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  1. It should also be noted that rides are being stopped for guests having their phone out and could easily be misinterpreted as a breakdown.
  2. I believe many of the breakdown of rides (not just at KI) are due to numerous safety measures being put into place. The more sensors/ prox switches, the more opportunity for rides to go down. We use many sensors & prox switches in manufacturing and it does take a good while for things to "hum" consistently. To have a ride get to the point that all the sesnors/ prox switches are humming together seems like it wouldn't be difficult but with: weather changes, constant vibrations & "fixing" vs. "replacing" due to lack of resources (manpower OR equipment) some patience may be needed on our part.
  3. That project is going to require lots of glue & duct tape.
  4. It's bad that an accident of this magnitude happened. Park & guests are lucky that it was not worse. I wonder if the recent track replacement have anything to do with the wheel failure (possible alignment issues??) or was it failed tubular track that caused the accident? Failed tubular track on older Arrows is not exactly uncommon- Magnum had a decent amount of track replaced in-season recently. Vortex reached end of service life- track fatigue likely played a large factor into that decision. When BBW was closed the reasons were very similar to that of Vortex.
  5. On CP FB fan pages there has been more acknowledgement & pics of guests being escorted from the park for having their phones out on rides. Some of those who have been booted have given a 1 star google review to voice their displeasure of not being granted a warning. EDIT:
  6. "My dog can't go into a kennel for a day, he has PTSD and it is too traumatic to be around other dogs." ......leaves dog in hot car to die....... Can't fix stupid.
  7. Why would new/ refreshed entrance require a larger footprint than it already is? I believe the current entrance area is bigger than necessary. The original design was for trams to be used to bring guests to their cars.
  8. If there was a real clearing of trees/ brush etc. for some type of project I would have expected the entire area to be cleared by now.
  9. It's a Sunday in June-expect the worst. Take a vacation day & go on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You will all be significantly happier.
  10. I believe there is more than just a building going in. According to some hints dropped: the area will have something for everyone.
  11. Two big differences that I can see: 2 across seating vs. 4 across- the outside seats will have more pressure on the rider due to what I'm guessing is centerline over the rails not being in line with the heartline like the inside riders. Launch vs. lift hill- the bottom of the initial drop on Mantis was one one the worst spots for myself if my legs were not bent just the right way. The launch will put more stress on your body being pushed back into the restraints as opposed to being pushed down. Here is an article from 2020 on the B&M standup redesign & Seaworld: https://www.coaster101.com/2020/09/28/bolliger-mabillard-files-patent-for-stand-up-coaster-restraint/
  12. 2 across seating standing is interesting. I wonder if that has to do with lighter trains that will put less forces on the riders. The forces on the riders/ rider's legs on KC was not uncomfortable compared to Mantis.
  13. Those Canadian geese make for some great jerky- which is about all they are good for.
  14. This is one case I stand behind CF 100%. All businesses suffered during the pandemic & had to make difficult decisions to try and keep customers and investors both happy and stay in business while not slitting their throats by giving too much away. It was a tremendously slippery slope. For CF to extend season passes for an entire year is really going above & beyond what should be expected and any passholder should know that true value.
  15. Are there red/ blue/ yellow/ orange/ green spray paint markings on the ground outside of the fence? That is typically a dead-giveaway that something is happening in the area. Each color signifies something underground: utilities/ sewer etc. These markings are needed before any digging is done.
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