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  1. I heard through a reliable source that the sasquatches out back have been moving dirt piles around again........
  2. The ride operator will likely be sued, but it appears the true responsibility will fall on the ride manufacturer who either did not require the arm inspections or did not give (for lack of a better term) an "expiration date" as to how long these rides can be in service for before having a full-blown metal fatigue test conducted. Not trying to be morbid: from the info gathered at this point, I'm glad to hear it was not gross negligence on Amusements of America's part. I have bashed traveling carnival ride operators many times. This does not appear to be their fault.
  3. Not physically looking at the ride but be willing to be be quoted as to what they believe the failure to be is careless- especially if that is not the true failure. Now that it is out there, that is all anyone will believe. As you said, there are a number of entities performing an on-site, physical investigation. Does the European group believe those entities from Ohio are incompetent and they can diagnose the failure from pictures and an ocean away?
  4. For those planning on making a trip to KD in the next couple years. BGW is a short drive away:
  5. It is interesting that the National Association for Leisure Industry Certification has not looked at the ride themselves.
  6. No. That is not the case. That is what the news report was attempting to sensualize.
  7. This video offers very little explanation for anything. The pics of the affected area on page 1 are different than the pics in the video. Just another media outlet trying to uncover a smoking gun.
  8. 4340 is strong, but will rust. 316ss & aluminum can tarnish in the right conditions, but do not rust.
  9. The rust appearance some claim to see brings up a great question: What IS the material used in the arms of the ride?? 316ss? 4340? Aluminum?
  10. Number of Accidents Due to Amusement Park Rides Might Be Higher Than You Think http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/number-accidents-due-amusement-park-rides-might-be-higher-you-n787286 Sometimes I really hate the drama-spin that the media does. This is one of those times.
  11. I'm a firm believer that all accidents are preventable, that being said, it sounds as if the carnival operator did take the necessary precautions to operate the ride. Perhaps fatigue testing should be conducted more? (that then raises the question(s) where on the ride are the tests conducted) Anyone remember the Chaos accident years ago? The recent tragedy is starting to sound similar. http://lubbockonline.com/stories/073101/upd_075-5288.shtml#.WXs-gtTysdU
  12. Perhaps I am incorrect, but I read this as only an annual inspection is required: (key area highlighted) http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/1711.53 I take the (G) section use of the word "may" as it is not required for every individual set-up.
  13. Absolutely correct. I will say that in my type of work (manufacturing), many things that are "wrong", start to get ignored because it becomes the "norm". When it becomes the "norm" we get desensitized to the actual problem. This is why every: state, city, township, county, WHATEVER needs an authority to oversee these moving carnivals. A 2nd set of eyes should always be required when it comes to the safety of riders. The video is graphic, but also explains what happened. Hopefully it will put the rumors to rest that this was IN NO WAY the riders' fault.
  14. And it is a two way street, I sincerely hope you understand that. Life is so much simpler when people can agree to disagree. On a side note, it was the sasquatch family that moves the piles of dirt.....
  15. But now that you defend it, you are part of the speculation. If you have issues with prudish people disagreeing with you, don't be part of an online community. Dum-da-dum-dum......
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