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  1. All I can say aout SixFlags is they are terrible of running parks they bought Wyandot Lake here in columbus and it's been a joke I thought that they would at least try to make some imporvements to the park instead they just ran it into the ground I'll be glad to see the day when the Columbus zoo takes it back over
  2. the offical Opening date is out May 22nd I can't wait this is one of the biggest things to happen to columbus in years amusement wise http://www.fortrapids.com/
  3. Yes it's shaping up real well I drove by tonight on my way home from work slide's are being assembeled on the lot to the left of the main water park area.You can see connected tubes comming out of the front of the building and there is alot of construction going on on the family suite's on the right side. Looks like it's going to be a great place when it's finished. Holiday inns website is booking packages for $109.00 a night right now. Also there have been rumors that when the hotel is not booked up they will let in the general public for a fee not sure what it will be though.
  4. Let me see if I remember right or not wasent the last time KI had winterfest they we a family owned park? Hmm now PKI is a corporate owned park if my memory jogs me right just how many people are still working there that were employed when it was KI and had anything to do with winterfest this year. My point is how can you compare the 2 to each other.
  5. I know it's been discused before about PKI being haunted but I found a cool link and thought I would share it with you all http://www.forgottenoh.com/Counties/Warren/kingsisland.html Search the entire state also http://www.forgottenoh.com
  6. Being the lawn and garden guru that I am I can tell you that you have nothing to worry about with theese bees. they come out in early spring feed off the flowers and then become trouble for wooden structures they are known as borers and are as big of a pest as termites. Basically they will drill there way into what ever wood they can find leaving behind large amounts of saw dust and large holes. The best way to get rid of them is to use plumers puddy and fill in the holes that they have made but only do this at night as they are in their dormant stage.As far as personal protection use any product containing Deet (Cutter or Off) this will repell the away from you. And just a friendly heads up don't wear any sweet smelling cologne as this will attract them to you I've never herd of them stinging they are more of a pest than anything.
  7. I have to agree it is sad to see it go. but on the other hand I've introduced my kids to Boomerang and they all love the Hanna Barbera toons.
  8. Goto go with La Rosa's they just don't make pizza like that here in columbus.But what I really miss is the international street resturant they had great food along with a great view.
  9. I was wondering if House Of Blues was returning in 2005? I personally though that the entertainment line that they brought in last year was terrible.
  10. Yes it's being repainted red white and blue and they are changing the name to Captain America.Just kidding no the reflection from the sun in this picture makes it look Blue and Silver.
  11. All I have to say is read the sign before you ride SOB duh it's a woodie it's suppost to be rough if you don't like it stay off of it. Woodies are not suppost to be smooth.Beside's if i was PKI I would go after this company for false accusations.
  12. Is it making a return or not in 2005?
  13. Demon was very basic I rode it back in 87.The only good thing about it was if there was a show at Timber Wolf that you wanted to see but didn't have tickets you were able to watch part of it from the Que line.
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