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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I didn't go yesterday because I thought it would be super crowded, but I looked at the DB web cam and wished that I had gone xD Oh well, I'll be going tomorrow.
  2. As if that will ever happen. At least they give free ice water... (:
  3. yeah..I had three idiots near me in line for The Beast when they shut it down for the fireworks. One of them had a t shirt on that said West Virginia Mountaineers..and buddy..let me tell you...they looked West Virginia. I asked them on two different occasions to put them out..and they obliged...but a few moments later would light up again. Wow. I can't even believe people these days. Makes the park a little bit less of a place you would want to be ):
  4. Yeah I went to ride The Racers and came back and it was working fine so I rode it. It ran just fine too. I saw the guys walking up there. Hmm... Makes me wonder though.
  5. Hello everyone. I just got back from my trip to Kings Island today. If any of you were there today, did you see what happened to The Vortex? It got stuck at the stop right before the corkscrews. Can anyone tell me what caused it?
  6. Son of Beast was going smoothly today. In my opinion, it needs more trains. But how is it going to get more trains exactly like the ones it has now since they are from the Hurricane ride?
  7. Smokers and line jumpers today were bad as well. I gotta tell you, everyone was complaining when some idiot started smoking in line for The Beast. Nasty. Someone was smoking in The Vortex line as well. As for line jumpers, terrible. I haven't ever seen it so bad. ):
  8. I don't believe so. It was rainy one day I went during Fear Fest and Flight of Fear was up and running
  9. Only ride I will not ride is Drop Zone. I HATE HEIGHTS! ): I know roller coasters go high, but, on a roller coaster, you don't constantly go up, up, and up then drop down. Actually, I might not ride The Crypt either. Last time I waited in line for it, it broke down and I've heard people on many occasions talk about it breaking down and them leaving line.
  10. I believe it ends May 25th. There are a lot of billboards around here that say it. I'm getting one in the next few weeks!
  11. Steel: Vortex Wooden: The Beast Flat: Delirium Water: White Water Canyon
  12. I haven't ridden The Crypt yet. All I can say is if I had to choose between the names, I'd keep it Tomb Raider: The Ride. But thats just me
  13. Awww that stinks. They could have at least given you a heads up a long time before they decided to close at 7. I wonder why they did anyways. Weather?
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