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  1. Cash is time consuming, promotes shrinkage, easily lost, and is crazy dirty (ever been to a club??). The cards are a welcome addition. I was skeptical when Waldameer went cashless with kiosks dishing out Wally Cards, but it has worked out incredibly well. KI has taken it a step further where the cards being handed out can be used anywhere. Speaking of clubs, imagine if they went cashless??
  2. Waldameer in Erie went cashless a few years ago & it has gone much smoother than I ever thought it would. They deserve a ton of credit for bucking the trend & doing it good! ICYMI- Unless it's a holiday, Waldameer has no park entry fee. The Wally Cards used in lieu of cash are also used for ride entry so their system is used at every ride as well. Also remember- if the card system goes down it likely is an internet/ Wi-Fi issue and everything else is typically down as well.
  3. There have been so many incidents, including violent, at parks over the past handful of years it is inappropriate to single out a specific chain/ park.
  4. There have been numerous discussions across many fan sites about the increasing trend of line jumping over the past handful of years. Part of me thinks it may be due to Fast Lane opportunities at most parks. Full disclosure: I am not a Fast Lane supporter, likely due to being more "old school" but truly want to understand how other park enthusiasts feel about line jumping and the increased trends. Please let me know if another question should be asked!
  5. There was a similar incident at Waldameer in Erie PA on Memorial Day. These incidents are becoming too common at parks over the past few years https://youtu.be/yRzY8iTO5m4
  6. The chaperone policy on paper is one thing, properly implemented is another. We all saw what "mask police" have done during covid and the altercations that followed, now there will be "chaperone police" at a park? I would be very upset & quite miffed if some random guest accused my kid of not having/ needing a chaperone. Accusations don't make for a fun day. Not to mention the chaperone policy was implemented with the idea that the chaperone would not allow incidents like this to happen. In today's world, "adult" is more about how one acts than their actual age and many time those that are of adult age act worse than kids..... Whatever the park decides (and there is a good chance we will never officially hear about it), it cannot be a knee-jerk reaction. Simply adding more security isn't always the answer. Everyone knows that a video camera is in the pocket of most people and there are security cameras everywhere and in incidents that happened at KI still happen. Even with security present the incident continued. People no longer have any accountability for their actions and have zero respect for others or those people meant to keep the peace. Perhaps a slower, less obvious approach would be to have more communication/ radios between all employees to the powers that be. If security/ managers were made aware of incidents as they happen their presence in real time (as opposed to 10 minutes after) could be the deterrent needed. Even a step further would be to have those in a high-level position use a notebook/ iPad to review video with offenders. Perhaps a few big screens showing all the park security cameras with live video feeds at the park entrance as a reminder that big brother is always watching? I'm not sure if there are any perfect answers.
  7. Faulting the park for people not being able to control themselves is incredibly unfair. There was a garage sale in my neighborhood this past Saturday. It's a nice subdivision with home values $200,000 to $350,000 Cars lined on both sides of the street. Moving cars could not pass by. Garage sale cars illegally parked in many driveways. Police had to block off both entrances to my subdivision from letting more cars enter. Then the fights started. And a stabbing....no joke. PGA Championship took place in South Carolina this past weekend. Crowd rushed Brooks Koepka and knocked him around causing more pain & injury to an already injured knee. Crowd was way out of control. We have all seen fights over stupid crap like facemasks, or those butthurt because their entitlement is not acknowledged by someone else. Road rage videos everywhere. There is one similarity of the above examples- no teenagers were involved. They are all adults committing these horrific acts. Covid has mentally affected many people negatively where social interaction was lost. Combine that with everyone's head in their phone for the past decade plus and it's not a massive surprise people have zero clue how to act socially. We all need to just be nice to each other. Not everything is meant or intended to be malicious. Agreeing to disagree and move on is SO MUCH easier than fighting like wild animals. There is no magic wand to solve all these issues and more rules and restrictions will only create more animosity. We all need to take a step back, breathe, and really ask ourselves- is getting mad over the little things really worth it and what is the endgame you are looking for by getting so uncontrollably mad?
  8. 18 year old can: vote, join the military, buy a house, and get married.... ......but can't bring their child or young sibling to the park. Businesses are allowed to make their own policies, but I'm not sure if this is a good business decision.
  9. A couple weeks after a park opens (and especially opening weekend) are always difficult. Rides/ attractions/ food service sitting idle for months do take more time than you can imagine to get going full-speed- even after being tested before opening day. Combine that with seasonal parks not running at full capacity for 18 months, new employees, lack of employees, and guest expectations to Everest levels need to be considered. I will say that CF has not made it easy on guests and employees with all the differences for: seasonal passes, entry fees, Fast Lane, and entry times etc. We here can keep up with it due to talking about such things to a crazy enthusiast level, but for most guests and employees, there is no way they will have all the nuances down pat this early in the season. The typical guest did pay good money for their experience, and deserve the same experience opening weekend as you will have in August. CF needs to get back to the basics. Keep the lines open till the park closing time (and I'm sure that decision to close the lines early was made due to shortage of staffing). Get rid of Fast Lane as it creates too much animosity amongst guests. If the park cannot keep a majority of the rides operating, either discount the entry fee for the first few weeks or give out a discount coupon for later in the year or test full speed weeks before opening day. Get rid of the multiple seasonal passes as the perks for each one constantly get confused for many paying customers. Many of these opinions will likely not go over well, but it needs to be understood that parks like CP and KI operated & survived without perks for decades. During that same time, guest experience was put at the top of the list and was included with your park entrance fee. The parks today require additional money for a top-notch experience and when the parks fail to meet the expectations, the complaints are numerous- and some are justified.
  10. Maybe it was in Action Zone & not near Beast.....it's been a long time!
  11. I was quite excited which made my soon-to-be wife excited as well since we continuously talked about it after seeing "the box" near Beast in 1999. This was to be the ride that put KI back on top of my list of favorite parks (Paramount really left a bad taste in my mouth). We get both MF & SoB in the same year as our wedding as well as a 2 week honeymoon at Disney with side trips to BGT & Universal. 2000 was going to be EPIC. After 6 frustrating trips from Erie to KI (similar to my young experience with The Bat), we finally made it on SoB. Ride opened late morning & we waited in line for front seat. The excitement of being on SoB quickly turned to "what in the heck is going on, my head has been jackhammered??" The disappointment of the SoB ride experience was only rivaled by frustration of the impact Paramount had on KI.
  12. Bolded for emphasis. This definitely made me chuckle......
  13. "Flattening the curve" means slowing the spread of covid. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/8/20-1093_article Times like this need as many bright spots as possible. After it was announced that the daily deaths related to covid reached 1000 in the US for the first time since May, the president finally came out to acknowledge cases are increasing and masks do help prevent the spread. Hopefully those discounting the numbers will start respecting the spread and do what is necessary to again slow it down.
  14. The endgame is some hate to deal with the black & white numbers vs. what is believed to be "likely" and proclaim it as fact. The curve was previously flattened- when people were taking necessary precautions. Now that people who believe the numbers are not real stopped caring about those same precautions the curve has increased past the level before flattening the curve was even a thing.
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