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  1. What background does this DA have to make a statement like this on the heels of the security changes being implemented both last year & during offseason? He also had an interesting decision when it came to lawsuits filed after the terrible synagogue shooting in 2018: https://triblive.com/news/top-stories/commonwealth-court-says-zappala-erred-in-ignoring-criminal-complaints-on-gun-legislation/
  2. In PA, the company I work for recently installed LED lights in the parking lot. Aside from being able to read a book at night, the ROI was only 20 months- energy cost savings, maintenance cost, and rebate for going from regular lights to LED were all MASSIVE. AND the lifespan of LED is almost triple that of regular bulbs.
  3. ^^ That is an interesting take on it & I believe you are spot on. I also question if CP advertised it accurately enough for everyone to know what it really was. Many of the comments suggested that CP is for rides & FF really didn't "fit in". I personally enjoyed it. It was a nice break from standing in line & being on rides all day.
  4. Aside from there was no way Bat would have ever been successful the way it was designed, the functional suspended coaster design never became a major draw for parks and only a select few are considered a success. I believe Vortex had way more exposure & success to KI than a suspended coaster would have. And the rest is history.......
  5. According to some FB sites, it was mentioned during the Q & A session on Saturday the decision to close FF was lack of guest participation.
  6. Everyone has to consider the previously announced additions to the recently announced subtractions. The new Boardwalk will pick up much of the slack for the new subtractions.
  7. We went to both CP & KI this past summer during the week (1st week August @ KI of 2nd week of August @ CP) and found that to experience a majority of the coasters at CP in a day, FL+ is necessary. At KI, we were able to hit all the major rides by 4pm without FL.
  8. 2025 is a good guess. It will not interfere with the 2024 CP reimagined TTD project. Zamperla and CF seem to have formed a relationship. 2025 would give another year of design & testing for a multi launch coaster.
  9. The timing of this announcement seems to coincide with TTD's original 1/9/2003 announcement. Although nothing points in this direction, I believe this "new formula" will be more than launch-top hat-brake run. But if this is it, a new launch system will be fun to learn about.
  10. Knowing how long major capital projects take, I personally thought 2023 was always aggressive. After watching the Christmas video with the CP2024PHPNR "hint" only leads me to believe whatever is happening with artist formerly known as Prince ride formerly known as TTD it will be a 2024 event. But that does open the speculation door- what does CP2024PHPNR mean? My quick thought is: Cedar Point 2024 project high point new ride (last "R" could be record but can't wrap my head around why the sudden importance in having the height record).
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/cedarpoint/comments/zr3msr/top_thrill_dragster_dec_aerial_update/ Lots of demo going on. Christmas tree, finish sign, footers on both launch & brake side still there. Big hole where transfer track was and clearing at end of station is interesting.
  12. Two days is a nice change to try and satisfy the masses.
  13. These incidents are terribly sad but......suicide is arguably is most selfish thing a person can do. People do care about the victim. There is help available if you wish to get it. The only thing that is good about there was only one victim & he did not take anyone else with him. Holidays are difficult for some people. Keep an eye out for those whose behavior is "different" and may need to just "talk".
  14. A true measuring stick is how other animated movies been doing at the theaters post-pandemic. I would also venture to guess many movie goers assumed an immediate release to Disney+. 2022 has not been kind to the market. If Disney being down 27% is better than other entertainment companies than being "just fine" could be interpreted as "better than most".
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