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  1. Viacom announced its quarterly results for the three month period ending September 30th. The division which includes Paramount Parks ("Entertainment"-- which also includes Paramount Studios, Simon & Schuster, the theater chain, and music publishing) posted the following: --A 3% increase in revenue (to $1.10B), which was attributed to revenue increases at the parks, theaters, and publishing that offset decreases in feature film revenues. --A 24% decrease in operating income (profit) to $112 million that they attributed to higher advertising costs for feature films. Since Viacom doesn't separate out Paramount Parks in their public reporting of results (like Disney does their parks/resorts), there's no easy way (that I can think of anyway) to know how much the parks made. However, I think it's good that the parks were mentioned as part of the increase in revenue growth. Complete financial results for the whole company are available on the Viacom web site. Joel
  2. I know nothing about Yen-to-Dollar conversions, but this figure would seem to make sense to me. At just under $1.1B, I believe this would be in the neighborhood of what it cost to build IOA, Animal Kingdom, and California Adventure. (And, the opening date for the Japanese Paramount park will be nearly a decade--of DAK and IOA anyway--of those parks.) I also believe construction costs can run quite high in Japan due to lack of land, earthquake building codes, etc. Joel
  3. Yeah, I also found it interesting that the article referred to Paramount Pictures and not Paramount Parks (or that Viacom wasn't mentioned at all). I assumed that might because it was from a Japanese news site, and that "Paramount Studios" would be most recognizable to their readers. I also think it's interesting about the money that's been invested in brand new Japanese parks over the last few years. First Disney and Universal and now Paramount. Considering how much the Japanese economy has suffered over the last several years, it's interesting that these companies have made such huge investments in discretionary activities. I guess bad economic times haven't affected theme park attendance as much in Japan. I'm really anxious to see what the plans for this park will look like...I'm sure "Action Zone" and "Nickolodeon" will be represented, but I wonder if any of the "pre-Paramount" theming/attractions will be carried over? Joel
  4. I saw this headline over on CoasterBuzz about Paramount planning to build and open a new park in Japan. If I'm not mistaken, I think this will be the first park (not including the Vegas Star Trek attraction) that Paramount has built from the ground up. I think it will be interesting to see how Viacom develops a park from a "blank slate." Here's the link: http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/news/20031016p2a00m0fp003000c.html Joel
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