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  1. For every guy that doesn't pull up the seat, there are 10 women who squat over a seat. Hard to believe, but their aim isn't great.
  2. I can assure that the women's restrooms are far more gross than the men's.
  3. Not sure how it's currently done, when I was in the department the bathrooms were broken up as such: International Street: Inside and outside front gate bathrooms Action Zone: Festhaus, Banshee, Coney: Oktoberfest & Vortex Rivertown: Rivertown Larosas, Diamondback & Brewhouse Snoopy: Planet Snoopy, Picnic Grove & Family Care Center Boomerang Bay: Restrooms + Shower House There would be some shifting, from time to time, and doubling up on areas, but for the most part, there is one attendant per bathroom plus a Supervisor in the area who checks in on them as well. At the end of the night the bathrooms are cleaned and shutdown, the mats are pulled up and washed, replaced in the morning when they open.
  4. Maybe the park stopped the teasing campaign when you guys found all the blue prints.
  5. I would hate to see another coaster go in there. I think if they are going to build a new coaster, they should remove Backlot and use that area.
  6. I can assure you that you don't want to know. However, people smearing fecal matter on the stalls and walls of the bathrooms happens more often than it should.
  7. Depends on the cooler that you buy. Newer coolers will hold ice in the heat for 5-7 days. Personally, based on the quality of food service, the last two seasons when I went to the park, I only bought snack foods and not full meals. If I needed a meal I would leave and come back.
  8. There isn't an argument in EVERY thread...
  9. I'm glad it took you this long to figure that out. Chad's comment was deleted, so I wonder if that was him or a mod doing some spring cleaning.
  10. Because people leave the park, go to their cars, slam a pint of vodka and come back in. EDIT: Just for the sake of clarity, a mod edited my previous comment, which is a bit troubling, without any PM.
  11. Sure it does. They were probably a group who are using the exit as an entrance, which is totally fine. That particular group not only held up that train by boarding, but also by having a camera out afterwards. So they really slowed up the capacity that hour.
  12. Agreed. Probably on one of the backroads, probably the road that goes down behind the double helix of The Beast, if I'm guessing.
  13. Truth. I've seen cars with water up to their doors in very heavy downpours. The drainage can get backed up which allows the parking lot to flood a little in the lower spots shown.
  14. What if they installed a monorail that went back there to the loading station?!?!?!
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