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  1. As of Monday the 2nd of August The Beast is still down. I guess I got lucky on last Thursday and got a morning ride.
  2. Saw on scream scape today that Orion was meant for California Great America.
  3. Having a more family Halloween event during the works out great for kid to scared to goto the haunt. I don’t grandma or grandpa would like seeing the little one scared, but would rather see trick or treating.
  4. Forgot where I saw it on YouTube but their is a video showing a B&M invert called Top Gun coming to Kings Island. We got the Arrow suspended coaster.
  5. Wish they could sell classic Hanna-Barbera parking signs from when I was little.
  6. Most likely Kings Island is having trouble getting more shipped to the park. I don’t know where they are made, anything that is imported is slow right now. Just my guess
  7. While The Beast foot prints are a nice blast from the past. I haven’t seen a line that long in a long time.
  8. Heard on 700 WLW around 5:00 am yesterday that Kings Island would put something out this week. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I could be wrong on the day I do work early in the morning and my days get mixed up sometimes.
  9. All I can say is Wow. Got off work early this morning and my wife told me when I got home.
  10. Left around 4 had a line to leave the exit.
  11. I am sure the governments are the ones telling them half capacity.
  12. Past ride signs I go with this.
  13. Sounds good wish I had know. Had Boysenberry sauce at Knotts it’s really good.
  14. Realistically probably just maintenance on The Racer or Beast. With only 3 parks open I don’t see anything new in 2021 unless it’s something small. Season passes went on sale with out any announcement for 2021 Cedar Fair parks.
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