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  1. There was a similar incident at Waldameer in Erie PA on Memorial Day. These incidents are becoming too common at parks over the past few years https://youtu.be/yRzY8iTO5m4
  2. The chaperone policy on paper is one thing, properly implemented is another. We all saw what "mask police" have done during covid and the altercations that followed, now there will be "chaperone police" at a park? I would be very upset & quite miffed if some random guest accused my kid of not having/ needing a chaperone. Accusations don't make for a fun day. Not to mention the chaperone policy was implemented with the idea that the chaperone would not allow incidents like this to happen. In today's world, "adult" is more about how one acts than their actual age and many time those tha
  3. Faulting the park for people not being able to control themselves is incredibly unfair. There was a garage sale in my neighborhood this past Saturday. It's a nice subdivision with home values $200,000 to $350,000 Cars lined on both sides of the street. Moving cars could not pass by. Garage sale cars illegally parked in many driveways. Police had to block off both entrances to my subdivision from letting more cars enter. Then the fights started. And a stabbing....no joke. PGA Championship took place in South Carolina this past weekend. Crowd rushed Brooks Koepka and knocked h
  4. 18 year old can: vote, join the military, buy a house, and get married.... ......but can't bring their child or young sibling to the park. Businesses are allowed to make their own policies, but I'm not sure if this is a good business decision.
  5. A couple weeks after a park opens (and especially opening weekend) are always difficult. Rides/ attractions/ food service sitting idle for months do take more time than you can imagine to get going full-speed- even after being tested before opening day. Combine that with seasonal parks not running at full capacity for 18 months, new employees, lack of employees, and guest expectations to Everest levels need to be considered. I will say that CF has not made it easy on guests and employees with all the differences for: seasonal passes, entry fees, Fast Lane, and entry times etc. We h
  6. Maybe it was in Action Zone & not near Beast.....it's been a long time!
  7. I was quite excited which made my soon-to-be wife excited as well since we continuously talked about it after seeing "the box" near Beast in 1999. This was to be the ride that put KI back on top of my list of favorite parks (Paramount really left a bad taste in my mouth). We get both MF & SoB in the same year as our wedding as well as a 2 week honeymoon at Disney with side trips to BGT & Universal. 2000 was going to be EPIC. After 6 frustrating trips from Erie to KI (similar to my young experience with The Bat), we finally made it on SoB. Ride opened late morning & we
  8. Bolded for emphasis. This definitely made me chuckle......
  9. "Flattening the curve" means slowing the spread of covid. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/8/20-1093_article Times like this need as many bright spots as possible. After it was announced that the daily deaths related to covid reached 1000 in the US for the first time since May, the president finally came out to acknowledge cases are increasing and masks do help prevent the spread. Hopefully those discounting the numbers will start respecting the spread and do what is necessary to again slow it down.
  10. The endgame is some hate to deal with the black & white numbers vs. what is believed to be "likely" and proclaim it as fact. The curve was previously flattened- when people were taking necessary precautions. Now that people who believe the numbers are not real stopped caring about those same precautions the curve has increased past the level before flattening the curve was even a thing.
  11. Per your source: 191,392 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases 20,141 deaths= 10.52% mortality rate.
  12. Eliminating the "estimating" side of things for COVID: US mortality rate is 3.7% (3,761,362 total cases/ 140,157 deaths) https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/cases-in-us.html Worldwide mortality rate is 4.1%
  13. Is the coronavirus political? Only if you want it to be. Just a small tidbit: if it is political, this would mark the first time in World history that all countries can actually agree on something- the virus has many fatalities and we still know little about it. There is nothing in the constitution that prevents a city, state, or business from requiring you from wearing a mask. Saying BLM does not mean that you think all lives do not matter. Saying hug a tree does not mean you don't like bushes. The confederate flag represents the darkest time in our nation's history where th
  14. ^ You are taking it personal. Don't. This is a whole new World for everyone, including the park(s). The park system as we used to know it under the current restraints will likely fail more than succeed. I implore patience with park visits this year. With all the uncertainties this year, every park should have eliminated their version of Fastpass/ Fastlane etc. The park would have either made you whole for the money spent, or extended the Fastlane availability to 2021 (when hopefully everything is normal again).
  15. That was a well done post- insightful & honest. I expect many experiences to be similar, not only with CP, but most parks.
  16. It is really quite simple: If you do not want to wear a mask at a place of business that requires a mask, don't go. Please understand though- DO NOT cause a scene because an employee has asked you to put the required mask on. You are an adult that made an adult decision to enter the business that required wearing a mask. The employee is simply doing their required job. If you cause a scene with an employee that asked you to put your mask on it should trigger an IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from the premises (do not pass GO, do not collect $200). Have a nice day!
  17. Tokyo Olympics postponed. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2020/03/23/olympics-2020-ioc-member-tokyo-games-postponed-dick-pound-coronavirus/2899848001/
  18. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism at 18 months. We (wife & I) were initially devastated thinking 'Rain Man'. After some input, where we learned A TON, from medical professionals we found that she was just a tick over the autism scale & there was a chance that most would not notice her "condition" when she was older. At that point, we made a commitment that we were going to treat her like a normal kid so that she would not use the diagnosis as a crutch. I am happy & proud to say that 18-ish years later she is a college student that graduated cum laude from high sc
  19. Uncertainty surrounds everything right now. When the parks finally open, it may be in a reduced capacity as there is no way to predict how many will be coming through the gates. The fear of the virus will continue to spread long after businesses open back up.
  20. There is the compensation! Season pass cost reimbursement will be in the form of in TP not being used in the parks...........
  21. In this unprecedented time, it is hard to predict what is going to happen 2 days from now let alone 2 weeks or 2 months. Could CF reimburse the money spent on season passes? Perhaps. It's really hard for them to make a decision due to so many parks spread out across the nation. One park may not be affected in PA while another park in CA may not open at all. I believe they will end up giving a discount in 2021 to season pass holders that paid for the pass in 2020 based upon when the pass holder "home park" opens. It may not be a perfect solution, but it's hard expect perfectio
  22. The news/ reaction to the coronavirus reminds me of the overall feeling after 9/11. Nobody knows what to do. Nobody knows what is next. Some are over-reacting. Some are under-reacting. At this point, pointing the blame solves nothing. Those in decision making positions could not predict it would be like this. I personally do not envy their position as the information they are basing the decisions being made is constantly changing at an alarming rate. The service industry that rely on the public money walking in the door & spending is being hit INCREDIBLY hard- both empl
  23. It will be interesting to see if the virus continues to spread with warmer weather come end of July/ beginning of August during the Tokyo Olympics. The financial impact of postponing the games would be terrible, the impact of a complete cancellation (although I don't see this happening) would be devastating.
  24. Scooby Doo was renamed/ retheamed to Beastie in 1980 at which time the tunnel was added at bottom of first drop due to the success of Beast opening in 1979. Many kids, myself included, were at the threshold of the height requirement where one ride attendant let me go on Beast and another later in the day would not. Needless to say, the kids version was not up to par...... The fancy height GO/ NO GO we see today did not come out for a few years later.
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