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    New for 05-06

    Ditto. I would enjoy either an Intamin or B&M at PKI next year. All others are good.. but nothing really compares, IMO.
  2. What would be the point? The ads are minimal, and can be blocked by 'net filters anyway. Besides, they don't get in the way while browsing. And its not easily done unless you modify cookies, or completely mirror the site in a passworded section. Any other attempts at an ad-free site would fail, as that url to anything "members only" would be spoiled within minutes of giving the url out. Although I would like a signed copy of the book, I am sort of curious what "special sections" can come along. You have to reliese people can get anything they want on the internet for free usually. Unless its something completely unique to this site, people will simply go elsewhere before shelling out money to see something they could see for free elsewhere. And as for "discounts" I assume you mean from Cafe Press? Unfortunelly, Cafe Press is quite lenient on its discount program. Google for Cafe Press Coupons, and your next order will be virtually free. Sorry my opinion is harsh, but its the truth. Ive been on the 'net for years, ran many different sites. Don't expect people to shell out money, because really, not many people see the point in it.
  3. I would be quite devistated if Vortex were removed. Its one of the top coasters at the park, and I would go as far as saying its my favorite steel at the park. It does still bring in quite a few riders, and with 3 consistant trains, lines move VERY quick. I certinely hope they don't remove this ride for quite some time.
  4. Ahh yes.. good deal. Thanks!
  5. Perhaps it would be a good idea to not hide threads in some of the sections prematurely. For example, the PKI-C news and PKI news forums probably shouldnt hide after 30 days. Makes it easier for guests to catch up on the latest PKI news without having to change the default hide time. Just a thought.
  6. PKIU and PKI-C look nothing alike. I think the site looks fine as it is.. my only beef was the old banner. The new one looks a lot better though! If some of you had experience with websites, you'd understand how different PKIU and PKI-C look. And if you didn't think they were, play around with tables and see how identical they will look no matter what.
  7. omfg h4x0r 2 teh m4x0r Nice updates by the way. Gotta love the mouse overs
  8. of course.. work called at 9am right when I was walking out the door... so in to work I went. I don't think i've ever been so mad in my life.
  9. Its just a general rule of thumb. Your not supposed to put your hands up, or anywhere out of the car for that reason. I don't believe anybody really cares about it, but for insurance reasons, and liability reasons, they have to put the signs up.
  10. Just to clear this up. If I have a 2003 Season Pass, can I get into fearfest without charge?
  11. Paramount Parks are one of the leading source of income for Viacom.. its near impossible for them to forget about the revenue brought in every year. Next to Blockbuster and Paramount Studios, it has to be in the top 3 for income.
  12. Oh good deal, I get to meet some people ive been wanting to meet for quite some time. I may run into some conflict in schedule I hope to push back (friend coming in from California.. I am pushing for him to leave a day later ) but other than that, shouldnt have any problems coming!
  13. Ill bring my camera also. Also, we've got a roster goin for this here.
  14. Cant miss this.. no way. Fusiondude BoddaH1994 PKILvr
  15. AWESOME This is Sunday, Nov 2, correct? If so, im not scheduled to work! No way in hell im missing this!!!
  16. RiSK

    PKIC shop

    Aww.. why didnt you make a thong too? We could have "post your pki-c thong pics" Joking, of course.
  17. The domain expired. Thats essentially what happened.
  18. To be quite honest, I was never a big fan of waterparks. Im like a girl when it comes to self image.. never thinking mine is "up to par" so to speak. I hope some of you don't take that as a sexist comment, but im sure some of you have had thoughts on your apperearance and how others think of you. Granted, im not a big guy, theres nothing physically different about me.. just shy i suppose. Its not everyday you take your clothes off (not all, but most) in front of hundreds of strangers! I did ride some of the slides a few years back, although Fasttracks was not one of em.
  19. More reliable, huh? I can't connect to the leaves, or to the round robin. Consedering im a global oper on my network, I can assure you nearly 100% uptime.
  20. RiSK

    The PKIC Trip

    hah.. its Coasterguy107's signature ph34r... Anywho, welcome to the site!
  21. Since I was unable to attend the PKIC day, and because the season is almost over, I would push to get this in sometime before next season
  22. RiSK

    The PKIC Trip

    Well done, but made me sad I was not able to come Definitely next time.. I hope... now I can look foward to eating some good food and watching PKI on TV, although it wouldn't be the same
  23. UPDATE: My very own IRC network should be up and running tomrrow evening. I'll keep you all posted, as perhaps we can have an official PKI-C channel on there
  24. RiSK

    The PKIC Trip

    Unfortunelly, my alarm clock decided to fail this morning, forcing me to wake up late, and buy a new alarm clock. Hopefully, we can do this again soon. EDIT: Was there a group photo?
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