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  1. Kings Island has like 200 acres of undeveloped land as well, a lot of it isn't currently "usable" but they could parcel out some of it. The ATP stadium has a gloom outlook. The ATP wants stadiums in cities, not suburbs. Castellini is already laying the ground work to move.
  2. I would have absolutely zero interest in living within earshot of the nightly fireworks.
  3. If The Bat could handle the train colliding with a landscaping truck in the past, I'm thinking it can recover from this.
  4. My guess is that they decided to stop replacing the speakers inside the guns. One less part to replace.
  5. It used to, I wouldn't see why it wouldn't.
  6. Geese are a menace, they make a huge mess, and they attack guests. Can't believe they are a protected species.
  7. It does, but it's not in a public area and it's more of a service elevator. They'd need to add some sort of path to get there and dress it up a bit if they were going to use it full time.
  8. It's not ADA Compliant?
  9. If you have younger kids who will spend a lot of time in Planet Snoopy, 3 days is probably good, including one at the waterpark. If you don't have younger kids, you can probably do everything in 2, if you rush, without FL+. I would wait until you get into the park and see how busy it is before buying FL+. Also, it might be worth you buying season passes and getting some of those perks if you plan to go 3 days. Enjoy your trip!
  10. I am fairly certain I got a concussion from that ride, but I rode in the back last March.
  11. There's essentially power running along the entire ride, I'm sure you could tie into spots where there are pumps, operator booths, etc. What I think would be really cool is if they would add a night time lighting package to it.
  12. It was pretty well grown in, prior to them bulldozing all of it. They installed a second entrance/exit off of Columbia road in the past few weeks as well. I would love to have one of those spots right next to the McDonald's Truck Parking Lot. I've heard that is a common overnight stay area for some local lot lizards.
  13. They should offer some tent camping sites as well, I think you see a lot of people who would be interested in that at a lower cost, rather than be jammed in an area with a bunch of RVs.
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