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  1. I would be willing to bet that they were designed but not printed yet. If that is the case then the design would most likely be changed to reflect the 2021 dates.
  2. A place like KI is going to open up as soon as the state says its ok. Question is when because I bet its after the bars are allowed to open.
  3. It's funny how much time I sat and thought about this. I have ridden everything with the exception of the new Antique Cars.
  4. Oh man, I forgot all about the bridge that went across Swan Lake to the Biergarten.
  5. I think it will effect us a lot more when we go back to the park (whenever that happens) and see it gone. For many people, it was their first "big coaster" growing up and all the sounds of it were iconic in that area.
  6. In talking with other people, if large groups like KI are banned till say Aug, I would be willing to bet KI still doesn't continue with doing HH. It would be too much to do all the hiring and back end stuff to get going for just weekends. Same with Winterfest.
  7. I must have missed this thread. I attended it and thought it was a spectacular event especially for being the first one. Always great to try some new breweries without committing to buying a 6 pack or feeling bad dumping it out. I went on the Saturday where it was extremely hot and I was almost out of the beer drinking mood. The food was hit or miss. The pulled pork portions were huge, but overall just lacking. The wings were seasoned and grilled well, but served somewhat cold. The winners I thought were the side dishes, the Cole slaw, potato salad, and pasta salad were winners. Ideas for next year (if there is one), more seating and more shade, the band being tucked away in the back was awkward, maybe move them behind International Showplace in that corner? Overall, I'd be very happy if they brought this event back next year. Looking forward to the Food Truck rally next month.
  8. I find them uncomfortable but never had had the thought of falling out. I feel that most of it is just from people not used to being in that position or having much experience with those restraints.
  9. ^Oh I was thinking it was the Luke Bryan/FGL concert at Paul Brown Stadium.
  10. I go to all the ones around Dayton and its always fun to walk around and try something new. Of course you got to scope out what everyone else got and where they got it from before you decide on anything. I'll be going on Sunday pending how much I survive the concert on the 18th.
  11. I was pleasently shocked at how many trash cans they had out in the parking lot. But it was still very disappointing to see how much trash was just thrown on the outside of cars. I know Kings Island owns a street sweeper but that doesn't make it acceptable.
  12. When I went on Monday the 22 it was operating with a maintenance guy sitting on the right side exit watching it with a bag of tools.
  13. I hate the Beach. Specifically all the cement slides. I went on there Hidden River and while waiting in line watching it, about 2/3 people flipped over in there tubes. And than when I went on it I came down flying into the cement wall and thought I have broke my ankle. SERIOUSLY. The only good thing about the Beach is the food prices, the lack of rules, and the Aztek Adventure.
  14. Nice but need to be more than one page. It's hell on dial up people.
  15. Lol it would have pump speed info, where do you find that at?
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