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  1. 3 hours ago, Voicetek said:

    Although I can see both viewpoints in regards to this topic, I'm afraid I'm going to have to side with the OP on this one.  Sure it's probably not a big deal when a handful of people (or groups) decide to get in the single rider line.  This might help to fill some holes and be able to load the train completely.  However, what if everyone who wanted to ride Mystic Timbers caught onto this? What if everyone said, "Ah screw the main queue, we'll just get in the single rider line and ride separate."  Sure when it's just a handful of people it's not a big deal, but if more and more groups started using Single Rider line, then it could become a problem.  It's kind of a tricky situation.  Since there are very few people abusing this line, it's kind of a non-issue.  However, if more and more groups are allowed to abuse this line, then it could definitely become an issue. 

    So what if everyone choose to get in the SRL, guess what....*GASP*....they can literally only board when there are left over seats and/or odd numbered groups in the main queue. That is how the friggen SRL works! There is no tricky situation. People in the SRL can only board when theres odd numbered/left over seats from the main queue. 

    The viewpoint of the original poster is wrong and most likely an adolescent who didn't think things through before posting. Kind of like you did.

    The only way this is unfair is if the ride/line OP is boarding the train using the SRL prioritized first or even in pairs. For which wouldn't be the guests fault, it would be the ride/line OP.

    Also the likelihood that the SRL becomes the majority picked line is unlikely due to there are so many factors with one of the biggest is most people like riding with their family, friends, or people they came to the park with.

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  2. Chiming in here, KI does not host this event. KI is merely the place that the event takes place at. Any company/organization can rent out the park for a private event.

    On the topic of "black lash and public disapproval" one year a religious group proceeded to gain entry to this event and started handing out flyers, it's to my knowledge those groups of individuals are still banned from the park. Remember folks Kings Island is private property!

    Another great year in the books! Also good news there will be a Pride Night next year.

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  3. As for the reason a trademark hasn't been filed... Could this ride still be unnamed? And we choose the name? Like with InvadR? (And can we please also capitalize the "r" in InvadR? Because it's suppose to be, and I notice people still doing that.

    CF's attorneys are probably well aware that they don't need to file for federal trademark just yet, they can comfortably apply well after the announcement.

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  4. If you find a ride at KI and you are curious if you're going to fit, you may go up the exit and call over a ride assistant/operator and ask to do a "test fit". They will allow you to do so.


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  5. I really can't give out too much information for I don't have a full deck of cards to work with. It was just mentioned that the attendance for the night needs to increase, for portion of the ticket sales goes to the GLBT center of Cincinnati and the other portion to KI.

    I can assure you though, the center wants to keep this event continuing.

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  6. Single riders make me go "ugh", but hey---don't glare at me when I hop on with you---I'm totally sane I promise!  bahaha.  ;-)

    Something tells me you haven't met someone from the North East yet. I wouldn't dare try riding with a solo rider at Six Flags Great Adventure without some kind of peace offering.

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  7. Pride-Night-2015-poster-v1.jpg?attachaut


    Friday September 11, 2015




    *Season passes will NOT grant you entry for this event, you will need to purchase a Pride Night ticket*

    You will be able to buy tickets at the front gate the day of the event($43.25)

    Online tickets are $39.25

    Group prices are available!


    :Private event:

    Closed to the general public(All ages are welcome but Snoopy part of KI & Water Park &  Dinosaurs Alive will be closed)


    :General Info & FAQ:

    *Parking is free

    *Event time is 6pm-12am (gates open at 5pm)

    to be added later



    *Any post that reflect a negative outlook or response for this event or towards homosexuals, will be removed*

    *Simple if you don't like what I'm posting, don't reply*

    *Do not threaten to protest this event, this event is held on private property and KI holds the right to refuse entry and to remove trespassers on KI grounds*

    *This event is a unique night of fun, rides and entertainment*

    *KI does not host this event! This event is hosted by Cincy GLBT Center and takes place at K

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  8. I was more so picturing parents that become offensive when their child is in a picture taken by a stranger, wondering what if they seen their child riding with a strange adult male in his thirties. Oh the outcomes that could happen and the park be liable for.

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