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  1. That does sound funny, I'm sure if he said why there were technical difficulties he would have been fired. Anything not released to the public is disclosed information.
  2. Yea, I know it was going alot faster, but it was slower than it had been all season Saturday morning, I don't know if it was because the track was cool or what, but it just wasn't up to normal par.
  3. Actually I believe the track is still there, but they took out the cars and all signs it was there, it's been gone for about a year now, alot of people went to Coney's cars and why ruin the ozone layer for a couple extra people riding, plus it was a cost issue, why pay for 4-5 extra workers when you can cut them and the gas.
  4. Yea, it probably will make you want to there is tons of airtime I'm betting and alot of force changes
  5. Yea, the one problem is Hypersonic XLC hasn't been closed ALL year, just until June or July I believe, with a prototype like that you are bound to have problems. I have also heard good things, and they have FoF there too. I would like to ride Anaconda and Volcano they look like fun rides.
  6. To tell the truth, I've heard Frisbees are great, so a Giant one can't be bad, but than again some people REALLY disliked Tomb Raider, so I guess anything is possible. It's something we need a good flat/thrill ride.
  7. Yea, I haven't been to Water Works in 2 years, but if they added something new, I'm sure I could make an appearance. As I said in other posts, anything could help to send some of the crowds in the park over there.
  8. Well we sure have seen alot of changes on our Beast this year, but their are a couple bones I have to pick. First they added a NEW break half way through the season, it doesn't hurt the ride any, except the feel of the grab, isn't there some way to make it not feel like it's being grabbed, move it up maybe or something. Also, the breaks have been turned up it seems, it was running really slow Sunday morning, and I am pretty upset, isn't there anything they can do to run it with just midcourse breaks on. PKI and Jeff I know your reading this PLEASE fix The Beast to it's old glory, turn down the breaks and reinforce the supports with steel, it may cost you money, but please fix our Beast. So what do you guys think about this?
  9. Vekoma Floorless suspended trains can work Arrow suspendeds, with no track fixing. Well that's the case with Vampire, I am fairly sure that the same would be with Top Gun, but I would prefer just a new regular Arrow train, I'm sure anyone could make it for the right price, however.
  10. Well you can hit every major ride in one hit around the park, it's not real hard, it's ot like two turns, but I would like a new path, but we most likely won't get one, it would be to confusing with a new ride.
  11. Good trip report kinda sucks that you only got on 3 rides, but ohw ell better than none huh?
  12. I would have preferred something original such as: StratosFEAR-Thanks Danny or something like that. It's ok though, because it's going to be a great ride
  13. Lora Croft is not your sister, you are lora croft, so don't try to pull a fast one. Anyways, Delerium fits the ride perfect, and that's what they wanted.
  14. I'm sure they could fit it in, but the question is would they? I really doubt it the only way we'll see another flat in Action Zone is if they take out the race way. It's just way to congested and they need to find a way to relieve the traffic there.
  15. I believe they are in the process of getting back on their feets, let us all hope so, anyways, I believe we could see a new train for Top Gun, I'm assuming we will see one either way even if they have to go to Vekoma for the Floorless trains, but they won't leave it at that low of capacity.
  16. Well as it pertains to the fact I was an hour early to get on Tomb Raider pass preview night, now hopefully I'll get on Delerium crew next year so I can take a ride on it before anyone . Also, I believe it will be great, there is no way it can be BAD, it just might not be outstanding, but I think it will.
  17. FyrFyter did you stop at the best stand Rivertown Potato Works? If you saw David that was me . Anyways, I've seen Phantom Theatre's cars, but that's all, I was going to see KC's site, but it was to far of a walk so I decided not to. Also, Beast is running slower, but that's ok
  18. Yea, I hope it's something unique also, we're getting 2 new totally one of a kind rides, and we need another. Also, I would like to see the S&S Skyswatter, it would be nice to have at our park . The name Delerium is a great name to use for any variance of a frisbee so it works.
  19. I think because it fits the name, Delirium-confusion and it's going to confuse you and spin you around. I think it's a great name, even though it's used alot.
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