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  1. They have been doing this for at least the last 15 years. It's not going to change.
  2. You should consider yourself lucky that Toyota doesn't want to have the park until 10 PM. These buy outs make the park an insane amount of money and they've been going on since well before Cedar Fair.
  3. I probably won't go this year, because last year was so poor, in my opinion. Understaffed.
  4. Man, I didnt know Eurobungy was included in the Rides Price! What a great deal!
  5. I believe I saw the top of the second hill being driven through the parking lot this morning.
  6. Kings Island is in Ohio, stupid tweet.
  7. I am concerned that Ice Breaker and Pantheon are going to have AWFUL capacity.
  8. They do. I think it's Toyota if I recall correctly.
  9. All joking aside... I would like to add quite a few of Coney's flat rides to Kings Island. Yes, the capacity would be bad, but if you add several of them, it spreads out the crowds a bit.
  10. I guarantee it is significant and that the brake system was designed with that in mind.
  11. Unlikely. Call them when they open today and ask.
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