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  1. The park was less interested in what was the appropriate time in 2015 following the Raptor accident. The victim's name & exact details were released hours after the accident. https://www.google.com/amp/s/fox8.com/news/sandusky-police-investigating-accident-at-cedar-point-near-raptor/amp/
  2. It will be interesting to find out if CP has submitted any information to SR & if SR is just looking for a fight as you have suggested and seems to be the case. If CP has submitted information & SR is taking this public just to make CF look bad, is MAJOR mud on their face. The other thing I have noticed- SR seems more concerned about obtaining the public records as opposed to the well being of the injured woman.
  3. SR does deal with numerous police departments & just wants the same reporting from CP. The article of the injured guest on Raptor does have some alarming red flags. That being said- SR has had a beef with CF when VP Duff Milkie unexpectedly left earlier this year. They wanted to have a sit-down interview with CEO Rich Zimmerman about CF's direction in Sandusky and if there was a plan to officially move corporate HQ to Charlotte. That request was met with notable silence. Zimmerman did eventually sit down with Sandusky officials, but I do not believe he ever interviewed with SR. Milkie was a strong supporter of Sandusky (and Sandusky resident before joining CF) and was quite vocal about the move and the recent moves of corporate execs over the last year-ish. CF is easily Sandusky's largest employer. SR is overly concerned about the loss in tax dollars. SR is also likely taking the snub to a personal level. I live on the Southern shores of Lake Erie and will say that after the holidays are over, the return to work after New Years to St. Patrick's Day can be grueling when it comes to the weather. Dark, grey, windy, cold, snow....are not exactly attractive attributes to corporate execs & their families when the other choice is significantly milder weather. It should also be noted that Paramount Parks HQ was also based in Charlotte.
  4. Some interesting articles from Sandusky Register: https://sanduskyregister.com/news/343711/cedar-point-not-above-the-law/
  5. Unless there is a major redesign for stand up coasters, the odds of a new one are unlikely.
  6. To the typical park guest, the Golden Tickets are legitimate. To an enthusiast, we can poke holes all day in the voting.
  7. It will be interesting to hear of the results after Columbus Day/ Halloween events. Columbus Day weekend at CP is typically one of the busiest, if not the busiest, of the year- weather pending..... Will the renewed concerns of the pandemic variants effect patronage negatively?
  8. Very sad for all directly impacted. https://denver.cbslocal.com/2021/09/06/glenwood-caverns-adventure-park-closed-haunted-mine-drop-ride-death/?amp
  9. Some referring to Cedar Fair on social media sites about this decision are plain out of their mind.
  10. Flight Commander was definitely unique, but after a couple rides it was just- meh. Think of it as an aggressive Wind Seeker. Part of the queue line was under the ride platform and had a couple TVs, I do not recall if it they were for theming for the ride or just played music videos. It was nice to get out of the sun for a few minutes. There were painted Flight Commander symbols on the ground similar to Beast tracks/ Vortex track going to the queue line which added to the excitement when it first opened. *I believe* there were modifications to the restraints following the accident. The initial theory was the lady fell from the capsule after getting out of the restraints trying to get a better view of the emergency lights/ activity going on at the Beer Garden. Alcohol played a factor into the Flight Commander accident.
  11. Good to know. Was the rest of the restaurant upgraded for ADA as well?
  12. IR was not ADA accessible. For IR to meet current regulations, the ROI would be many, many years.
  13. Unless they are looking at another part of the car, the way the L brackets work with the prox switches, the bracket would be on the very front & very back of the train.
  14. It will very interesting to see the final investigation from ODA. Some of my thoughts: I have dealt with L brackets with flat head cap screws and prox switches. The L bracket is simply a piece of angle iron. The flat head cap screw typically have a hex opening to have the screw end go into a threaded opening. The prox switches are very lightweight so they can be easily moved and many simple piece of plastic covering over the "sensor" part. This plastic covering has zero strength to it and can be easily snapped off using a couple fingers (these prox switches are part of the reason TTD is down often). Knowing how the bracket works with the switches if it was loosening over time, the prox switches would have likely not sensed the bracket shutting the ride down well before the accident. It's difficult to see the c'sinks 100% but there does not appear to be many dings/ dents on the c'sinks themselves- if there were it would suggest the L bracket was loose for a good amount of time and the screws were loosening up as the bracket would have been banging between the train & angled underside of the FHCS. The bend suggest bracket took one big jolt shearing off the FHCS. The previous press release from ODA did say there were half the bolts came off (the other halves would have been still threaded in the train). When the final report of the accident comes out, it will be interesting to see where damaged track is located- was it only on the brake run or did something cause the train to be misaligned on the launch side just enough to have the L bracket come in contact with an object moving the bracket to the point where one of the FHCS sheared off the launch and the other FHCS sheared off on the brake run that damaged more of the track & brake fins. Or I'm totally overthinking this and the FHCS were over-torqued from the start and finally the head failed due to constant vibration of the train being used (remember the wheel theming that came off on the brake run in 2003 that ended up in the water near ID?).
  15. https://www.wkyc.com/article/entertainment/places/cedar-point/photo-shows-bracket-similar-to-one-that-injured-cedar-park-guest/95-d0d1828d-c419-4d98-80e1-52cb1fb2b253
  16. I forgot it was sponsored by Encyclopedia Britannica. It was an after lunch relaxing ride in the A/C for our family. I remember there being many animals that were very active- pretty uncommon for a hot summer day. It seemed SO MUCH longer than 2 miles. Great memories!
  17. I was excited earlier this summer when my daughter enjoyed Beast in 8+ years and said: "Dad, Beast is great. There is nothing else like it!" -Brown- proud father of an enthusiast daughter.
  18. Pre-existing conditions was a term often thrown around when it came to injuries on SoB. What gets lost in the mix: people who enjoy rides often did so without incident or injury. Then they ride Do-Dodonpa or SoB and suddenly have an injury that gets chalked up as "pre existing". If they never had an injury until one particular ride, how does "pre existing" come into play?
  19. It would be interesting to see the breakdown of each entities' seasonal park vs. year round parks as well as the breakdown of each park that was not able, opened late or could not open 100% due to the pandemic.
  20. It would be interesting to see information on this concept.
  21. Now that the age, victim's current location, hometown, and brief medical condition have been released, it certainly obsolves the PCN that has received much unnecessary hatred for trying to do the right thing and posting a Cedar Point incident report. Now the concentration needs to be focused on how the "mangled" parts came to be as the catch car has been questioned on how it may have "caught" the train off-center on the launch which resulted in a part of the train getting bent and hitting the L bracket off center on the brake run.
  22. So the frustrating four play is eliminated with thrill of the ride climax? Gotcha!
  23. No reason to include car mechanics as they cannot move a gas tank due to the design on the car. https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/a6700/top-automotive-engineering-failures-ford-pinto-fuel-tanks/
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