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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Anybody buy any of the bolts? Curious to see what they look like. (besides a giant bolt)
  2. I doubt, in its current state, if the remaining structure is allowed to be inhabited.
  3. Here is it during construction.... And as for the height issue, in this pic, it looks to be plausible with the 120 ft height in comparison to the initial drop height.
  4. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap_travel/20110526/ap_tr_ge/us_travel_brief_dinosaur_attraction_opening MASON, Ohio – An Ohio amusement park is set to open its version of "Jurassic Park" featuring life-sized, animatronic dinosaurs that move and make sounds. The "Dinosaurs Alive!" attraction at Kings Island will have its grand opening Thursday, days after one of the 60 dinosaurs caught fire. Kings Island spokesman Don Helbig says no one was hurt in the fire Tuesday night that was confined to just one of the dinosaurs. Helbig says the cause of the fire that broke out during construction was not clear
  5. Last time I was at KI during halloween, I rode SOB lots of times, actually had a better ride on SOB than Vortex, Beast. It's a sad day when you get a more enjoyable ride on SOB than on Vortex.
  6. The gerstlauer (sp?) people are the ones doing the trains for Dollywoods mystery mine attraction that is set to open in April.
  7. The original plans had a lake.
  8. I have a pic around here of what I would like to see done.
  9. Wasn't the launch area over by FoF. The area that is now cleared for something that maybe x-flight, but might not be, just might be a coincidence that it is laying in the parking lot???
  10. Kinda sad to hear that they junked it. I would have thought it deserved better. At least theme it into the ride somehow.
  11. You wanted to see what posts you made that didn't make sense, so I sent you a link displaying every post you have made
  12. http://www.pkicentral.com/forums/index.php...sult_type=posts
  13. The Hanna-Barbera 3D was/is a joke. Long live SpongeBob!!!
  14. More supports and track are down with updated pictures on the www.Geaugalaketoday.com site. Matt
  15. You should post up the ones that you have already. I am still looking for the smurf ride on video. Did they have cameras then? lol
  16. Fill me in here...where is the IR?
  17. Anybody have any ideas what will happen to the loop now that it is gone? Will it be set up somewhere on the ride (non-functional) so you will go past, through, or beside it? Ideas...
  18. Can I get a better pic? When I click on the pic, it just goes to a generic page.
  19. Fixed it. Forgot they get crappy about hot linking:) Enjoy.
  20. Here's what I'm thinking. Enclose the initial drop and the area circled in black in a tunnel with enclosed (tunnelated) airtime hills on the return track. The first drop into a tunnel would throw back to The Beast. I know you can't push track, but rebuild the track labeled PUSH so that it lines up the two red dots. I think that would work.
  21. You may want to establish yourself here before you start telling people what is right or wrong and telling people what to do and insulting people. You'll find we're all pretty nice here at PKICentral, but from your two posts so far, it appears your attitude is more suited to PointBuzz. I'll see what pointbuzz has to offer as well. I have never been to Cedar Point before, so maybe I can learn about it in the off-season in preparation for Spring. Thanks for the info.
  22. Not a great first post. Just one that is taken out of context, or that someone who hit the send button faster than me has taken offense to. Neither one is right. Carry on.
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