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  1. Not sure if the policy is still the same, but the characters would only walk around for 15 minutes at a time, then have at a minimum of 15 minutes of break in the cool before going back out.
  2. The tellest fastest meenest spray King Island has ever seen.
  3. Coney Island, like Strickers Grove, makes most of their money on employee picnics, I would guess. Sunlight Pool is typically pretty busy in the Summers, my wife had a pass last year and went quite a bit. Coney will be fine.
  4. It's the tallest fastest longest Swinging Boat Ride ever to strike King Island.
  5. Call it 4 hours then, it's not going to make it significantly harder than it already was.
  6. The ride was almost unrideable before switching to the lapbars, which are also extremely uncomfortable.
  7. You meen Dimondback the talles fastest coaster to ever strike King Island?
  8. Not a chance it happens. Less than 0%.
  9. Buying a book on Amazon and buying items direct from a company of which you have sent a Purchase Order to are two completely different things. If Kings Island hadn't received any of the theming items prior to the start of COVID, they would likely still be on the hook for them by that point. There were contractors working in the park up until late March and the park was due to open in April. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that these things wouldn't have been installed. Maybe not 100%, but I don't see the same argument.
  10. A destination year round restaurant like a Rainforest Cafe or something the common Masonites would eat up, like an Outback?
  11. Virus numbers are up because they are doing more testing, what's important is hospitalizations, which are significantly down in Ohio. Memorial Day was 2 weeks ago, you would have been seeing the spread by now.
  12. Being prepared for when they are allowed to be open.
  13. What ride are you going to be on, if you don't mind us asking.
  14. I would look more to the lawsuit filed in Lake County Ohio in which the Gyms sued to be able to open, rather than the items you quoted. The ruling happened very quickly and favorably for the gyms.
  15. Luckily that's for them to decide and not you.
  16. I know, I'm saying when the motor is pulling the gondola through the brake portion, it is exerting a higher load, hence why it speeds up when it gets through the brakes.
  17. I had originally thought of replying to him, but I was thinking he was saying that it required more energy to pull through the magnets, but I also may have misread.,
  18. Good news, they don't have to worry about it anymore, because they installed a different electrical grid.
  19. I could see the potential of the ride operator walking down, asking the guests to pull on their seatbelt for them and then pull on the restraint. It is a confirmation that the restraint is actively working. It's a safety item. I seem to recall Disney asking me to push down and pull up on a restraint at one point as well when I was there recently. Most rides don't even monitor the restraints, on an individual basis. The B&Ms do, as does Delirium. I think that's it.
  20. Businesses aren't currently required to close for 14 days if they have an employee test positive. Most likely what will happen is the employee will have to be off for 14 days, have at a minimum one and probably two negative COVID-19 tests before returning to work. Big Ash Brewing is literally under 5 minutes from my house. They are requiring all employees to be tested. It would be impossible for them to find everyone that person had contact with and it's a HIPAA violation to say their name, so hopefully they didn't transmit to anyone else. They likely would require everyone everyone on that team that works with this individual to take a test as well. Ultimately, it's going to fall on guests/customers to determine if the risk is worth the reward. You are seeing that in general. The Skyline I visit every Thursday for lunch at work has been empty the past two weeks, when it's generally at capacity at lunch time.
  21. If ODOT was in charge of coaster inspections, there would be pot holes in every ride at KI.
  22. CDC has changed it's guidelines on surfaces... will be something to monitor. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/cdc-coronavirus-mainly-spreads-through-persontoperson-contact-and-does-not-spread-easily-on-contaminated-surfaces-153317029.html
  23. I would assume that KI has been given some sort of timeline when they can re-open, based on the fact that Orion has been running again, I've seen WindSeeker up in the air in the morning.
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