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  1. That was the Brew house. The BBQ in Coney is very good I get the tri tips reminds me of Texas BBQ.
  2. The Racer was already changed when they took out the last bunny hills on both sides for a longer break run. Also it used to have buzz bar restraints with more room.
  3. King Cobra was a fun ride. It used to exit out to a gift shop.
  4. Went to the Brewhouse again thought I give it another try. The line was super long and only had one cashier working with 6 people standing around. Took about 20 mins to get the food. Needed a refill on my cup but the line was out the door.
  5. While I don't like the look of the new fountains. How hard would it been to get the same water fountains as Canda's Wonderland? The show is ok for a local park I guess not something people come to see over and over. Smail park down town has the same fountains that light up and dance at night. Saw it walking home from the Reds game.
  6. It’s going to be hard not seeing this when you walk in the park.
  7. Sorry it just looks dull and boring with out the pedestals. Feels and looks like something is missing when you see it.
  8. What happened to the Royal Fountain? I hope the pillars will be put back. The front the park look so bad with out them.
  9. If you look at the exit for Firehawk you will see some new fences already up.
  10. The only way I could see the Big Dipper get rebuilt with the current layout would be to use Iron Horse Track. That would make it a steal coaster with steal coaster trains. I am just taking a guess I don't know all the rules on building coasters.
  11. While I don't know why Disney did not go with Crown. I do know Cedar Point does have a Disneyland train running in the park.
  12. The only things you could reuse would be motors and the chain for the lift. The best thing to do is hire someone to draw up blueprints and rebuild it some where else.
  13. To make this area bigger Kings Island would have to remove two coasters. The land in the Dino area is not that flat and very hilly. It would be cheaper to remove The Racers and Adventure Express and use the flat land under them. I don't think anyone would want to loss these coasters for a bathroom or a flat ride.
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