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  1. Nobody would ride it, i dont think. I would't waste my time, thats for sure.
  2. Good Idea, Ryan. However, please be aware that Site Staff cant spend all day reading and manually submitting editorials. However, there could be a forum dedicated to PKI Editorials, that would have to be approved my moderation before it could be submitted. This would be the best way to go about it. I believe there is a way to vote on threads also, for users to comment, and rate the decency of the editorial. And hell, maybe the user with the highest rated editorials could recieve their very own front page editorials. Just a suggestion. As for photos, there is a way for each user to have their own personal photo galleries. Ill have to look up the link to the software, and im also sure this eats bandwith.. but a really neat idea. I also think you can have random images on the front page using this software.. ill post again when I find the link. .: Search :. Monthly trips is a great idea also. Hope to see some of these ideas intregrated!
  3. Would I be the only one to not change a thing? I think PKI is great just the way it is, and I would hate to ruin that. I dunno. Maybe im just not one to fix something that isint "broken."
  4. Yes! Ill be there, definitely. Ill be coming with my friend and his girlfriend, and maybe another. Although I forgot to ask off for this, i checked my schedule and i have the day off. Seems like a LONG day tho. I just hope i don't fall asleep at the wheel on the way home
  5. Great Site! No complaints.. well, maybe just one suggestion. The graphics are a little.. erhmm.. rough. Not bad, but a swirl? Doesn't have much to do with PKI, or anything for that matter. Other than that, nice job!
  6. In other words.. we won't be seeing it... ever. If you know there could be a possible delay putting a new website up, don't hype it up. It just ends up making everyone mad. And it certinely has done that on .. erhmm.. Another site I know of.
  7. Thats because it is. If things like that dont sway, they would simply snap and come crashing down during any kind of winds.
  8. Ya.. this thread started before the official announcement. Jamacian would rock tho, mon.
  9. Backstreet Boys Suck, and so does Limp Bizkit! Sorry.. I had to
  10. After living in Sharonville, Ohio all my life, I moved to Dayton about 6 years ago. I really missed the Skyline and Larosas. About 2 years ago, they put a SkyLine here in Dayton, only about 5 minutes from my house! So I go there often, and still get my fix. However, there are no Larosas nearby, so Larosas got my vote
  11. 4?? Did I sleep through WW 3? :jerry: :offtopic: lol had to use that somewhere
  12. That makes 5 31-40 year olds ;]
  13. Just thought of another site suggestion. Ban morons on the spot. That is all.
  14. Incrediable. Some people will NEVER concieve good business practice. Contary to popular belief, err, YOUR belief, Kings Island doesn't deem it a safe investement to put in a coaster every year. Also, nothing you can get excited about? Maybe you aren't, but im thrilled! So please, speak for yourself in the future.
  15. Deleting threads, while annoying, would not create the errors which I was getting. I was getting errors saying this like "Error: semicolon expected" which means that the core programming was just not every well done. It's a very amiture error to have. I don't know how much coding you have control over when using MYSQL, but if you do have control, you're doing it right. Perhaps... And you're probably right. However, deleting threads can ruin a site. You can access your sql if you have access to Root on the webserver.
  16. It would be sweet.. but would'nt have much to do with Tomb Raider. Im interestered to see if they do anything with Tomb Raider: Cradle Of Life or not...
  17. Probably because they delete soooo many threads, there are massive holes in the MYSQL Database, which would cause script errors, and database errors.
  18. RiSK


    Hmm.. I would like to see "undecided" as an option, as im not sure whether it will happen or not. Would I like to see it happen? Heck ya! But one major question is.. where would they put the tunnels?
  19. Ahh your the other 18-20 I see. Im 18.. wont be 19 till March. And yea.. I feel old on these PKI sites also! heh
  20. Chef, We dont need to be history buff's to know exactly what you mean.
  21. interestering... Images look good too. Cant wait to ride that funnel lookin slide
  22. Heres an idea.. err.. wait.. your not using an outdated version of IPB I love IPB. Thanks for using it here, too
  23. My thoughts... Would it be cool? yes. Will it happen? unfortunelly, probably not. btw: Inraider... long time no see bro. I havent talked to you since PKI Guide shut down!
  24. heh.. You all speak of PKIU like it was the devil... Some people don't know how to act. Me? I know how to act, but I don't let things go easily. To be honest, im not sure why i'm not banned over there yet. Being the "peoples voice" isint easy Thanks for all of your support right before the "shutdown of `03"
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