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  1. If the component is Infinity Flyer related, I'm guessing something was damaged during testing, maybe a minor bump? Hard to really say. Seems like an unforeseen circumstance. As for the difference between this past year and this year for having things ready, could it be manpower related? Did they scale back working hours in the off-season? Did they get a late start after Winterfest? I know in manufacturing, basically everyone is hiring, and everyone is running overtime to try and keep up with demand. Probably a combination of a few different things to be truthful.
  2. The lengthening of the operating season certainly doesn't help. The park used to start the seasonal refurbishments in November, not January. I would say the supply chain issues for consumers have been mostly fixed, but I work in manufacturing and getting material for custom parts/ low volume parts is still difficult.
  3. Charlotte is also a hub airport, so easier to get to for a lot of people.
  4. Honestly I think the brown supports fit the theme of Rivertown much better.
  5. Do you put in your age when you get a season pass?
  6. The amount of people that use Kings Island as a daycare or a babysitter is pretty insane. My mom is guilty of that as well. Especially now that child care costs have gone through the roof, it's much cheaper to dump your kid off with a meal plan.
  7. If they are charging you additional for services, that should be their first priority, period. The park has plenty of employees to communicate those things, they have an entire department for it.
  8. Been a while, but most of the Area Managers are trained ahead of time. They train the Supervisors as well as the Certified Trainers. The Certified Trainers and Supervisors re-train the returning crew and then they start training new employees. They generally train as a group, then they test individually on each position. Most new employees are limited at first, so you won't see a brand new employee sitting in the drivers booth for a coaster or even on their own flat ride. You have to earn the trust of the Supervisors first. It's pretty hectic especially with a lot of new employees.
  9. In 2005 when they opened Backlot, they had the path between the Tower and Rivertown shutdown for a few weeks while they finished construction. When I was on the ride crew that is what we did, we stood there and guarded the pathway all day long. It was terrible.
  10. Station to MCBR MCBR To Safeties Safety to Waiting Waiting to Unload Station Unload Station Unload to Station It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure there were 6. I miscounted the station as being it's own block.
  11. I believe FoF had 4 trains at one point, the problem is the loading and unloading takes so long. Even when they ran 3 trains they would be stacking them in the brake run. If I remember correctly FoF has 7 blocks, so they could in theory run 6 trains, but it would negligibly increase capacity.
  12. This thread is literally watching paint dry.
  13. Can't speak to the dorms, but I'm info is here. Great experience for someone in the range. Really helped me get out of my comfort zone as a person being around different people than you grow up with. Would recommend rides, personally. It's the least likely group to get sent home and being 18+ is a benefit in that department. Park Services is a good department as well, but I don't think the pay advantages that were once there still exist. Looks like outside of this week here is your best bet: nterviews Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 1pm-6pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm. Walk-Ins welcome!
  14. If you are going to do that, you might as well partner with them and get their licensing.
  15. Yessir. If I recall correctly, they were square rather than round.
  16. There weren't any there as of 2005, I can confirm that.
  17. I know who he is, I was making fun of the person who said he has stories to share with his kids and grandkids about who he met.
  18. Grandpa, we don't know who John Matarees is, for the 30th time.
  19. A lot of that land is hillside and would require a lot of work to be usable. Even the helix for The Beast is in a pretty big ravine. Memories of Top Thrill Astro dance in my head.
  20. Isn't that the area the drones were launched from?
  21. I'm guessing year round entities have different certifications than what Kings Island does. That or they have their rides re-certified during the season. Kings Island didn't see the value to get 1 extra hour to have it done. They have a system that is currently working and no need to change it since they will be closed for the next 14 weeks.
  22. I was initially shocked when they allowed Chick Fil A into the park knowing that location is making $0 on Sundays.
  23. I'm assuming it hasn't changed much, but when I was there, we weren't allowed to buy Chick Fil-A. Typically Larosas Pizza is always on the menu, then they would have the standard chicken fingers, burgers, etc. They would also have a daily special. It was all pretty decent.
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