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  1. The park trying to staff from 8 am to midnight would be a nightmare. When I went to Disneyland last summer, they were open from 8 am until midnight, that was a LONG day.
  2. I would argue the queue rails probably have never been "sanitized". The trains probably weren't disinfected regularly either.
  3. Son of Beast was a very mediocre ride. Steel Dragon 2000 is not boring. It's like Millennium Force and Magnum had a baby. It's a great ride. I've ridden it.
  4. It actually stopped in the MCBR every morning when you are running start ups as well.
  5. There are actually not a lot of areas to go into that require LOTO. When I worked at the park, most employees did not go through LOTO training, it's something generally reserved for your best employees and Supervisors. They will not shut down a ride in order to retrieve an item, unless it's medically necessary. They would look for it at the end of the shift or the next morning. They also, in the past, required a Water Sentry to be working at each water ride, effectively it was a step toward being a lifeguard in case anything happened.
  6. Canada is very protective it's workforce. My former company bought a lot of equipment from Canada. If you had a screwdriver in your car and you didn't have a work visa with you, they'd search your entire car at the border, it was insane.
  7. Loved working that ride. It was always fun. It's a big favorite of mine. It's pretty thrilling for what it is.
  8. They absolutely do. If they didn't you'd see more resale rides on the market. This is why it was cheaper to scrap Vortex and Firehawk than to sell them. Look at what Coney Island is selling their rides for vs. what they likely cost new.
  9. I think the funny thing in that article it says that he thinks coasters will travel the outside of loops in the future. Just 5 years later, the first Batman: The Ride opened.
  10. Hard to say. I'm guessing it's a primer.
  11. The park will open, as long as laws allow it. Even if it is in August.
  12. I totally forgot about Windjammer, Just watched the POV it looked boring and having just rode the Roller Coaster at New York New York, I can say I have no interest in riding any other Togo coasters again. Those restraints are BRUTAL.
  13. I would have been totally surprised if they painted them again.
  14. You'd be right. Certain portions of this might still be under the contracted parts, others would be part of Kings Island teams. I'm guessing groups like Landscaping, the Sign Shop, Maintenance aren't covered under the employee restrictions. Those are probably limited to the seasonal associates.
  15. They are probably still doing construction. They are independent contractors, not employees of the park and they'll want to get the work done so they can get paid.
  16. I don't think it has anything to do with liking your job. It's being compensated fairly for your time. The pay rate is irrelevant. I was making $13 an hour in Park Services, I knew the rules, I made the decision to work over 40 hours.
  17. It's not. However, if this girl wins it is going to open the door to lots of lawsuits.
  18. She's going to lose or Cedar Fair is going to go bankrupt paying all of the employees in the past who worked over 40 hours a week overtime. I regularly worked over 40 hours in both of my stents at the park.
  19. https://jobs.cedarfair.com/job-detail/10644225/ride-mechanic-cincinnati-oh/
  20. It has reappeared! Rebirth! He is Risen!
  21. This morning when I drove by, the lift is about 1/3 removed and there is a section of track cut out in the middle of the turnaround.
  22. The trains likely weigh more, a lot of the supports are cantilevered and the cars swing back and forth. That being said, the supports are of a different construction so it's not a one to one. I also don't know the construction of the track it self is the same.
  23. As a former Vortex crew member it made me really upset when I heard they were tearing it down. The people I worked with on that crew were texting eachother and upset, so I can confirm there are a lot of people who care.
  24. It would take a very good welder and a ton of time to weld the tracks together, also the connection is probably a little too rigid at that point.
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