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  1. I got to ride all 3 Togo standup coasters in the Paramount Parks. Skyrider and King Cobra seemed to be the best of the 3. I liked Shockwave just didn’t have a good ride.
  2. Good news looks like they are going to sell the Dragon model again for $500.
  3. No just static non moving models. Coasterdynamix does not make the little moving models anymore.
  4. Went every year down town with my dad. Nothing really their anymore after the trains moved. If you goto the Union terminal train display you can see the talking reindeer that used to be downtown also.
  5. My wife loves the thin crust at the park. I love the meat lovers at the restaurant.
  6. They took out all the Motion seats for the haunt.
  7. Vortex

    Beast Brakes

    Before the breaks where upgraded you could still get the out of control rides on The Beast if it opened after it rained. While it was fun ride. The track got a lot of wear and tear.
  8. Glad the train was not under steam that could have been much worse.
  9. That was the Brew house. The BBQ in Coney is very good I get the tri tips reminds me of Texas BBQ.
  10. The Racer was already changed when they took out the last bunny hills on both sides for a longer break run. Also it used to have buzz bar restraints with more room.
  11. King Cobra was a fun ride. It used to exit out to a gift shop.
  12. Went to the Brewhouse again thought I give it another try. The line was super long and only had one cashier working with 6 people standing around. Took about 20 mins to get the food. Needed a refill on my cup but the line was out the door.
  13. While I don't like the look of the new fountains. How hard would it been to get the same water fountains as Canda's Wonderland? The show is ok for a local park I guess not something people come to see over and over. Smail park down town has the same fountains that light up and dance at night. Saw it walking home from the Reds game.
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