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  1. This is just a possibility: Many large corporations like to use an internal tag line that focuses on a specific direction they want to go over a certain period of time. The absence of a specific park & only the CF logo on the mug was something I quickly noticed. "Project Soul" could easily be that line given for a direction CF wants to go in given what we have all experienced over the past two years. If this is the case, it's a nice move on CF's part- I would certainly embrace going to a park and having such a fun & enjoyable time it allows a few hours of forgetting what is happening outside the park. There are many possibilities.
  2. I hope all goes well with the opening. With this much time "testing", any downtime will come with an avalanche of scrutiny.
  3. Interesting finds on the "hotel". Knowing it probably would not be a hotel that would get many yearly guests, it still is quite the investment for Kalahari to make for employees to stay. It does speak volumes on why CP had difficulty finding enough employees during the pandemic.
  4. https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/crime/kalahari-shooting-and-murder-three-arrested/95-9dcabf30-d5ba-4681-bcf5-e024c0ac61cf Tragic news. The article is a tad misleading about the employee housing. Extended Stay is a hotel that appears to be contracted out by Kalahari.
  5. I would think a final determination into the accident would be necessary before investment is made to any: queue line changes, design to trains, design to brake run etc. are made. It is also possible the park & ODoA is allowing time for the victim to hopefully recover before any report is finalized.
  6. https://www.coaster101.com/2016/01/12/book-review-dick-kinzel-biography/ I'm sure the above information will play into the discussion if TTD will be operating again.
  7. Glad to hear that it is getting better. There were a couple incidents at CM last year that just made my stomach turn.
  8. Too many clubs have treated the everyday guest like 2nd class citizens and have also treated parks like they need to bow down to the almighty club. When parks said "no" to certain demands the club(s) have retaliated against the person that said no to the point of jeopardizing their livelihood. Many in the the clubs have developed a gang-like mentality: if you are not with us, you are against us. It shouldn't be like that. Have fun with it. Enjoy the camaraderie with others and when a disagreement happens, do it respectfully.
  9. With any major project like TTD, there are numerous concepts from multiple companies. The current concept was the final that was signed off on.
  10. 20-ish years ago record breakers were a big deal, not so much nowadays- except for enthusiasts. For most, 300' coaster allure is unfortunately watered down today- which I think is crazy but look at the data: it took 10 years for the 2nd giga to be built in the states and only and only 7 are currently operating worldwide. In 2006 (just a few years after TTD debuted), Dick Kinzel was quite vocal that it was the worst business decision he ever made & that 50% of park goers would not ride TTD. Other parks obviously agree given only 2 stand today. Guest experience & convenience has taken over for record breaking coasters when it comes to drawing in guests. I expect in the coming years new(er) technology to be used in rides more than record breakers.
  11. Since CF has taken over: 4 coasters: 230'/ 80mph, 7 inversions & longest inverted, wood coaster that is enjoyed by most people- including enthusiasts, 300' 91mph How those can be considered scaled back compared to: BLSC, FoF and a historically failed SoB is just mind-blowing. ....but to each their own.
  12. Absolutely terrible news. https://www.yourerie.com/news/breaking-news/fire-reported-at-the-blue-streak-roller-coaster-at-conneaut-lake-park?utm_source=wjet-wfxp_app&utm_medium=social&utm_content=share-link
  13. I do not see the "status" changing. IMO- ACE needs Beast more than Beast needs ACE.
  14. My experience is people listen to recordings similar to reading signs- a very small percentage. Giving the knives to security was the best thing.
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