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  1. It's been discussed that the station length is probably too short for stadium style seating.
  2. For the people complaining about the layout, it seems to me that it's more of a complaint about the length of the layout, not the layout itself. In terms of height, I would rather the ride be 286 feet and drop 301 than be 301 and drop 286. Having ridden Fury, I think this turn around can be really awesome, especially given how it appears to be over 90*. The Shambrahala helix looks pretty interesting. I also like that this ride has no MCBR. Am I disappointed that it's not a record breaker? Sure. Records get broken though. If you would have asked me 15 years ago if I ever thought Kings Island would have any rollercoasters on par with what's at Cedar Point, I would have laughed. Maybe a lot of you were too young then, who knows. I would urge all of you to relax your disappointment until after you saw the ride video and what all Kings Island has in store for this ride and possibly Flight of Fear.
  3. It's been discussed several times. They are filed with the City of Mason, not Warren County.
  4. ^ The Paramount Action Theaters were probably being designed at about the same time as Back to the Future was. I'm not sure if the intention was to be the same, but Days of Thunder was a pretty fun little ride. There were some decent attractions in the theater over the years, except Dracula's Haunted Castle. TR:TR was done pretty well on the inside, but the outside failed pretty bad. Source: Tomb Raider Chronicles and Technifex
  5. That is a maintenance road. It appears there will be something there for Haunt, but I doubt they'd want to remove that access year round.
  6. New, maybe. Expanded, unlikely.
  7. The discussion about TR:TR/The Crypt and SoB should tell people how far we have come. Instead of getting a "totally immersive dark ride adventure" or arguably the most disappointing roller coaster ever built, we're getting a B&M giga. If Paramount was still in charge of the parts, we wouldn't have any B&Ms. We'd be getting Premier coasters.
  8. Building pad could be a new haunt attraction.
  9. Without knowing your size it's hard to say. Cedar Point's rides are notoriously more difficult to fit than the ones at Kings Island.
  10. With the price of steel being as high as it is, unlikely we see anything 400+ with any significant amount of length. Also, putting the highest point at the middle or at the end is a nightmare for brakes. Please don't let Cedar Fair buy Kennywood. It's a great park and I'd hate to see it lose it's charm. Also, it would be neglected with it being so close to CP and KI.
  11. The park will always try to staff Rides first, then food and merchandise. Would you rather have a restaurant closed or a ride?
  12. Don't know if this has been said before, but the length of the clearing is roughly the length of The Racer's footprint, just kind of interesting.
  13. There must be a separate set of "leaked plans" than what I've seen then.
  14. It's impossible to tell at this time. We have the distance between the footings, but we don't have a descent angle or the radius at the top of the drop. We can use historical data to take a guess, but that's all it will be, a guess. As for your assumption above about the first hill being an overbanked turn, there is quite a bit of distance between the drop and the turn around, so I would assume there is some sort of airtime hill or element between. There is also a good amount of distance between the turnaround the "treble clef". Basically we know nothing.
  15. Because when people started plotting the points for the footings, they noticed that it would take a steeper lift hill to get to the numbers they had in their heads.
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