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  1. I bet they'll be doing pull through next month.
  2. You want track work done so they can start testing, which would be more exciting than watching them put 3 pieces of track in a day.
  3. I'm fairly certain that Cedar Fair had a similar thing early in their operations at KI, along with removing trains on rides in the rain.
  4. The only time I think it'll hurt attendance is Friday night Haunt, people won't see as much perceived value, especially when other Halloween events are open late. The park really emptied out after 10 PM on Midnight Closes, seemed as though most people assumed they still closed at 10. Park attendance will be up, due to Orion.
  5. They are lifting up one of the other pieces now!
  6. Definitely apply first. The job fair is a great place to interview, because they are doing so many interviews that day, they aren't as intense as a non-job fair interview. If anyone wants some pointers, feel free to PM me, and I'll try to get back to you. Keep in mind, you may get turned down for your first choice, but I would have a back up ready, just in case.
  7. Hounddogs in Columbus is really good.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if they were finished by the end of the month.
  9. I'm thinking the rain is actually just washing it off, you can see droplets of water running down the camera.
  10. The food is pretty good, but I typically go up there on $1 beer night as they serve you beers, don't have to get up, short walk to the bathroom, plus the view is good.
  11. Part of the reason it made the drop so awesome, it's coming over the top of the hill with extra speed.
  12. And less than 1% of people that go to the park care about that extra 13 feet. You won't notice it on the ride. Would you rather have 300 with a 287 drop, or 287 with a 300 drop?
  13. The chairs have been mostly removed.
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