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  1. Downfall of Waldameer is the Wally card they give you can only be used at Waldameer. Wife & I went to a Penguins playoff game in the spring. PPG Paints Arena is cashless as well. There were no public freak outs like found on social media.
  2. Appears that the fire was electrical in nature & has been removed from the park.
  3. Parks charging guests for using lock boxes throughout the park so phones are never on a ride may be drastic but for how many issues phones cause parks & other guests a good discussion could be had that it is not drastic at all. If the amount of downtime parks endure which makes lines longer (and then also makes parks look bad because of the social media pics of a "ride has broken down again") combined with the injuries we know about, the SV way of removing all phones from being carried on rides may be coming down the pipeline to all rides/ parks.
  4. Parks need to remove phones from rides. There is not a good reason to have a phone on any ride. Parks could install phone stations, similar to SV at CP, in strategic areas around the park. If a guest insists on bringing a phone in the park, have a $10 upcharge for unlimited access.
  5. I had 3 family members take in their insulin & other medical items this past weekend & the previous weekend and had zero issue. This bag drama has been influenced by social media grandstanding. Anytime someone starts screaming "ADA!" there is more fiction to their story than reality.
  6. Article pointing blame at the park: https://triblive.com/local/kennywood-shooting-raises-concerns-about-park-security-metal-detectors/ Another article on the gun being stolen from Columbus. I'm surprised they didn't blame the park for that either (100% sarcasm, but pointing blame at a venue as opposed to the criminal is nails on a chalkboard for me). https://www.wtae.com/article/kennywood-shooting-gunman/41391787#
  7. ^ I think the TSA does a bit more than the skit portrays, but yeah, some of it is very true.
  8. Venues like an amusement park, schools, stadiums, theaters etc. are not secure like an airport (and their "secureness" is questionable). It's too easy to get a weapon onto the property for someone who is determined to do it. The visual of a metal detector is very similar to a chaperone policy. It looks nice, it is a deterrent, but the actual effectiveness is lacking.
  9. https://www.wpxi.com/news/local/police-swarm-kennywood-park-after-reports-shots-fired-inside-park/V4AEWTY475FD5ES4MX45IHU6RY/
  10. Will it cause financial damage? The teens most of us refer to that are dropped off at parks likely have passes and minimal money available. Throw in a chaperone that now pays for parking and has more significant financial resources to be with the teen and the quick Skyline Coney the teen would have without the chaperone now turns into a large pizza with drinks and a couple cheese coneys a few hours later with the chaperone while wearing a new hoodie. Parks that have had issues like this want to satisfy the social media outlets that are also demanding more security like yourself. I'm not convinced additional security is the answer. People know cameras are everywhere (including dashcams) and they still do stupid acts somehow thinking they will not be seen. Banks are the most secure destinations that most of us know of and they still get robbed. Kids at the age of needing a chaperone see these videos more often than many adults. Somehow accountability & integrity has been erased from many in today's world. I agree that the chaperone policy is a knee-jerk reaction- the recent brawl at Disney is proof that the "chaperone(s)" can commit these violent acts as well. Parks want to show social media they are doing "SOMETHING" and pointing the finger of those who are not considered adults is a easy solution that just makes people feel warm & toasty inside (kind of putting a guarantee on a box.....). Like additional security, I don't believe chaperone policy is the answer. I will continue to beat this drum- put these people acting out on social media blast getting arrested and charged. Then put them on blast when the punishment is handed down.
  11. The brawls didn't happen at other parks either. Until they did.
  12. ^ Based upon the vague information given, I can see multiple launches including a launch up a spike, rollback, then launch again with a switch track- similar to Pantheon at BGW just on a larger scale but not using the current top hat. Intamin has had some recent success with a few new coasters. Perhaps CF will work with them sooner than later.
  13. Perhaps the cost of removal is so great, re-engineering the ride to today's technology has comparable expense/ ROI? TTD's issues from day one, including the unfortunate recent incident a year ago, dealt with the ride's technology, not the structure. I am excited to see what the future holds. I also wonder if Intamin will be involved.
  14. TTD officially being retired. Announced on CP Twitter. I do find the wording very interesting.
  15. CF owns a bunch of property off-point- which could be a reason for improving the roads and traffic flow to & from CP. https://fox8.com/news/future-road-project-should-make-drive-to-cedar-point-safer-faster/ I can see a future where more off-point land is used for another water park like you mentioned, additional parking lot, more hotels, perhaps even moving Lighthouse Point (??).
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