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  1. Yes there was a death on a gryo drop at a Paramount park a few years ago. I think it was 2000 when Drop Zone at PKI was closed for awhile while an investigaton was complete. The kid that fell out of the ride had a phycial condition and that is why he fell out.

    The kid was too small to ride.

    Both rides are perfectly safe if you follow the rules. 'Nuff said.

  2. Hmm.. might as well just push it back to June then. Im free whenever (took this year off college.. so im just working a bs job until fall.).

    Anyway.. if not enough people can make it in May, a pushback is in order. However, if we can 5-10 people, lets shoot for May!

  3. I know, I know.. i've never been to one.. but yet, I hope to come to this one!

    My new job allows me to be off on the weekends, and I only need 2 hours advance warning on weekdays to call off.. so.. I should have no excuse on why I can't make it.

    As for everyone else, what do you think? Should we start planning a date now, and make it happen?


  4. HAHA! Speaking of Zephyr...

    Whenever my friend and I ride that ride, we always let our bodies go limp, so it looks like were either unconcious or dead. The workers always yell at us.. but its too funny.

    They tell us to put our heads back, as we usually lean foward.. so.. we put our heads back, but still let our body go limp.

  5. I don't know if any of you remember, but back when PKIU forums were closed for a week, it was pretty much me just *****ing left and right when mods closed posts without even explaining why.

    There is NOTHING worse than Ghost Mods closing posts, and doing things without telling anyone. It can kill a community faster than anything else.

  6. Bleh.. just make something stupid up.

    I went the park with a friend who was born with only one leg. He takes his disability very lightly, though, and often jokes about it. When we walked past the photographers, and they asked the take a picture, he said "Sorry, i've only got one leg." And with that, we continued walking.

    Needless to say, the Phographer was dumbfounded.

  7. Asking the question, "Will Vortex leave?" is just like asking if you will ever get a girl friend. It won't happen.

    Such harsh words coming from someone with just 2 posts.

    Please, troll elsewhere.

  8. Seems like you knew just about everyone in the park :P

    But seriousally, great report! I have yet to even get a pass (buying a car in 2 weeks.. need the $$), but when I go, I hope the lines are like they are now. Minus the employees...

  9. Sounds like.. a decent time. Power surges suck!! Lets just hope nothing fried during the surge.. could make for one bad year (I remember when Drop Zone was closed forever and a day a few years back.)

    Can't wait to get my passes this year, and go to the park! Although I was hired down there, I decided it probably wasn't worth the hour drive to work every day... not to mention, I was hired in food, and I told myself I would never work in food again after working 2+ years in it.

    Anyway, great report! Nice to see some new reports, as the season draws nearer!

  10. One thing I did notice (and it looks rather corny, if I must say so myself) is the strange thumbs...


    Why is 1/4 of it the picture, and the other 3/4's of it blue?! Makes no sense to me!

    And yes, those pixelated images are gross! However, it must be this way.. why?

    Well, when building a site, you may have problems with images, and the template of the page, if you were to leave the images to the original size. For example.. heres the code to each page..

    <img src="/i/image.jpg" width="260" height="208" alt="" />

    That defines the width and height of each image.. and its universal. So, when the image is put in, it is resized to 240 x 208.. its unfortunate they used the old pictures.... but... i'm sure it will be fixed in the near future.

  11. I still think that 300 rooms are too many.

    Quite the contrary!

    Usually, hotels have ~100 rooms a floor, so this will most likely be a 3 story hotel. I would have expected ~500 rooms, to be honest.

    We're talking about a park hotel. Just imagine what kind of promotions could be ran, and how much benifit to both the consumer, and to the park this could do.

    For example, take the following scenario.

    A family of 4 visits the park. They are from out of town, and want to spend 2 days at the park. The don't have passes, and are going to need a place to stay. So, PKI says "For X.XX amount of dollars, you can have a room for 2 days, 2 nights. On top of that, heres discounted admission to the park!"

    Imagine just how much revenue this could (and will) bring in. After a long day at the park, perhaps the family retires to the hotel, but the kids are restless! How about a huge waterpark, all indoors, in the luxary of a hotel? Brilliant! Now, the parents can relax after the day at the park, and the children can enjoy the waterpark!

    Now, as for the waterpark aspect...

    PKI is always looking for improvement, and for the guest to have a great time (darn, i've watched too many training videos :P). Because we're talking about a major theme park, why not a hotel with benifits? Discounted adminssion to the park, and a waterpark for the examples listed above. Also, think of families who simply are passing by Cincinnati. They come up I-71, and notice a hotel with a waterpark! The kids are in the back yelling and screaming at each other, and the parents are ready to get off the road. Theres a Holiday Inn, and a PKI Hotel / Waterpark. Although the PKI one is going to be a bit more expensive, which do you think they would choose? Certinely, the PKI. And even for a family without children, a hotel with all the commodities you would come to expect from a 4 or 5 * hotel.

    Personally, I think this is a great idea. Although something I would never utilise, never the less, probably something that would make quite a bit of money.

    Now.. as for employee 'dorms'.... we'll save that one for a later date.

  12. Sporting a new game engine, new character, new battle system, story revised by Charles Infosino, and fully animated in-game cutscenes, you can rest assured this new game is not only much bigger than the original, but much better as well.

    Will this game be coded by your own? Or will it use a game-maker like the last time?

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