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  1. Lil Bill's Giga Coaster was not worth giving up two coasters, especially one being Vortex.
  2. It's kind of funny, of all the rides Kings Island have removed in my lifetime (and I'm sure I'm missing a few) very few have been replaced with something better: Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal - TR:TR/The Crypt - Madame Fatale's Haunt King Cobra - Delirium Flying Eagles and Antique Cars x 2 - Backlot Stunt Coaster Skylab - Games Flight Commander - Removed, then planned Drop Tower, then Eurobungie, then eventually Antique Autos Son of Beast - Banshee (I would call this a big positive) Firehawk - Orion (Should be a big upgrade) Vortex - The jury is still out.
  3. There is absolutely no way that an amusement park is running a ride without wiring schematics available. If something were to happen that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Brake fatigue doesn't seem realistic to me. If anything, I could see it being a concern over the braking system being a normally open system as opposed to a normally closed system. Essentially, most rides use pneumatics to open the brakes up to allow the train to flow, while Vortex uses pneumatic pressure to close the brakes. That could be a big concern for a chain who has had some bumps in the past couple years. If the park was THAT concerned about using the brake run closest to Troika, they could go 2 train operation and use the brakes prior to the corkscrews.
  4. I would bet money that KI will have a Haunt in that station next year, if they don't tear it out.
  5. I'm kind of torn, because I think the park could have handled it better. I thought the timing was poor, overnight on a Friday morning. A month before it's due to be removed. I can't say for sure ridership has declined. It seems like a lot of people complain about the roughness, so it's a possibility. I'll always have a soft spot for Vortex, it was the first coaster I ever worked at, at the park. It was the first ride I was a Supervisor at. I would argue all day that it has the best drop in the park. It's an iconic coaster that deserved a better send off. I'm torn, because on one hand I would like to make a trip to say goodbye and ride one last time, on the other hand, I am considering not getting a pass for next season now. We'll see what decision I end up making, but Vortex will always have a dear spot in my heart. I just hope that the space is utilized correctly.
  6. My assumption is that they installed the lift section, so they don't have to as tightly navigate, now they will work on the brake run while they wait on the big crane to arrive.
  7. Trackwork probably won't be done until February.
  8. The scare zones don't generally have a wait, they are just paths you walk through. They may be more or less crowded based on how busy the park is. Lines for the mazes depend on the day. If you go on a Friday, they are generally much shorter. The outdoor mazes have longer lines, almost always. Depends on how busy the park is.
  9. They have been doing this for at least the last 15 years. It's not going to change.
  10. You should consider yourself lucky that Toyota doesn't want to have the park until 10 PM. These buy outs make the park an insane amount of money and they've been going on since well before Cedar Fair.
  11. I probably won't go this year, because last year was so poor, in my opinion. Understaffed.
  12. Man, I didnt know Eurobungy was included in the Rides Price! What a great deal!
  13. I believe I saw the top of the second hill being driven through the parking lot this morning.
  14. Kings Island is in Ohio, stupid tweet.
  15. I am concerned that Ice Breaker and Pantheon are going to have AWFUL capacity.
  16. They do. I think it's Toyota if I recall correctly.
  17. All joking aside... I would like to add quite a few of Coney's flat rides to Kings Island. Yes, the capacity would be bad, but if you add several of them, it spreads out the crowds a bit.
  18. I guarantee it is significant and that the brake system was designed with that in mind.
  19. Unlikely. Call them when they open today and ask.
  20. If I remember correctly, I think there is a restroom already in The Crypt bathroom, one stall. Construction seems to be moving along, crazy to have attractions at Six Flags opening mid season, rather than when the park opens. Don't see this being a problem at KI.
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