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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Went last year... can you say an hour drive that took 2 hours? We rode Adventure Express and Zephyr... what a waste of gas...
  2. Maybe ill pick upload some pics onto my webserver, and whoever wants can take a look.
  3. im going Saturday from 9am to 10pm.... whew boy, it pays to have a Gold Pass Anyway, going with a bunch of friends. If you have a cell phone with e-mail, e-mail my phone at ThespianT3588@vtext.com and perhaps we can ride some stuff toghether
  4. heh, i got one too. Kylee started to yell at us, but i snatched one
  5. SML, no clue. I guess e-mail her back with those questions, and please, relay the info to me... i am also curious.
  6. yea thats what time i plan on arriving. 11. Hopefully, well get some free lunch or something. but you dont HAVE to be there until noon or 12:15. But trust me, ill be there earlier doing other things
  7. woot, my friend and I will be going... make sure i do my makeup work.... (no school for me) Anyone else going other than the ones who already said so?
  8. hmmm, my post was deleted... but i sent one in, along with my friend. hope i get picked, a good time to *cough* skip *cough* school.
  9. RiSK

    Chat Summary!

    I reccomend just getting an IRC client.. hop over to http://www.mirc.com and get version 6.03. Its free, and you dont have to worry about the java applet messing up, because you have your own program to take care of it
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