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  1. Ice always works & will last the day, especially if you pack it well (extra drinks etc.). We also add in ice packs & cover the cooler in a wet towel. https://www.lowes.com/pd/rubbermaid-blue-ice-weekender-pack/999970386?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-sol-_-google-_-lia-_-237-_-coolersandhydration-_-999970386-_-0&kpid&store_code=1654&k_clickID=go_1793151301_68519295759_346785832464_pla-696106991190_c_9006421&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItvLG4-C54wIVmYjICh1dEQ7kEAQYAiABEgIKJfD_BwE
  2. SoB should have been sponsored by a beer company. My national beer day at KI happened after my first trip on SoB in 2000 (3rd or 4th trip from Erie....) I was so shaken, I needed to sit down at the Beer Garden for a few.
  3. Bring a cooler with your own food.
  4. Disagreeing with each other is not negative. So far, nobody is wrong. There are questions that surround the issue at hand from both sides. It's just that some feel the need that everyone must agree with their way of thinking- which will never happen.
  5. Knowing that Banshee was to be used instead of Mantis @ CP, the Banshee rumor ran rampant often at numerous enthusiast sites. Or you are just a crazy, psychic mofo scaring us.....
  6. Cedar Point allows re-entry. Too many people staying on park property in the hotels & marina to not allow it.
  7. Sexual harassment is very difficult to prove absent of: witnesses, email, video etc. It is also interesting that the lawsuit was filed. Typically if there is any merit to the accusations, the company being sued would want to settle before the lawsuit hits the courts. We only hear a fraction of the sexual harassment allegations & settlements. If any of this is true, the immediate supervisor should be held responsible as he did not go to HR with the allegation(s). On a side note- if you are in a difficult situation, be sure to email your direct supervisor & Bcc your personal email account. And- DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT immediately!!! You will never remember the exact details days, weeks, months, years later. If your direct supervisor does nothing, go above their head. If you do have a personal one-on-one verbal meeting, send a follow-up email with all the details discussed. Nobody will cover your butt better than yourself!
  8. The cars are not any closer to the supports today than they were when the ride first opened in 1993. The accident on Ninja did not have anything to do with the cars being too close to anything. A large branch fell on the track. You can make a valid argument that the trees should not overhang the track. The title to this thread is INCREDIBLY misleading.
  9. Ever think the lack of "teasers" is the actual teasing?
  10. Gaslighting is very serious, both in the action & the accusation. I am not trying to be unempathetic for those who have been gaslighted but using "gaslighting" in the example given here takes away from the seriousness of the true action. The literal action typically surrounds a very personal relationship.
  11. They are all wrong. It's gonna be a Aquatrax....
  12. KI did have trams back in the day. I believe the added insurance expense in our litigious world had a hand in their demise. CP does have van shuttles that will take you from front of park to back of park, marina entrance, Lighthouse Point etc. Link to previous tram discussion:
  13. Lake Erie water level, as well as all the Great Lakes, are near or have exceeded all time high levels. Superior is about 14" above normal whereas the rest are +30" above normal. Needless to say, the levels are creating havoc on the shorelines. A good chunk of Cedar Point Marina has been under water this year & yesterday there was a decent NE wind which "pushes" water into Sandusky Bay. There is almost as much water as there is land on Presque Isle in Erie (Waldameer for you enthusiast folk). At this point, we can only hope for a good amount of dry weather to drop the levels before the winter months. High water & winter storms will devastate the shorelines everywhere.
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