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  1. Did the park open the dorms this year as planned? Also, for the people who say "It's only about a half mile" try working 13 hours in a hot sticky day, then telling your International workers "Just hike about a half mile in the pitch black back to your dorm." Also, who's to say it's a shuttle route? Maybe they are just adding lights along the path so it's not a walk in the dark. Maybe the excavation in the parking lot is making a connecting path so they can drive them over to the employee gate, which is just on the other side of the main gate.
  2. I'm wondering if they are getting new trains for T3 as well as the Raptor.
  3. They are brakes that slow the ride down and don't stop it. Diamondback has trim brakes on the hill after the first turn around. The brakes after that, where the coaster can complete stop, are called block brakes.
  4. Sonder Brewing (basically across the highway) has a Giga Coaster lager on tap right now and in cans.
  5. We don't need a lot of things, but I do think a Ferris Wheel would be a nice attraction.
  6. Maybe not a great comparison considering it's had lots of problems. However, it says it's 6 miles round trip. Not a chance they would allow it to go over I-71 though.
  7. Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster are tight fits for the seatbelt for me, and I can get the lapbar down myself on Mystic, Beast, and Diamondback. Maverick is a little more forgiving. I can't say much about Steel Vengence, I've never ridden an RMC.
  8. Probably would have your answer if you called the park by now.
  9. I love that there was a Space Ghost ride in there. The Flintstones Freeway looked pretty awesome as well.
  10. The average guest at Kings Island doesn't seem to care about the parks cleanliness. Also, people love to add to piles of things, so it just makes things worse.
  11. They just said no reservations, they didn't say capacity limits.
  12. I did not work at the park in 2003, but I worked in Rides in 2004 and 2005 and worked a lot of Fear Fest shifts. I worked in Park Services in 2009-2011. I also worked a lot of Halloween Haunt shifts. Funny to see how much I've grown (or not) since 2002, thanks for bringing back this blast from the past.
  13. Not required, if you were there and you are concerned, you should get tested.
  14. Shamless plug. A friend of mine owns 513Shirts and their masks are great, they don't go around your ears, they go around the back of your head and your neck, or the top of your head if you are smaller. They breathe well and they are fairly light weight. I've been wearing the same two in a rotation while I work the past two months and have had no problems at all.
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