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  1. RaptorGuy


    Oops, I don't think this ride is at Dollywood, "b. Texas Tornado-in my opinion the best arrow looper I have ever ridden. Very smooth." I am just giving you a hard time. I am sure you meant to say Tennessee Tornado! But, I do agree with you! Dollywood is an awesome park! Great rides, great people, and for sure GREAT FOOD! Glad you had a great time there!
  2. Put The Raptor Guy down. I won't be there the whole time. That's a Sunday, so I will come after church. But, I'll definitely come!
  3. I haven't really read all of the previous pages on this, but I think I've made my voice known on this subject in the past. If it were up to me, I would eliminate all Fast Lane's, Q-bot's, and Fast Pass skip the line systems everywhere! With maybe the exception of Disney. They do it right. Actually, they're starting to go down, I've heard from a reliable friend who works there. He agrees with me, as a ride op employee that they are nothing but a nuisance. I don't like them free, and I especially don't care for them as paid products! If you're not a season pass holder, and you pay the full admission to get into one of the parks, you're paying twice, and in some cases maybe 3 times to get into the park if you buy one of those things! I would almost rather go back to the good old days of allowing free admission to the parks and paying per ride, than having a system like this in place! They're just no good, just no good. That goes for ALL parks in the world who use them, except maybe and just a maybe Disney World!
  4. The Theme from Superman The Movie. The reason is, way back in the early 1980's, they played that song in the rotation of music they used to play in The Beast line. So, it brings me back to those good old days when I hear it!
  5. Not trying to knock on Planet Snoopy, it is a good kids area, but I have to say, if I could do it, I would much rather spend more time at Suess Landing, than Planet Snoopy. I think the Cat In The Hat ride is way better than Boo Blasters! It is more family friendly and better themed than BB. The Suess Carousel is way better than the kiddie Carousel in Planet Snoopy. So, not sure if I can say it's better. Kings Island's kids area was way better when it was Hanna-Barbera. That is what it was when it first was winning that award. I would say it was the best then. Planet Snoopy, not so much.
  6. The Golden Tickets lost credibility several years ago. I really question if votes are really counted. All the parks get the same awards every year. It's almost a given that CP gets best park and KI gets best kids area, and Schlitterbahn is best water park, although that's probably true. The only variances I see and have seen in the last 5 years is best new rides. Those are obviously different. I have to question quite a few of the awards. The only one that really bothers me a lot is Knoebels getting best food. That absolutely is NOT true! They don't even have a sit down table service restaurant! I can't stand their pizza, it's almost as bad as CiCis! Best food definitely belongs to Dollywood. They have the tastiest food of any park I've been to. They need to think these things over again. Same parks shouldnt be getting same awards every year, just because they always have.
  7. Actually, someone should sue the city of Paris. They copy catted us! Everyone knows the Eiffel Tower in Mason, Ohio is the original authentic one!
  8. It's apparently a separate admission this year since it will be with those dang dinosaurs. If your kids want to trick or treat this year, you'll have to cough up an extra 5 bucks for what was free in the past!
  9. Well, that ruined me from ever buying a Honda! Not that I would anyway. I've never owned a foreign car before. No reason to start now!
  10. This might be more appropriate under Guests Say The Darndest Things, but it pertains to the SOB loop, so I'll post it here. Terpy can attest to this one, as he was with me. This was opening day 2007, we were on the Eiffel Tower and heard a guest say they took the loop off Son of Beast and put it on Firehawk! She was serious too!
  11. Today, while entering Flight of Fear, there were some noobies there who apparently never rode it before and they mumbled a bit and the one kid says, "Oh, It's a ROLLIE COASTER!"
  12. To be honest, if we're not looking to get a big coaster or big thrill ride next year, I would be very happy if they announced a Food Service overhall! I'd love to see them add 3 or 4 sit down table service restaurants in the park, with food almost comparable to that of Dolllywood. Also, at some of the other stands like Juke box Diner, and other general walk up places, they upgrade the food at those locations, too. I would be more apt to eating in the park more often, if the food was half way decent. I do eat there sometimes, but mostly the chains, like Chick Fil A or the Panda Express, and sometimes Skyline. If they would announce new food places, or a total upgrade in the food quality, like getting a whole new food distributor for next year, and that was all they did, I would be ok with that!
  13. We have enough dinosaurs already, thank you very much! I'm angry Cedar Point is getting those dang blasted things and removing a great ride to do so. Kings Island removed a great ride as well, and I refuse to go see them. So, that would not be a good thing. As far as Son of Beast goes, I believe we have all ridden that for the last time over 2 years ago! That is unfortunate. If you would have asked me last year, I would have been more optimistic. But, this year, I am not. It has had absolutely no attention in over 2 years. The trains have sat out in the weather for 2 bad snow years, and probably have dry rotted out in the hot sun, so they're shot. It's in bad shape. It is about ready to join my beloved Screechin Eagle in coaster heaven, Im afraid.
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