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  1. I would be really depressed... Although, my wallet would surely be glad it was gone Seriousally tho. There honestly isint much to do in Ohio. In the summer, all i ever do is eat, sleep, work, and PKI. Theres the occasional concert, and the once-in-a-while road trip.. but all in all, I go to PKI in the summer more than anything else I do.
  2. Paramounts fundings are virtually unlimited... Paramount is owned by viacom, who owns companies like Paramount Parks / Studio, BlockBuster, MTV, Nickelodeon, and many other large companies. Ill have to agree with BuddaH.
  3. lol.. thanks for e-mailing me also. Obviousally, this isint a PKI Rumor. Welcome to the website! hope you enjoy your stay. But use a little common sence when choosing a forum category for posting.
  4. This should probably get moved. Im not sure how many photos are available from a long time ago. Much less, how many have been scanned to be put online.
  5. Couldnt have been worse that working Customer Service for Best Buy in a bad part of town Anywho, I was unaware Blockbuster is still selling. Maybe the ones in Cincy are, but the ones in Dayton arent.. at least my store isint.
  6. Awesome. I love coming down and spending all night at the park Although I never take advantage of all the scarry attractions, I love to ride all the rides at night.
  7. One safety thing.. People would most certinely hit their legs on support beams, and they would have to keep trees cut back quite a bit.
  8. RiSK

    a new idea

    Start coding, my friend
  9. TTD by a very huge margin... very, huge margin.
  10. Why do these threads ALWAYS turn into a CP vs PKI thread?!?!?!?! STOP!!!!!! ITS BEEN TALKED ABOUT!!! THEY BOTH HAVE GOOD AND BAD POINTS!!! EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINIONS!!! ... almost wants to make me stop coming to these forums.
  11. can someone lock this....
  12. Unless your new to the park, most all the replys are going to look very similar to what I will post below... Drop Zone- too many to count Face/Off- too many to count Deluiruim- too many to count Son of Beast- too many to count Top Gun- too many to count Racer- too many to count Avedvernture express- too many to count Flight of Fear- too many to count Vortex- too many to count TR:TR - too many to count Beast - too many to count PKI VISITS- too many to count
  13. RiSK

    Mai New Site

    Although this will get locked / deleted before long, i will congratulate you on a job well done!!
  14. RiSK


    Common sense. Common sence huh. If this was the case, wouldnt everyone be doing it......?
  15. I guess having a few jobs, i will also comment. I worked at best buy. Improper dress code was a TERMINATABLE offence. Not just talking a bout a simple write up. you could be FIRED for not wearing your clothes right. PKI needs to project a professionable and profitable image. Who else, but employees, do this? Very important... VERY.
  16. Guess that clears everyones questions up... SOB indeed, did valley. That would be a strange situation.. wonder what happened?
  17. heh. Like it or not, those arent going away. You have to understand the amount of force pushed down onto the track as the train reaches the bottom, or comes screaming around a turn. The faster its moving, the more force is hammered onto the ride. As much as i dont like them either, I have come to accept them. They arent going away, unfortunelly, but im glad this will help The Beast stay in operation for many more years.
  18. RiSK

    Coaster job

    Intamin!!! That would a be a lot of fun. Just because a ride manufacture is based in a foreign country does not mean that you HAVE to move to work for them. They DO have USA based offices.
  19. RiSK

    SOB fixed

    hmm... ill going tomorrow and am looking foward to checking this out. This may be a good day for KI.. a good day indeed. After visiting Cedar Point, and then coming to KI again, im kinda sad. Ther rides at CP are as smooth as SILK... so we shall see
  20. because im sure if a lot of us like PKI, and like computer games, this would be, in fact, the best place to look Makes perfect sence to me.
  21. RiSK

    Timber Wolf

    There is another place in Cincinnati where concerts are held. Bogarts. Lots of 'smaller' acts play there (Reel Big Fish, The White Stripes, The Starting Line) however, hundreds, sometimes thousands of people visit these 'lesser known' concert events. I think it would be better if these 'smaller acts' could schedule their summer tours with stops in PKI. Although.. some seating would have to go, as a lot of moshing happens too . I just wish a lot more planning went into this.. its a goldmine that could be tapped no problem. Imagine if people bought season passes JUST for concert events? Thats great money right there.
  22. The only problem i see with this years fearfest is the fact that Gold Pass members get in for free. Its already pretty busy WITH making everyone pay admission. I may still go down, but im kinda sad about the fact that I, and thousands of others, get in for free
  23. DDOS? lol.. on PKIU? Highy unlikely
  24. After going to that website that sobrider shared with us, i now disbelieve in ghost stories at PKI. Sounds like someone with an available e-mail address signed up for GeoCities with some time on their hands. What a load of crap lol. Yea, its still fun. I like how most ghost stories carry the grammar and reliastic quality of a 4 year old, however.
  25. RiSK

    Made by who?

    I believe this one is one sided. Its obvious to a lot of people that PKI needs a B&M Coaster. They are one of the most popular in the world. Although I do agree with what a lot of you are saying about other ride manufactures, a B&M would suit PKI the best.
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