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  1. Thank you me and my dad forgot. I was only 3 and just tall enough to ride The Racer in 1979.
  2. Didn’t The Racer add a car to each train do to being very popular?
  3. I don’t know about that. I was going to Six Flags over Georgia they closed the park for the day after it stopped rain at 7am and the park opened at 10 am.
  4. I hope Kings Island can bring back those fruit drinks they used to have. I know Cedar Point was going bring them back for this year. Not sure if they did do to Covid.
  5. Most of the coasters can not run in below freezing weather unless in a building.
  6. Forgot to say if you have a refillable cup they give you a paper cup. You have to Pour your own drink. They are not allowed to touch the cups.
  7. So I just got back from my Dollywood trip. You do to have a park reservation which comes with a new ticket or a season pass you have to register online. They do screen you out in the parking lot before you can come in and they give you a wristband. Had no problems with face mask on rides. Every other row was open and you got hand sanitizer before you could get on. On the rides they ask you to wear a mask. Now on the train they made everyone wear a mask or covering. Employees where going around Handing mask out if they saw someone walk around without one. Had a really great time.
  8. https://youtu.be/UrHQ2RHAKiM Found a video on YouTube explaining how things are going to work at Dollywood. Not sure if Kings Island we’ll be exactly the same but I thought it was interesting.
  9. Also you have to remember the monorail went under the last hill going in the station.
  10. I have been wearing a bandanna it’s not bad to breath out of. I am going to Dollywood soon so I let you know how it is.
  11. My picture from 50 years at Disneyland.
  12. Kentucky has been late to the testing that’s why you are seeing more now.
  13. Schwarzkopf designed very different coaster from what Arrow made. I know their are pictures on the net of the model. I hope The Bat stays around longer it was the last Arrow suspended coaster.
  14. Let’s see I didn’t get to ride The Bat the ride broke down while I was in line and was closed the rest of the day. Didn’t get to ride the screamin Demon.
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