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  1. This post should be a shout out to current & future park employee's. While at the park yesterday (7-14-15) I was in line for FoF this was around 11:16am or 12:16pm can't really remember the time. I noticed they were doing seat assigning and thought meh no biggie, that was until I actually got up to the employee that was doing the assigning. I witness the employee and a guest have an exchange of words, this guest was a male about in his mid twenties early thirties and he was a solo rider. The employee was trying to pair him up with another solo rider, the other solo rider was a six to eight year old boy in a group of teenagers (looks like to be a younger sibling who got stuck with his older siblings group of friends). Anyway I overheard the older male say to her "I don't ride with anyone that I don't know" and the female employee gave him a stare and muttered "really?". This shocked me, he actually had to repeat himself and state that he was serious. What kind of training is Cedar Fair providing when an employee is almost forcing a guest to ride with a stranger, let alone what about the little boy? I don't think a six to eight year old would of felt comfortable riding with a male in his twenties or thirties that he having no idea who he is. I was just astonish that the female employee couldn't grasp the situation at hand, it seem like she was more worried about the organization of the train than the guest's experience. Thankfully the older male knew exactly how to handle her in this situation for an optimal outcome.
  2. KI pays it's property tax, that should give you an idea who all would (and has came) come to the aid in case of an emergency.
  3. 1. Its a very jerky ride no matter what seat you are in. Bumpy, no, as long as you put your restraint all the way down and leave no gap. 2. 54mph 3. From outside you can only see the building, from inside the actual building it depends if they have lights on or off. I've ridden it where I could see the entire track, I've ridden it when I can see partials of the ride, and I've ridden it in complete darkness. 4, Very front seat 5. I ride it only once now each time I visit the park, its still a fun ride.
  4. Let us all say our goodbyes
  5. I went through it and can't imagine paying to go through it. Thankfully its free with gold pass, but I'd much rather replace it with a better and more enjoyable perk. It felt so awkward just going around and looking at these statues(it seemed like none of them worked and one of them had their sound really messed up), I can see this attraction fitting in better at a museum than I do at an amusement park.
  6. Cody


    After working in a factory the more machines we got the more I seen breakdowns, minor and major. After owning several vehicles I noticed from time to time you have to change parts out and I also noticed they too would have minor and major breakdowns. Heck even your everyday peddle bike needs it chain changed once in a great moon. Just remember that a coaster has mechanical aspects that from time to time will break down or parts need to be changed out. Just saying.
  7. I usually go to Macy's and buy some nice Nautica cargo shorts. Talk about the most comfortable shorts I own, they go perfectly with my polo that I wear to KI.
  8. So let me get this straight. AiG wants to hire employees so they can legally* discriminate against others who don't share their beliefs. Ark Encounter wants to use those employees and yet still enjoy the tax benefits and profits. Why am I not surprised that they're going for this loop hole. I'd rather go to a bathroom stall and listen to someone's bowel movements than to hear Ken Ham speak.
  9. I'll list the differences that I can remember (pretty much everyone has already stated them) 3 trains Over head restraints 6 cars Full theme queue with interactive lights & tvs playing the weird episode and from time to time showing a glimpse of people standing in line to go along with the weird episode. OH almost forgot, you use to never get halted to almost a stop on the MCBR
  10. All I ask is they don't make snapping impossible. I hope I don't tear up the ride For anyone who's not getting this talk about "snapping" etc watch this and you'll quickly realize what snapping is.
  11. If you two want to go on Sunday (November 2nd) I can get you both 14.99 tickets. The operating hours are 11am to 7pm and the Halloween Haunt will not be going on. Maybe this will help with money? If you are wanting to still go on Saturday and want to have full bellies while staying in the park heres what I would do and to keep cost low. First eat a huge breakfast! Have your parents or yourself make a big ole breakfast. Second good thinking on the Banshee refill cup for .99. If you start getting hungry during lunch and need something to fill you up I highly suggest going to Potato Works in Rivertown and getting a thing of fresh cut fries and chicken bites. Both of these are 6.99 and will come out to about 15 dollars. (one of you can buy the fries and the other can buy the chicken bites) Now for dinner your cheapest option and getting unlimited food is the buffet that is served in picnic grove(located between kiddie land and the water park) from 6pm to 8:00pm I highly recommend buying your buffet tickets at the help center ( its behind the place where you purchase your Fast Lane passes near the front entrance) This will cost you 14.99 each and i recommend getting to picnic grove at 5:30 A park employee at about 6 oclock should be going up and down the line asking for pre-sold tickets, give yours to the employee and walk right in. the menu is (sorry if I miss something) Baked Beans Potato salad Corn on the cob Hot Dogs Roasted Chicken Pulled BBQ Pork and cookie Also you can get unlimited drinks too. So your grand total for both of you is .99 for each refill on your Banshee cup 15.00 for fries & chicken bites 29.98 for 2 buffets if you split everything down the middle your total cost for the day shouldn't be that much. Hope this helps Another thing to keep cost low is to do a packed cooler full of foods, that would save you money for lunch, and aslong as you re-enter the park by 7pm you could pack a dinner as well, but preferably I enjoy a hot meal for dinner.
  12. Apparently the driver did not have a drivers licenses http://ktla.com/2014/10/04/4-teens-killed-another-injured-in-fiery-irvine-crash/
  13. http://youtu.be/R8J1HYqGF94 heres the raft going airborne http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/84188638/ POV with people on it
  14. When FoF has any problems with electrical, they're usually pretty bizarre. Drop Zone and FoF launch had a very very interesting electrical "relationship".
  15. Son of Beast, it seems like every time I visit (which was at least once a week back in 2000) that thing had a line of at least an hour or more.
  16. Where is AZKindaGuy, he knows what those parts are! as well do others.
  17. It smelt like burnt rubber really bad while being evacuated today, but overall the staff handled it well, minus the girl employee who you could very well tell was nervous and began to panic the children in line in the building. Other than that I'm glad no one was injured.
  18. Cody

    Best seats?

    There is only one ride at KI that you need to ride in the very front at least once and that's Flight of Fear. In my opinion thats the only coaster at KI that truly gives you a different experience when it comes to seating.
  19. As of right now you can get online and buy a gold pass, HURRY! IT WILL BE TAKEN DOWN SOON. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/tickets# you can no longer buy gold @ the park or on the phone
  20. I 100% of the time high five them back. I look at it as its not harming anything, its actually probably making their day. The whole germ thing cracks me up, you wouldn't be at KI let alone in public if you seriously had that much of a problem with germs.
  21. If you need your space, why are you going to a park that can draw around over 18,000 visitors in a day? You're going to get touched at least once and choose wisely who you're going to have problems with. I've seen brawls break out over a giggle. .
  22. They will need to be very selective of their words and their body language.
  23. Mine would be Vortex in 1996 I believe, also The Outer Limits Flight of Fear in 1996 as well. I think I rode them back to back
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