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  1. So what was your prize?
  2. Yea. When I was in Chicago, I was walking down the street with some friends when I passed by the theatre they perform at. Yes, I know, very 'touristy' of me.. but it was a fun trip
  3. The kid was too small to ride. Both rides are perfectly safe if you follow the rules. 'Nuff said.
  4. Ok. 3 so far for May. Anyone else? Want to try for 5, at least.
  5. Hmm.. might as well just push it back to June then. Im free whenever (took this year off college.. so im just working a bs job until fall.). Anyway.. if not enough people can make it in May, a pushback is in order. However, if we can 5-10 people, lets shoot for May!
  6. Not bad! Some decent bands come to PKI.. not nearly as many as I would like, though.
  7. Well, yea. First of the month, lets make this happen (hopefully) this month! Im available whenever. Gonna buy a season pass soon (got the money for it.. just haven't commited yet.).. soo.. When is everyone out of school?
  8. I know, I know.. i've never been to one.. but yet, I hope to come to this one! My new job allows me to be off on the weekends, and I only need 2 hours advance warning on weekdays to call off.. so.. I should have no excuse on why I can't make it. As for everyone else, what do you think? Should we start planning a date now, and make it happen? Discuss.
  9. HAHA! Speaking of Zephyr... Whenever my friend and I ride that ride, we always let our bodies go limp, so it looks like were either unconcious or dead. The workers always yell at us.. but its too funny. They tell us to put our heads back, as we usually lean foward.. so.. we put our heads back, but still let our body go limp.
  10. I don't know if any of you remember, but back when PKIU forums were closed for a week, it was pretty much me just *****ing left and right when mods closed posts without even explaining why. There is NOTHING worse than Ghost Mods closing posts, and doing things without telling anyone. It can kill a community faster than anything else.
  11. Bleh.. just make something stupid up. I went the park with a friend who was born with only one leg. He takes his disability very lightly, though, and often jokes about it. When we walked past the photographers, and they asked the take a picture, he said "Sorry, i've only got one leg." And with that, we continued walking. Needless to say, the Phographer was dumbfounded.
  12. Seems there are quite a few problems with the current skin, unless those red lines are supposed to be there.
  13. Such harsh words coming from someone with just 2 posts. Please, troll elsewhere.
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