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  1. Tokyo Olympics postponed. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2020/03/23/olympics-2020-ioc-member-tokyo-games-postponed-dick-pound-coronavirus/2899848001/
  2. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism at 18 months. We (wife & I) were initially devastated thinking 'Rain Man'. After some input, where we learned A TON, from medical professionals we found that she was just a tick over the autism scale & there was a chance that most would not notice her "condition" when she was older. At that point, we made a commitment that we were going to treat her like a normal kid so that she would not use the diagnosis as a crutch. I am happy & proud to say that 18-ish years later she is a college student that graduated cum laude from high school. I consider ourselves lucky. There are many on the spectrum that are unable to have the success my daughter has had. My prayers are with your family & stay strong! Family is the most important thing in your life! I also do not blame vaccinations on her condition and have a serious issue with those that do. We live in a "need to finger point the blame at someone/ something society" (i.e. "China Virus vs. Corona Virus). Mother nature evolves just like we do. Science will one day hopefully catch up with the current issues plaguing us today, and move on to the next big thing.
  3. Uncertainty surrounds everything right now. When the parks finally open, it may be in a reduced capacity as there is no way to predict how many will be coming through the gates. The fear of the virus will continue to spread long after businesses open back up.
  4. There is the compensation! Season pass cost reimbursement will be in the form of in TP not being used in the parks...........
  5. In this unprecedented time, it is hard to predict what is going to happen 2 days from now let alone 2 weeks or 2 months. Could CF reimburse the money spent on season passes? Perhaps. It's really hard for them to make a decision due to so many parks spread out across the nation. One park may not be affected in PA while another park in CA may not open at all. I believe they will end up giving a discount in 2021 to season pass holders that paid for the pass in 2020 based upon when the pass holder "home park" opens. It may not be a perfect solution, but it's hard expect perfection in this difficult time of uncertainty. Stay safe & healthy my friends!
  6. The news/ reaction to the coronavirus reminds me of the overall feeling after 9/11. Nobody knows what to do. Nobody knows what is next. Some are over-reacting. Some are under-reacting. At this point, pointing the blame solves nothing. Those in decision making positions could not predict it would be like this. I personally do not envy their position as the information they are basing the decisions being made is constantly changing at an alarming rate. The service industry that rely on the public money walking in the door & spending is being hit INCREDIBLY hard- both employees & owners. I hope that the government will help both entities financially. Care about your fellow Americans. Do what you can to not spread the disease. Your immune system may be able to handle being sick, but that doesn't mean the person you potentially could infect can handle it. If we are lucky, it will be behind us by Memorial Day & hear the screams of enjoyment from Orion.
  7. It will be interesting to see if the virus continues to spread with warmer weather come end of July/ beginning of August during the Tokyo Olympics. The financial impact of postponing the games would be terrible, the impact of a complete cancellation (although I don't see this happening) would be devastating.
  8. Scooby Doo was renamed/ retheamed to Beastie in 1980 at which time the tunnel was added at bottom of first drop due to the success of Beast opening in 1979. Many kids, myself included, were at the threshold of the height requirement where one ride attendant let me go on Beast and another later in the day would not. Needless to say, the kids version was not up to par...... The fancy height GO/ NO GO we see today did not come out for a few years later.
  9. Think of it as parents planning for their childrens' college education. Initial planning starts with starting a college savings account when the child is very young, but the details as to what college/ major come at a much later date.
  10. The internal aspects of planning take considerably longer than the external planning/ quoting. 5 years from initial discussions to final product operating is likely spot on.
  11. It would be nice to see the breakdown in property, school, employee income taxes paid for by KI & employees. While I cannot completely disagree with those who had homes in the area prior to 1970 or those who have purchased homes before the inception of Fear Feast/ Halloween Haunt, if those same locals could see the financial benefit (aka- $$ they have not been or currently responsible for due to the park incurring those costs) it may change their perception. But on the other hand- I have many friends/ family that are near airports/ train tracks. When visiting I have made the comment that I could not deal with the noise. Their response was the same- we are so used to the noise, it's hardly noticed anymore.
  12. Vortex removal is certainly a planned event unlike SoB, Wildcat at CP in 2012 or KD's Volcano. I would expect to see activity (i.e. stakes in ground) in a few years. A bigger sign something will be done with the area is if the station house remains in some capacity.
  13. You are correct. I should have put completion of the tower light testing for WF seems to have coincided with the cams coming back online. I hate it when I forget it's crazy important for posts to be spot on for everyone to understand.
  14. Testing of the tower lights for WF seems to have coincided with the cams coming back online.
  15. It's ok to date an enthusiast, don't date a fanboy. i.e.- enthusiast- yes downtime sucks, but rides can go down. fanboy- SoB was NOT rough! YOU CAN'T PROVE IT WAS!! enthusiast- Ohio is lucky to have two great parks! fanboy- CF only cares about CP & not KI!!
  16. I can remember Raptor's opening day that was cold & rainy. Getting off Magnum our faces all felt & looked like we has a deep severe acid facial performed.
  17. Temperatures & weather impact how a ride operates. Consistency is the key with the decision of what ride operates. The park can't advertise a ride operating, but then not have it run due to colder than anticipated conditions.
  18. If he has a valid lawsuit, I wonder if Mystic Pizza (est. 1973) has one against him too? https://www.tripsavvy.com/mystic-pizza-connecticuts-most-famous-pizzeria-1600235
  19. With all the conspiracy theorist negativity over a simple webcam its mind blowing how anybody became an enthusiast before the advent of webcams.
  20. Knowing that CF is a publicly traded company, the funds necessary to create a self insured OCIP for every capital project would show up on quarterly reports.
  21. Purchasing an OCIP for Orion's construction, KI would not be considered "self insured" for the project. If the park says the issue is with internal software, we have no reason not to believe them. Conspiracy theories run rampant with everything due to social media. From 9/11, to vaccines, to fluoride in the water, the crap some come up with is quite disgusting and often take good people or businesses down. All it really comes down to is ego. Some people have this incessant need to be right that they will literally make stuff up.
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