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  1. 1 hour ago, KIguy2004 said:

    When I rode Vortex I thought that Vortex had a pre-drop. I want to know what you think about this question. Does Vortex have a pre-drop?

    Part of the reason it made the drop so awesome, it's coming over the top of the hill with extra speed.

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  2. 54 minutes ago, Ben43065 said:

    I wouldn’t consider building it 13 ft taller would be a huge jump ^ especially since there’s 3 other attractions in the park that are 300 ft or taller. 

    And less than 1% of people that go to the park care about that extra 13 feet.  You won't notice it on the ride.  Would you rather have 300 with a 287 drop, or 287 with a 300 drop?  

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  3. 52 minutes ago, Beast Night Rider said:

    It’s hard to tell from the sun’s glare but it looks like there may be a new support standing up back there. 

    Can't tell if it's another crane or the support.  I'll be going by there in about an hour or so and will report back if no one else beats me to it.

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  4. 10 hours ago, anonymouspringle said:

    Not a worker, but would you recommend working at KI?

    Yes.  It was a great experience, I met some of my best friends working there (even now, 15 years later I'm in touch with a lot of them).  The work can get boring/repetitive from time to time, but there are opportunities to try new things.


    I would recommend Rides or Park Services.

  5. 2 hours ago, Hueney020 said:

    Yes. Yes. I understand it is safe. It’s just me that hates that feeling. I put my hands down on The Beast for the tunnels. I know they would never hit anything but i am taller so that feeling that i am going to hit something does not sit well. 

    I am sure that section is much bigger than the pictures make it out to be. @Waltny again thank you for the awesome pictures. That is definitely the best angle for the second hill. 

    You can definitely touch the top of the tunnel on The Beast, but I am sure that this has been designed so you can't hit your hands on it.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Gordon Bombay said:

    Let's be honest, that queue house is probably going to be salvaged as a haunted house. It'll be the "new" haunted attraction one year, be staffed really well the first two weekends, and then will fall apart after all the temporary decorations and "theming" fail to hold up. 

    I would put it at 90% that it's a haunt next year, it's a big building and they could potentially even go out into "the woods" from there.

  7. It's because they aren't really updating the webcams.  They are lying, like they lied about Firehawk, Dinosaurs Alive, and probably also lied about Vortex as well.


    The cams won't be back up until they are done with the lift hill.

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  8. 1 minute ago, fyrfyter said:


    You’re complaining about the outside of a building in relation to the ride inside.

    If they are going to spend time and money somewhere, I’d rather it be on the inside of the structure. Who cares what the outside looks like as long as it isn’t a rusty mess.


    I'm not necessarily complaining, I'm commenting on what was said before.

    Rivertown would be beautiful without that structure in it, especially when all it houses is a mediocre Haunt maze.

    Based on what the concept drawings for TR:TR were, it wouldn't be as much as an eyesore, but it stands out like a sore thumb.

    Doesn't ruin my experience for what it's worth, just a point.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Shaggy said:

    Although I love the station - and hope they keep it in some capacity for historical sake - I forsee it meeting its maker or being completely overhauled.  The portions of it housing the queue have been re-painted so many times that, frankly, it looks terrible.

    My hope is that, if they install another coaster - they will rebuild it using elements - specifically the turrets/belfies - to serve as a nod to its past. 

    Much like how the station for the new Antique Autos incorporated a LOT of subtle nods to the original Les Taxis station - most probably havent even noticed them.  But whomever oversaw the AA station is to be commended on the easter eggs they threw into the carpentry.  (Here's one example - they matched the ceiling to the original ceiling design of the original buildings on Coney Mall... wooden panels who's seams are covered by 1x trim and painted white.  Pay attention next time - it matches Racer's station ceiling exactly.)

    I deleted the photo out of the quote for cleanliness, hopefully you don't mind.

    I would be very surprised if KI wasn't using Vortex's station for a Haunt next year.  It's big enough and I think there is potential that they could have an indoor and outdoor portion in that area, with it being so large.

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  10. To everyone complaining about Orion not looking much taller than Diamondback, what did you think?  Orion is the shortest Giga, of course it's not going to look as imposing as Fury compared to Intimidator.  Fury is 93 feet taller than Intimidator and Orion is only 57 feet taller than Diamondback.  It's a significant difference.  Does it really matter?  No, it's going to look big and imposing in the Skyline and it's going to be a totally different ride than DB.

    Also, when I drove by this morning, it looked like they may have been installing the head chopper track, it was hard to tell.

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  11. 1 minute ago, Browntggrr said:

    Have any examples?

    Sure.  I enjoyed Tomb Raider: The Ride and The Crypt.  I thought they were both entertaining rides and generally rode them everytime I was at the park.  When I saw what the park delivered vs. the storyboards/ concept photos I was sorely disappointed that the lush jungle you were supposed to walk into was just a brown ugly building that was built in an area where there were a lot of great trees.  Now it's an eyesore that you can see throughout the park.

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  12. Just now, silver2005 said:

    1.  Does the tower have separate power sources for the elevator and lighting since the lighting is additional?

    2. Can't they go up the elevator, turn off the power, do what they need to, turn on the power, go down the elevator, etc?

    That's a lot of stress on the breakers, so unlikely.


    I do think it's funny when I go by every morning, there are 4 bright spot lights on the top of the tower, plus the "eyes" are on.  Might be a different power circuit from the uplighting and webcams, but I would think they would want all of the power off, but I'm just an armchair construction individual.

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