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  1. While I don't like the look of the new fountains. How hard would it been to get the same water fountains as Canda's Wonderland? The show is ok for a local park I guess not something people come to see over and over. Smail park down town has the same fountains that light up and dance at night. Saw it walking home from the Reds game.
  2. It’s going to be hard not seeing this when you walk in the park.
  3. Sorry it just looks dull and boring with out the pedestals. Feels and looks like something is missing when you see it.
  4. What happened to the Royal Fountain? I hope the pillars will be put back. The front the park look so bad with out them.
  5. If you look at the exit for Firehawk you will see some new fences already up.
  6. The only way I could see the Big Dipper get rebuilt with the current layout would be to use Iron Horse Track. That would make it a steal coaster with steal coaster trains. I am just taking a guess I don't know all the rules on building coasters.
  7. While I don't know why Disney did not go with Crown. I do know Cedar Point does have a Disneyland train running in the park.
  8. The only things you could reuse would be motors and the chain for the lift. The best thing to do is hire someone to draw up blueprints and rebuild it some where else.
  9. To make this area bigger Kings Island would have to remove two coasters. The land in the Dino area is not that flat and very hilly. It would be cheaper to remove The Racers and Adventure Express and use the flat land under them. I don't think anyone would want to loss these coasters for a bathroom or a flat ride.
  10. Well the parks are not doing good right now. I will just wait for the press release if the ride is getting replaced.
  11. California`s Great America, Carowinds and Kings Island are all getting Winterfest for 2017. Along with Knott's which has been doing for awhile. Looking forward to going next year. I did not mind to paying to much last time the shows where really good and you have to pay for the zoo parking also if the lot is full
  12. Also California`s Great America is getting Winterfest in 2016.
  13. Something seemed up with Mean Streak this year. For some reason it did not open with the rest of the park. I just happen to be their on the day it opened and saw that markings all over as you got in the line. A lot of people took time to rip me for posting it. So if next time someone reports something in a legal area and has pictures be nice about it. They could be right.
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