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  1. Because the park said so and if you guys continue to do as you are instructed not to do, then KIC is no longer going to get the information that they do get. Believe it or not, the people on this forum are a vast minority of the parks guests, nor are they the target guest. Not saying they don't value you as a customer, but giving additional information to KIC is not going to cost them a significant portion of their profits.
  2. Tent camping sites are rarer and rarer these days. Mostly limited to areas near state and national parks. Also, I wonder what this future Kings Island Drive extension is?
  3. The bar will stay, but I don't think there are any laws that prevent them from sitting at the bar in Ohio. Highly unlikely that they will offer a sit down experience.
  4. If any of the food in the park was half as good as Applebees, they'd be in a good spot. And I hate Applebees.
  5. We used to call it the Fustercluck the year that WindSeeker opened.
  6. I think you guys are SEVERELY over analyzing a cartoon map version that is rarely accurate for how that area is going to look.
  7. That is a serious pinch point between The Vortex entrance and the edge of the Antique Autos. I also think what you are seeing on the left of that photo Rick is the maintenance road that ran along that side of Racer and back behind the Bunge.
  8. I know it was always implied that it was an Indiana Jones ride, but is the reason it never became one, due to the fact that Disneyland had it's own Indiana Jones ride that opened in 1995? I have to think that was a factor.
  9. You do if you live in an HOA neighborhood. You are supposed to file documents if you do any construction on your house.
  10. The Bermuda Blitz and Wildfire both look pretty awesome.
  11. They had a different flavored cotton candy every week if I recall right. Most of them sounded
  12. That ride is like 8000 feet long, would be pretty cool until it drowns you going off the boat.
  13. I'd say it's just a fillet weld. They don't show any prep work to the base material being done. Still a very strong weld though.
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