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  1. Hey! Our hot dogs are just fine. I do like Skyline's but us "crazy White Sox fans" love our Vienna Beef! Speaking of which, what you should have gotten while you were here that I've just learned (from my daughter who just graduated from U.C.) is hard or impossible to find in Cincinnati is a good Italian beef sandwich! At least you had Giordano's! I really, really enjoyed your photos!!! This from someone who sees these places all the time. (Except that ledge on the Sears...er, Willis...Tower - no way!) Very interesting and well done!
  2. I re-discovered the Dells last year after 15 years and was pleasantly impressed. Mt. Olympus (which has its own website with some great pictures) has several wooden coasters (Hades being my favorite for the underground part), several huge go-kart tracks (too bumpy for this old lady but the teens love them) and a waterpark with slides and a HUGE new wave pool. If I recall admission was around $35 and well worth it. There are tons of other go-kart tracks and mini-golf courses and every kind of food. The Kalahari indoor water park is huge and was a great place to spend a frigid weekend last winter. The Mayflower was nice when we stayed there many years ago and it's located in the middle of everything. There is a Rodeway Inn and a Comfort Inn we stayed at last year, both nice and affordable. The only drawback: if you forget something don't expect to be able to run out for it after about 8-9pm, everything closes. There is ONE 24-hour Mobil Mart that's hard to find. Have a GREAT time!
  3. If all three of you were wearing Indians shirts we were slightly behind you in that Skyline line. It was completely ridiculous to wait 45 minutes for a (cold) hot dog. But when they rang it up and WAY undercharged for six of us my daughter asked him to doublecheck and they told her keep it for the long wait, so at least it was really cheap.
  4. I doubt it's solely weather-related although it's probably a factor. SFGA isn't opening until the end of April and the weather is virtually the same as Cincinnati. They're raising their single ticket price to $55(!) too, and everything else there is SO much more expensive PKI's prices don't bother me. I'm just happy I was able to get to PKI for opening day. My daughter scheduled her UC campus tour for Friday morning so we could make the trip. Got to PKI about 5:00, waited an hour in line for our passes, but no complaints. All the processing stations were open and they appeared to be working as fast as they could. We were disappointed that Face/Off, Delirium and SOB were all closed but we walked the park twice and rode everything that was open. We did the same thing Saturday. I found it strange that the train wasn't running but was pleasantly surprised that all of the water rides were. I'll miss the footlongs, but we ate at Skyline on International Street and it was very good. Yes, mistakes were made; yes, you could definitely tell that some employees were nervous and inexperienced. But they were all polite and apologetic and trying to learn their jobs in a very busy environment. No problems on any rides; IJ was working fine when we rode Saturday. I don't think I could have a bad time at PKI if I tried. My only complaint is that I can't go back until June.
  5. I'm so glad you got to bring Little Chef to PKI this weekend! But you didn't take him on Scooby/Haunted Castle? We walked all around NU just to look at everything but we got there pretty late, I hope we will see you there this season!
  6. Qustion 1: I visit PKIC: b. Every Week Question 2: I visit PKIC because: a. The forums b. The photo gallery c. The articles/editorials All of the above. Question 3: The content of PKIC meets or exceeds what I desire out of the page: 5. Strongly Agree Question 4: The moderators and admins on this site are fair when making decions about closing, deleting, and moving topics. 4. Pretty much agree. Question 5: The content of PKIC is superior to similar sites involving amusement parks. Probably. I really don't know about other sites. Questions 6: If there was one thing thing that PKIC could add that would bring the quality of the site to the next level, what would it be? ::cough:: more Mac-friendly stuff maybe? ::cough:: Question 7: What is the one thing you like best about PKIC? Anyone can contribute. And the way you guys run things here. Question 8: What is the one thing you DISLIKE most about PKIC? Can't think of any.
  7. Don't let Chef hear you say that... Maestro (RIP) was the head ghoul in Phantom Theater. He rocked! 23 out of 25. The old "Rock Stop" thing got me again. And 7th Portal, 007, whatever, I know there's a 7 in it. The only shows I've seen in AT are Spongebob and the Elvira one.
  8. You might be a PKI addict if you... ...went there for your honeymoon!
  9. It's a tie between the floating usher ghost with the flashlight and the Centurian. I miss PT still, they don't make 'em like that anymore...
  10. AZ- that sounds like a blast. Indiana Beach is pretty cool, what I liked was the old boardwalk feel and riding the paratrooper over the water. The Dells have some new coasters I guess. My daughter went this summer but couldn't get her friends to go on any of them. Not much to sightsee in Chicago...unless you come when the Reds are in town and watch them kick the Flubs' butts - again! And I'm confused - isn't Raging Bull a B & M Floorless?
  11. Latest official report is that it will be free with season passes. Without, they're not saying...yet. I have no doubt they will find a way to make back their $$. They must have been feeling some major heat the past few years, they've really cleaned up their act since the mid-90's.
  12. Dane, are you ever going to make these videos Mac-friendly, or can you remind me again what you told me I need to do to see them?
  13. Every time I looked at a QTV screen Kid Rock was up there. He was EVERYWHERE......
  14. Hey AZ Guy, Ah, the grass is always greener, isn't it? I can't STAND Great America, that's why I drive the 5 hours to PKI. Don't take me wrong, I am very happy you had a good time and I enjoyed your pictures! You actually make the place look good! Maybe they have improved their Fright Fest (which used to suck - and cost near $80 per person, for maybe 2 rides and no haunted houses) since I last went about 5 years ago. Raging Bull and Batman are awesome coasters, no question. I wish wish wish PKI would build one like either of them. The Whizzer is a great starter coaster for kids. The Eagle was my favorite wooden coaster until I discovered The Beast. Their Giant Drop can't compare to Drop Zone, their canoe ship is half the size of Viking Fury...one cool thing they did have until very recently was a Rotor. There is talk of them adding a water park next year - at yet another upcharge. You are doing what I always wanted to, just picking up and going to all the different parks, that is so cool, and something you're going to be so glad you did when you had the opportunity. I made it to about six parks before starting my family - and putting that plan on hold for about 18 years... The picture you took on the expressway of Sears Tower is literally five minutes from my house. Give a shout next time and I'll steer you to a gas station away from the ghetto!
  15. What happened to the giant chocolate bar?
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