our haunt friends. It was an all around great day but all of my days at Kings Island are like that lol. I am so happy you had a great day with your family as well!! We are going again Sunday for Father's day. Hope to see you then!
  6. I agree 100%! My favorite dining experience at Walt Disney World was Biergarten at Epcot. Make the Festhouse like that and add a german themed flat ride to the area and it would be great! Me tooo 100% To the German feel to it!!!!! Bring in some great german food and leave the shows alone for the most part. I do NOT care for jazz but can at least tolerate Country. I spent a lot of time in Feshaus watching the shows as most people that see me around know.
  7. I do not agree with yet another upcharge. When does this crap stop? I can undertand the DINO because of the circumstances but not another upcharge. There are four things now with an upcharge. People pay about fifty dollars to come to the park....if they want to experience everything it will end up costing no less than additional fourty dollars per person...that is if the Slingshot is at a reduced rate. If they are taking out the motion chairs and likely will charge for the 3D glasses like they did during Haunt.....come on enough is enough. Just close it down and keep the building for H
  8. The guy in the lower left is Kevin or commonly known as "Hannibal" He was in Death Row a few years back as Hannibal. Without the make-up he is dead on the original actor.
  9. is glad it is finally sumer time. Pool, fun, and Kings Island

  10. I am 38.7 miles away. Depending on who is driving - me it takes 45 minutes but my husband makes the trip in 30 minutes lol. Clearly we know who has the heavier foot! Interesting to see how dedicated folks are to an amusement park. I do not go as often as I once did but during Haunt I do not miss a night!!

  12. BOO!!! i scared you, awe im just teasin :P

  13. By the way this place is just over an hour away from me. People might think....ohhh too far and I am one of them but folks I AM going back for at least one more visit and possibly two. Tyler has given me permission to take pictures before it opens because I was sooo taken with the castle one which is his personal favorite as well. It is like being on the set of the MUMMY. One more detail on the Insanity - it does have the lighting effects but not that annoying noise that death row has. We got confused and disoriented easily with the way the maze is set up. I kept trying to get throug
  14. Oops sorry this park name is SCREAMPARK and it is located at 903 Manchester, Lexington, Ky red faced he he
  15. My youngest daughter and I were personally invited to this park by the main owner, our old friend Hauntguy. Ok with everything there is a lot of hype, especially for the first year. This place really lives up to that hype!! This is all indoors in an old building. They have roamers that are sure to scare - they sure scared me!! I know easy to do right but when they scare my youngest daughter that IS saying something. There are three haunted mazes inside of this building. The Abyss was the first needed a few extra things added that I did suggest to Tyler but it was still really good
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