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  1. i don't then your a nobody i guess. Ya'll wack then, whatever... I don't think anyone likes me here on PKIC.. I mean really, all people do is critisize my posts. So I'm leaving, hope your happy -Good-bye
  2. The urinals in the men's room on International Street!
  3. I really think that the water park could be better too...
  4. I never said that those were my reasons, my reasons are: no one rides it anymore and I really think it is a waste of money.
  5. How could you be so mean?? >8-l LOL JK Ummm.... I would like to see Top Gun gone and Congo Falls redone or torn down. And really the mens rooms are so annoying!!
  6. Is it possible? - yes Will it happen this year? - no One of the man problems with Top Gun is its location. You have to walk pretty far for such a short ride. I wouldnt expect to see it around much longer. I also dont know if we can see SOB around much longer either I think that there should be another ride in Top Gun's place, but nothing too complex..
  7. I really hope they will not tear them down bc if they did then I would have to go back to Face/Offlvr... SAVE The Beast! SAVE The Beast!! SAVE The Beast!!!!!!!!! IF THEY TEAR THEM DOWN IM NOT COMING TO KI ANYMORE! P.S. I know ^^ it's random... LOL
  8. Hi all, Will Top Gun leave KI for the '07 and beyond seasons? I've been hearing rumors about it and out of curiosity I would like to know. Personlly, I would like to see it leave. I think it's way WAY too short, but otoh I think that Top Gun's lot is good for another ride... (Sorry Top Gun fans, I know that you are probably calling me names under your breath...)
  9. Would the debt nessicarily mean that some of the parks such as KI could be closed down or worse?
  10. Well, I hav'nt seen anything either, but I'm hoping that it will re-open because it is usually where alot of the PKI guests are and that means less of a wait for everything else!
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